7 - Blackwood - Pontypridd via Ystrad Mynach Tesco & Town Centre, Nelson

A bus service operated by Harris Coaches


Following the announcement of a two week “circuit breaker” lockdown, timetables continue to change at short notice. Check the Traveline Cymru web page for details.


Blackwood - Pontypridd via Ystrad Mynach Tesco & Town Centre, Nelson

Blackwood Interchange (Stand 5) 07:45then hourly until10:4512:45then hourly until15:4517:10
Blackwood Gate Retail Park (o/s) 07:4610:4612:4615:4617:11
Pontllanfraith, after Health Centre 07:4810:4812:4815:4817:13
Pontllanfraith, before Tredegar Junction 07:4810:4812:4815:4817:13
Pontllanfraith, after The Bird In Hand 07:4810:4812:4815:4817:13
Pontllanfraith, after Gelli Lane 07:4910:4912:4915:4917:14
Bryn, after Lime Grove 07:4910:4912:4915:4917:14
Bryn, opp Shops 07:5110:5112:5115:5117:16
Maesycwmmer, after Gelli-deg 07:5410:5412:5415:5417:19
Maesycwmmer, after West Avenue 07:5510:5512:5515:5517:20
Maesycwmmer, after The Crescent 07:5610:5612:5615:5617:21
Maesycwmmer, nr Glen Coed 07:5610:5612:5615:5617:21
Maesycwmmer, nr Hill View 07:5710:5712:5715:5717:22
Maesycwmmer, before St James Close 07:5710:5712:5715:5717:22
Maesycwmmer, adj St Anne's Gardens 07:5810:5812:5815:5817:23
Maesycwmmer, after St James Close 07:5810:5812:5815:5817:23
Maesycwmmer, nr Hill View 07:5910:5912:5915:5917:24
Maesycwmmer, nr Glen Coed 07:5910:5912:5915:5917:24
Maesycwmmer, after The Crescent 08:0011:0013:0016:0017:25
Maesycwmmer, before West Avenue 08:0011:0013:0016:0017:25
Maesycwmmer, o/s Shops 08:0111:0113:0116:0117:26
Maesycwmmer, adj The Boot 08:0111:0113:0116:0117:26
Maesycwmmer, after Underwood Avenue 08:0211:0213:0216:0217:27
Ystrad Mynach, at Tesco Car Park 08:0511:0513:0516:0517:30
Ystrad Mynach, o/s Lidl 08:0611:0613:0616:0617:31
Ystrad Mynach, o/s Siloh Chapel 08:0711:0713:0716:0717:32
Ystrad Mynach Central Cafe (o/s former) 08:0811:0813:0816:0817:33
Ystrad Mynach, opp Pantycelyn Street Playground 08:1011:1013:1016:1017:35
Ystrad Mynach Station (after) 08:1111:1113:1116:1117:36
Tredomen Business Park (before) 08:1211:1213:1216:1217:37
Tredomen, after Maes-y-dderwen 08:1311:1313:1316:1317:38
Nelson, before The Rowan Tree 08:1411:1413:1416:1417:39
Nelson Springfield Terrace (o/s 31) 08:1511:1513:1516:1517:40
Nelson Bus Station (Stand 2) 07:2008:1611:1613:1616:1617:41
Nelson, after Llwyn yr Eos 07:2008:1611:1613:1616:1617:41
Nelson, after Llancaiach View 07:2108:1711:1713:1716:1717:42
Nelson, opp Star Club 07:2208:1811:1813:1816:1817:43
Trelewis, nr Shingrig 07:2208:1811:1813:1816:1817:43
Trelewis, before Fflad Bridge 07:2308:1911:1913:1916:1917:44
Trelewis, after Ffaldcaiach Inn 07:2408:2011:2013:2016:2017:45
Trelewis, before Beechcoft 07:2408:2011:2013:2016:2017:45
Treharris Bus Station (Stand 2) 07:2708:2311:2313:2316:2317:48
Treharris, opp St Matthias' Church 07:2708:2311:2313:2316:2317:48
Treharris, nr Glan y Nant 07:2908:2511:2513:2516:2517:50
Treharris Perrott Inn (opp former) 07:2908:2511:2513:2516:2517:50
Quaker’s Yard, after New Bridge 07:3108:2711:2713:2716:2717:52
Quaker’s Yard, nr Millers Row 07:3108:2711:2713:2716:2717:52
Quaker’s Yard, nr Fiddlers Elbow 07:3208:2811:2813:2816:2817:53
Pontypridd, o/s Ynysangharad Park Gates 07:4308:3911:3913:3916:3918:04
Pontypridd Bus Station (Stand 5) 07:4408:4011:4013:4016:4018:05

Pontypridd - Blackwood via Ystrad Mynach Tesco & Town Centre, Nelson

Pontypridd Bus Station (Stand 5) 07:45then hourly until10:4512:45then hourly until15:4517:0518:05
Trallwn, before Llanover Arms 07:4610:4612:4615:4617:0618:05
Pontypridd, after Corn Stores 07:4610:4612:4615:4617:0618:06
Pontshonnorton, opp Hollies 07:4710:4712:4715:4717:0718:06
Pontshonnorton, nr Bryn Olwg 07:4710:4712:4715:4717:0718:07
Pontshonnorton, o/s Royal Oak Inn 07:4710:4712:4715:4717:0718:07
Pontshonnorton, before Norton Bridge Methodists 07:4810:4812:4815:4817:0818:07
Cilfynydd, after Kings Hill 07:4810:4812:4815:4817:0818:08
Cilfynydd, opp Albion Flats 07:4910:4912:4915:4917:0918:08
Cilfynydd, before Commercial Hotel 07:4910:4912:4915:4917:0918:08
Cilfynydd Inn (before) 07:5010:5012:5015:5017:1018:09
Abercynon, before Travellers Rest 07:5310:5312:5315:5317:1318:11
Abercynon, o/s Ty Trevithick 07:5310:5312:5315:5317:1318:12
Quaker’s Yard, nr Fiddlers Elbow 07:5510:5512:5515:5517:1518:13
Quaker’s Yard, nr Millers Row 07:5610:5612:5615:5617:1618:14
Quaker’s Yard, after New Bridge 07:5710:5712:5715:5717:1718:15
Treharris Perrott Inn (o/s former) 07:5810:5812:5815:5817:1818:15
Treharris, nr Glan y Nant 07:5810:5812:5815:5817:1818:16
Treharris, o/s Community Centre 08:0011:0013:0016:0017:2018:17
Treharris Post Office (nr former) 08:0011:0013:0016:0017:2018:17
Treharris Bus Station (Stand 1) 08:0111:0113:0116:0117:2118:17
Treharris Bus Station (Stand 2) 08:0211:0213:0216:0217:2218:18
Treharris, opp Navigation Hotel 08:0211:0213:0216:0217:2218:18
Treharris, o/s Boys & Girls Club 08:0211:0213:0216:0217:2218:18
Treharris Railway Terrace (adj 16) 08:0311:0313:0316:0317:2318:18
Trelewis, after Beechcroft 08:0411:0413:0416:0417:2418:19
Trelewis, o/s Ffaldcaiach Inn 08:0511:0513:0516:0517:2518:19
Trelewis, after Fflad Bridge 08:0511:0513:0516:0517:2518:19
Nelson, o/s Star Club 08:0711:0713:0716:0717:2718:20
Nelson, before Llancaiach View 08:0811:0813:0816:0817:2818:21
Nelson, after Llwyn yr Eos 08:0811:0813:0816:0817:2818:21
Nelson Bus Station (Stand 2) 08:0911:0913:0916:0917:2918:21
Nelson Bus Station (Stand 1) 08:1011:1013:1016:1017:3018:22
Nelson, on Springfield Terrace 08:1011:1013:1016:1017:30
Nelson, after The Rowan Tree 08:1111:1113:1116:1117:31
Tredomen, before Maes-y-dderwen 08:1211:1213:1216:1217:32
Tredomen Business Park (before) 08:1411:1413:1416:1417:34
Ystrad Mynach Station (before) 08:1511:1513:1516:1517:35
Ystrad Mynach, o/s Pantycelyn Street Playground 08:1611:1613:1616:1617:36
Ystrad Mynach The Beech Tree (Stop 2) 08:1811:1813:1816:1817:38
Ystrad Mynach The Beech Tree (Stop 1) 08:1811:1813:1816:1817:38
Ystrad Mynach, after Lidl 08:1911:1913:1916:1917:39
Ystrad Mynach, at Tesco Car Park 08:2111:2113:2116:2117:41
Maesycwmmer, before Underwood Avenue 08:2411:2413:2416:2417:44
Maesycwmmer, nr The Boot 08:2411:2413:2416:2417:44
Maesycwmmer, o/s Shops 08:2511:2513:2516:2517:45
Maesycwmmer, after West Avenue 08:2511:2513:2516:2517:45
Maesycwmmer, after The Crescent 08:2611:2613:2616:2617:46
Maesycwmmer, nr Glen Coed 08:2611:2613:2616:2617:46
Maesycwmmer, nr Hill View 08:2711:2713:2716:2717:47
Maesycwmmer, before St James Close 08:2811:2813:2816:2817:48
Maesycwmmer, adj St Anne's Gardens 08:2911:2913:2916:2917:49
Maesycwmmer, after St James Close 08:3011:3013:3016:3017:50
Maesycwmmer, nr Hill View 08:3111:3113:3116:3117:51
Maesycwmmer, nr Glen Coed 08:3111:3113:3116:3117:51
Maesycwmmer, after The Crescent 08:3111:3113:3116:3117:51
Maesycwmmer, before West Avenue 08:3111:3113:3116:3117:51
Maesycwmmer, o/s The Angel 08:3211:3213:3216:3217:52
Maesycwmmer, before Gelli-deg 08:3211:3213:3216:3217:52
Bryn, o/s Shops 08:3511:3513:3516:3517:55
Bryn, after Lime Grove 08:3511:3513:3516:3517:55
Pontllanfraith, after Gelli Lane 08:3611:3613:3616:3617:56
Pontllanfraith, before The Bird In Hand 08:3711:3713:3716:3717:57
Pontllanfraith, after Tredegar Junction 08:3711:3713:3716:3717:57
Pontllanfraith, opp Health Centre 08:3811:3813:3816:3817:58
Blackwood Gate Retail Park (opp) 08:3911:3913:3916:3917:59
Blackwood Interchange (Stand 5) 08:4111:4113:4116:4118:01

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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