7 - Union Square - Stonehaven

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Union Square - Stonehaven

Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 3) 19:5521:55
Aberdeen St Nicholas Kirk (Stop F6) 19:5621:56
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C5) 19:5721:57
Aberdeen Langstane Kirk (Stop B6) 19:5821:58
Aberdeen Holburn Junction (Stop A6) 19:5921:59
Holburn, opp Nellfield Place 20:0022:00
Ferryhill, opp Hardgate 20:0122:01
Ferryhill, opp Bloomfield Road 20:0222:02
Ferryhill, opp Allenvale Cemetary 20:0322:03
Ferryhill, at Duthie Park 20:0322:03
Kincorth, at Provost Watt Drive 20:0522:05
Kincorth, at Abbotswell Drive 20:0622:06
Kincorth, at Great Southern Road 20:0622:06
Kincorth, at Nigg Way 20:0722:07
Portlethen, at Bankhead Drive 20:1222:12
Portlethen Schoolhill (SW bound) 20:1322:13
Portlethen, opp Schoolhill Drive 20:1322:13
Portlethen, at Hillside Road 20:1322:13
Portlethen, opp Balquharn Drive 20:1422:14
Portlethen, at Thistle Drive 20:1422:14
Portlethen, at Glebe Court 20:1522:15
Portlethen, at Rowanbank Road 20:1522:15
Portlethen, opp Shopping Centre 20:1622:16
Portlethen, at Shopping Centre 20:1622:16
Portlethen, opp Rowanbank Road 20:1622:16
Portlethen, opp Glebe Court 20:1722:17
Portlethen, opp The Square 20:1722:17
Portlethen, at Bruntland Place 20:1822:18
Portlethen, at Oak Drive 20:1822:18
Portlethen, at Academy 20:1922:19
Portlethen, opp Broomfield Road 20:2022:20
Portlethen, at Bourtree Avenue 20:2122:21
Portlethen, at Drumthwacket Drive 20:2122:21
Portlethen, at Easter Drive 20:2222:22
Portlethen, opp Easter Place 20:2222:22
Portlethen, at Ash Place 20:2322:23
Portlethen, at Berrymuir Road 20:2422:24
Portlethen Bourtreebush (S bound) 20:2522:25
Newtonhill Cammachmore Bank Cottage (S-Bound) 20:2722:27
Newtonhill Bridge Croft (S-Bound) 20:2822:28
Newtonhill, opp Sub Station 20:3022:30
Newtonhill, at Cairnhill Road 20:3022:30
Chapelton Park & Choose (at) 20:3122:31
Muchalls Road End (at) 22:33
Bridge of Muchalls, opp Netherley Junction 22:34
Muchalls, opp Hillhead of Cowie 22:35
Stonehaven Cowie Bridge (S bound) 22:40
Stonehaven, at Rodney Street 22:41
Stonehaven Barclay Street (S bound) 22:41

Stonehaven - Union Square

Stonehaven Barclay Street (S bound) 22:42
Stonehaven, opp Turners Court 22:43
Stonehaven, at Glenury Road 22:44
Muchalls, at Hillhead of Cowie 22:48
Bridge of Muchalls, at Muchalls Bends 22:49
Muchalls Road End (opp and after) 22:51
Chapelton Park & Choose (at) 20:3522:52
Newtonhill Cammachmore Bank Cottage (N-Bound) 20:3822:55
Portlethen Bourtreebush (N bound) 20:4022:57
Portlethen, opp Broomfield Park 20:4323:00
Portlethen, at Whinpark Circle 20:4423:01
Portlethen, opp Broomfield Road 20:4423:01
Portlethen, at Bourtree Avenue 20:4523:02
Portlethen, at Drumthwacket Drive 20:4523:02
Portlethen, at Easter Drive 20:4523:02
Portlethen, opp Easter Place 20:4523:02
Portlethen, at Ash Place 20:4623:03
Portlethen, at Muirend Road 20:4623:03
Portlethen, opp Academy 20:4723:04
Portlethen, opp Bruntland Place 20:4723:04
Portlethen, at The Square 20:4823:05
Portlethen, at Glebe Court 20:4923:06
Portlethen, at Glebe Court 20:4923:06
Portlethen, at Rowanbank Road 20:5023:07
Portlethen, at Shopping Centre 20:5223:09
Portlethen, opp Rowanbank Road 20:5223:09
Portlethen, opp Glebe Court 20:5223:09
Portlethen, opp Thistle Drive 20:5323:10
Portlethen, at Balquharn Drive 20:5323:10
Portlethen, opp Hillside Road 20:5423:11
Portlethen, at Schoolhill Drive 20:5523:12
Portlethen Schoolhill (NE bound) 20:5523:12
Portlethen, opp Bankhead Drive 20:5623:13
Kincorth, opp Nigg Way 21:0223:19
Kincorth, adj Leggart Crescent 21:0323:20
Kincorth, opp Abbotswell Drive 21:0523:22
Kincorth, opp Provost Watt Drive 21:0523:22
Ferryhill, opp Duthie Park 21:0623:23
Ferryhill, at Allenvale Cemetery 21:0723:24
Ferryhill, at Bloomfield Road 21:0723:24
Ferryhill, at Hardgate 21:0723:24
Holburn, at Nellfield Place 21:0823:25
Holburn, at Great Western Road 21:0823:25
Holburn Junction (Stop A1) 21:0823:25
Aberdeen Langstane Kirk (Stop B1) 21:1023:27
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C1) 21:1123:28
Aberdeen St Nicholas Kirk (Stop F1) 21:1223:29
Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 3) 21:1523:32

Timetable data from Stagecoach Bluebird, 29 September 2023

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