6a - emerald - Reading Station - Tesco Depot via Basingstoke Road

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Reading Station - Basingstoke Road - Tesco Depot

Reading St Marys Butts (stop CL) 04:4405:1813:0713:1620:5821:15
Reading West Street (stop CU) 04:4405:1813:0713:1620:5821:15
Reading Station Road (Stop SC) 04:4605:2013:1013:1921:0121:18
Reading Market Place (stop MC) 05:0605:2705:2213:1713:2721:0721:22
Reading London Street Foot (S-bound) 05:0605:2805:2313:1813:2821:0821:23
Katesgrove Crown Street (S-bound) 05:0705:2905:2413:1913:2921:0921:24
Whitley Street Silver Street (adj 9) 05:0705:3005:2513:2013:3021:1021:25
Whitley Street (S-bound) 05:0805:3105:2613:2213:3221:1121:26
Whitley, adj Christchurch Gardens 05:0805:3105:2613:2213:3221:1121:26
Whitley, opp Elgar Road 05:0905:3205:2713:2413:3421:1321:28
Whitley, adj Long Barn Lane 05:1105:3405:2913:2513:3521:1421:29
Whitley Buckland Road Junction (S-bound) 05:1205:3505:3013:2713:3721:1621:31
Whitley Wood, adj Whitley Park School 05:1305:3605:3113:2813:3821:1721:32
Whitley, adj Callington Road 05:1305:3605:3113:2813:3821:1721:32
Whitley Wood, opp Bennet Road 05:1405:3705:3213:2913:3921:1821:33
Whitley Wood Hartland Road (S-bound) 05:1505:3805:3313:3013:4021:1921:34
Whitley Wood Holiday Inn (S-bound) 05:1705:4005:3513:3213:4221:2121:36
Worton Grange (opp) 05:1805:4105:3613:3313:4321:2221:37
Worton Grange Tesco Distribution Centre (Inside) 05:2105:4405:3913:3613:4621:2521:40
Worton Grange (adj) 05:2205:4505:4013:3721:2621:41
Whitley Wood, opp Spencer Road 05:2205:4505:4013:3721:2621:41
Whitley Wood Engineers Court (SW-bound) 05:2405:4705:4213:3921:2821:43

Tesco Depot - Basingstoke Road - Reading Station

Whitley Wood Engineers Court (SW-bound) 06:0006:1214:16
Whitley Wood Community Centre (Adj) 06:0006:1214:16
Whitley Wood, adj Farmers Close 06:0206:1414:18
Whitley Wood, adj The Maying 06:0406:1614:20
Whitley Wood Engineers Court (adj 134) 06:0606:1814:22
Whitley Wood, adj Spencer Road 06:0706:1914:23
Worton Grange (opp) 06:0906:2114:25
Worton Grange Tesco Distribution Centre (Inside) 06:1306:2514:1814:2922:1222:20
Worton Grange (adj) 06:1406:2614:1914:3022:1322:21
Whitley Wood Holiday Inn (N-bound) 06:1506:2714:2014:3122:1422:22
Whitley Wood Hartland Road (N-bound) 06:1706:2914:2214:3322:1622:24
Whitley Wood, adj Bennet Road 06:1706:2914:2214:3322:1622:24
Whitley, opp Callington Road 06:1806:3014:2314:3422:1722:25
Whitley Wood, opp Whitley Park School 06:1906:3114:2414:3522:1822:26
Whitley Buckland Road Junction (N-bound) 06:2006:3214:2514:3622:1922:27
Whitley, opp Long Barn Lane 06:2106:3314:2614:3722:2022:28
Whitley, adj Elgar Road 06:2306:3514:2814:3922:2222:30
Whitley, opp Christchurch Gardens 06:2406:3614:2914:4022:2322:31
Whitley Street (N-bound) 06:2506:3714:3114:4222:2422:32
Katesgrove, adj West Hill 06:2606:3814:3314:4422:2522:33
Katesgrove Crown Street (N-bound) 06:2606:3814:3414:4522:2622:34
Reading Bridge Street (stop MI) 06:2806:4014:3714:4822:2822:36
Reading St Marys Butts (stop CL) 06:2906:4114:3914:5022:3022:38

Timetable data from Reading Buses, 10 March 2023

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