698 - West Drayton - Cherry Lane Cemetery - Hayes Town - Church Road - Hayes End - Long Lane - Hillingdon Station - Ickenham

A bus service operated by London United


19 March–31 July 2023

Routes 222 350 698 U1 U3 and U5 are unable to serve West Drayton Station until late July due to a collapsed carriageway on Station Approach. Use stops on Station Road, High Street or Horton Road.


Monday to Friday, not school holidays (not bank holidays)

Ferrers Avenue - Ickenham Station

West Drayton Ferrers Avenue (Stop H) 07:2207:2707:3207:37
West Drayton Brandville Road (Stop J) 07:2207:2707:3207:37
West Drayton Church Road (Stop) 07:2407:2907:3407:39
West Drayton Porters Way (->S) 07:2407:2907:3407:39
West Drayton Maxwell Road (->S) 07:2607:3107:3607:41
Sipson Cherry Lane School (->E) 07:2807:3307:3807:43
Sipson Cherry Lane Cemetery (Stop) 07:3007:3507:4007:45
Harlington Sam Philip Recreation Ground (->N) 07:3307:3807:4307:48
Harlington Clement Gardens (Stop X) 07:3407:3907:4407:49
Hayes Town Redmead Road (Stop U) 07:3507:4007:4507:50
Hayes Town Millington Road (Stop P) 07:3507:4007:4507:50
Hayes Town Fairey Corner (Stop K) 07:3607:4107:4607:51
Hayes Town Hayes and Harlington Station (Stop L) 07:3707:4207:4707:52
Hayes Town Clayton Road (Stop M) 07:3707:4207:4707:52
Hayes Town (Stop P) 07:3807:4307:4807:53
Hayes Town Botwell Lane (Stop N) 07:4007:4507:5007:55
Hayes Townfield Road (Stop M) 07:4207:4707:5207:57
Hayes Freemans Lane (Stop L) 07:4307:4807:5307:58
Wood End Church Green (Stop K) 07:4407:4907:5407:59
Wood End Church Road / Swift Close (Stop G) 07:4507:5007:5508:00
Wood End Uxbridge County Court (Stop F) 07:4707:5207:5708:02
Wood End Green Rosedale Park (Stop B) 07:4707:5207:5708:02
Wood End Green Park Road (Stop XE) 07:4807:5307:5808:03
Hayes End (Stop XF) 07:4907:5407:5908:04
Hayes End Morgans Lane (Stop XH) 07:5007:5508:0008:05
Hayes End West Drayton Road (Stop XJ) 07:5107:5608:0108:06
Hillingdon Heath New Road (Stop UH) 07:5207:5708:0208:07
Hillingdon Heath Lees Road (Stop UJ) 07:5307:5808:0308:08
Hillingdon Primary School (Stop UK) 07:5407:5908:0408:09
Hillingdon Crescent Parade (Stop US) 07:5608:0108:0608:11
Hillingdon Clifton Gardens (Stop UT) 07:5908:0408:0908:14
North Hillingdon Oak Farm Library (->N) 08:0208:0708:1208:17
North Hillingdon Grosvenor Crescent (Stop) 08:0408:0908:1408:19
North Hillingdon Hillingdon Station (Stop A) 08:1108:1608:2108:26
Ickenham Swakeleys Drive (Stop) 08:1308:1808:2308:28
Ickenham Douay Martyrs School (Stop) 08:1508:2008:2508:30
Ickenham Station (Stop D) 08:1708:2208:2708:32

Ickenham Station - Ferrers Avenue

Ickenham Douay Martyrs School (Stop EE) 14:5515:0015:0515:1015:15
Ickenham Swakeleys Drive (->S) 14:5615:0115:0615:1115:16
North Hillingdon Hillingdon Station (Stop A) 14:5915:0415:0915:1415:19
North Hillingdon Hillingdon Circus (Stop F) 15:0015:0515:1015:1515:20
North Hillingdon Grosvenor Crescent (->S) 15:0215:0715:1215:1715:22
North Hillingdon Oak Farm Library (->S) 15:0315:0815:1315:1815:23
Hillingdon Clifton Gardens (Stop UU) 15:0415:0915:1415:1915:24
Hillingdon Crescent Parade (Stop UV) 15:0715:1215:1715:2215:27
Hillingdon Primary School (Stop UE) 15:0715:1215:1715:2215:27
Hillingdon Heath Lees Road (Stop UF) 15:0815:1315:1815:2315:28
Hillingdon Heath Heath Road (Stop UG) 15:0915:1415:1915:2415:29
Hayes End Hewens Road (Stop XA) 15:1015:1515:2015:2515:30
Hayes End Hayes Police Station (Stop XB) 15:1215:1715:2215:2715:32
Hayes End (Stop XC) 15:1315:1815:2315:2815:33
Wood End Green Park Road (Stop XD) 15:1315:1815:2315:2815:33
Wood End Green Rosedale Park (Stop A) 15:1415:1915:2415:2915:34
Wood End Uxbridge County Court (Stop E) 15:1515:2015:2515:3015:35
Wood End Church Road / Swift Close (Stop H) 15:1615:2115:2615:3115:36
Wood End Church Green (Stop SK) 15:1715:2215:2715:3215:37
Hayes Longmead Road (Stop SL) 15:1815:2315:2815:3315:38
Hayes Townfield Road (Stop SM) 15:2015:2515:3015:3515:40
Hayes Town Botwell Lane (Stop SN) 15:2115:2615:3115:3615:41
Hayes Town Botwell Green (Stop SP) 15:2215:2715:3215:3715:42
Hayes Town (Stop D) 15:2315:2815:3315:3815:43
Hayes Town Hayes & Harlington Station (Stop E) 15:2515:3015:3515:4015:45
Hayes Town Fairey Corner (Stop F) 15:2515:3015:3515:4015:45
Hayes Town Redmead Road (Stop R) 15:2615:3115:3615:4115:46
Harlington Clement Gardens (Stop) 15:2715:3215:3715:4215:47
Harlington Dawley Road (Stop) 15:2715:3215:3715:4215:47
Harlington Sam Philip Recreation Ground (->S) 15:2815:3315:3815:4315:48
Sipson Cherry Lane School (->W) 15:3415:3915:4415:4915:54
West Drayton Maxwell Road (->N) 15:3515:4015:4515:5015:55
West Drayton Porters Way (->N) 15:3715:4215:4715:5215:57
West Drayton Church Road (Stop K) 15:3815:4315:4815:5315:58
West Drayton Ferrers Avenue (Stop G) 15:4015:4515:5015:5516:00

Timetable data from Transport for London