696 - Hayes, Bourne Avenue - Hayes - Hayes End - Yeading - Ruislip - Ruislip Manor - Bishop Ramsey School

A bus service operated by London United


Monday to Friday, not school holidays


Stockley Park Conway Drive (Stop) 07:00
Stockley Park Glamis Crescent (Stop) 07:00
Harlington Pinkwell Park (->S) 07:01
Harlington Pinkwell Infant School (->E) 07:02
Harlington Pinkwell Junior School (->E) 07:02
Harlington Ross Close (->N) 07:03
Hayes Town Waltham Avenue (->N) 07:04
Hayes Town Guinness Close (->N) 07:05
Hayes Town Pinkwell Avenue (->S) 07:06
Harlington Clement Gardens (Stop X) 07:07
Hayes Town Redmead Road (Stop U) 07:08
Hayes Town Millington Road (Stop P) 07:09
Hayes Town Fairey Corner (Stop K) 07:10
Hayes Town Hayes and Harlington Station (Stop L) 07:11
Hayes Town Clayton Road (Stop M) 07:11
Hayes Town (Stop P) 07:12
Hayes Town Fairdale Gardens (Stop Y) 07:13
Hayes Town East Way (Stop W) 07:14
Hayes Town Avondale Drive (Stop V) 07:15
Hayes Town Precinct Road (Stop U) 07:16
Wood End Hesa Road (Stop T) 07:17
Wood End Central Avenue (Stop O) 07:18
Wood End Belmore Parade (Stop M) 07:19
Wood End Church Road (Stop K) 07:20
Wood End Uxbridge County Court (Stop FF) 07:21
Wood End Whittington Avenue (Stop C) 07:22
Wood End Balmoral Drive (->N) 07:24
Wood End Fairholme Crescent (Stop Q) 07:25
Wood End The Brook House (Stop G) 07:27
Yeading Kingshill Close (Stop H) 07:28
Yeading Townson Avenue (Stop J) 07:29
Yeading Gurney Road (->E) 07:31
Northolt Kingshill Avenue (Stop J) 07:32
Yeading Barnhill Community High School (Stop G) 07:33
Yeading Reynolds Road (Stop D) 07:35
Yeading Homefield Close (->E) 07:36
Yeading Pendula Drive (Stop) 07:38
Yeading Paddington Close (->N) 07:40
Yeading Kingsash Drive (->E) 07:41
Yeading Berrydale Road (->N) 07:43
Northolt Aspen Lane (Stop WA) 07:45
Northolt Broadmead Road (Stop WT) 07:46
Northolt Wayfarer Road (->W) 07:48
Northolt Yeading Lane (Stop S) 07:50
Northolt Old Ruislip Road (Stop M) 07:51
S Ruislip Harvey Road (->N) 07:53
S Ruislip Polish War Memorial (Stop E) 07:54
S Ruislip Station Approach (Stop D) 07:56
Ruislip Gardens R A F Northolt (Stop G) 07:57
Ruislip Gardens Station (Stop B) 07:59
Ruislip Gardens Berkeley Close (Stop C) 08:00
Ruislip Gardens Northdown Close (Stop E) 08:02
Ruislip Grosvenor Vale (->N) 08:03
Ruislip Rugby Football Club (Stop K) 08:05
Ruislip Manor Station (Stop C) 08:07
Ruislip West Hatch Manor (->N) 08:09
Eastcote Village Hume Way (->E) 08:11


Eastcote Village Hume Way (->E) 14:55
Ruislip West Hatch Manor (->S) 14:56
Ruislip Manor Station (Stop D) 14:58
Ruislip Grosvenor Vale (->S) 15:00
Ruislip Gardens Northdown Close (Stop F) 15:02
Ruislip Gardens Berkeley Close (Stop D) 15:04
Ruislip Gardens Station (Stop A) 15:06
Ruislip Gardens R A F Northolt (Stop H) 15:07
S Ruislip Station Approach / South Ruislip Stn (Stop C) 15:08
S Ruislip Polish War Memorial (Stop F) 15:10
S Ruislip Harvey Road (->S) 15:11
Northolt Henson Place (Stop) 15:12
Northolt Old Ruislip Road (Stop T) 15:14
Northolt Church Road (Stop Y) 15:15
Northolt Wayfarer Road (->E) 15:16
Northolt Brick Lane (Stop WP) 15:17
Yeading Sentinel Close (Stop WR) 15:18
Yeading Berrydale Road (->S) 15:19
Yeading Kingsash Drive (->W) 15:20
Yeading Pendula Drive (->S) 15:21
Yeading Jollys Lane (->E) 15:22
Yeading Homefield Close (->W) 15:23
Yeading Willow Tree Lane (Stop E) 15:25
Yeading Barnhill Community High School (Stop F) 15:25
Northolt Hughenden Gardens (Stop H) 15:26
Yeading Gurney Road (->W) 15:27
Yeading Townson Avenue (Stop R) 15:28
Yeading Kingshill Close (Stop S) 15:29
Wood End Grosvenor Avenue (Stop T) 15:30
Wood End The Brook House (Stop K) 15:31
Wood End Fairholme Crescent (Stop L) 15:32
Wood End Fredora Avenue (Stop M) 15:33
Wood End Balmoral Drive (Stop D) 15:34
Wood End Uxbridge County Court (Stop E) 15:35
Wood End Church Road (Stop J) 15:36
Wood End Belmore Parade (Stop L) 15:37
Wood End Craven Close (Stop N) 15:39
Wood End Hesa Road (Stop U) 15:40
Hayes Town Precinct Road (Stop SU) 15:42
Hayes Town Avondale Drive (Stop SV) 15:43
Hayes Town East Way (Stop SW) 15:44
Hayes Town Fairdale Gardens (Stop SX) 15:46
Hayes Town (Stop D) 15:47
Hayes Town Hayes and Harlington Station (Stop E) 15:49
Hayes Town Fairey Corner (Stop F) 15:50
Hayes Town Redmead Road (Stop R) 15:51
Harlington Clement Gardens (Stop) 15:52
Hayes Town Pinkwell Avenue (->N) 15:53
Hayes Town Guinness Close (->W) 15:54
Hayes Town Colbrook Avenue (Stop) 15:54
Harlington Elers Road (Stop) 15:55
Harlington School (Stop) 15:56
Harlington Pinkwell Junior School (->W) 15:57
Harlington Pinkwell Park (->N) 15:58
Stockley Park Conway Drive (Stop) 15:59

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

London United