7 - Cleveleys - Blackpool - St Annes

A bus service operated by Blackpool Transport


Cleveleys - St Annes

Cleveleys Bus Station (Stand 4) 07:55then every 30 minutes until17:5519:0020:0021:0022:00
Cleveleys Rough Lea Road (Stop F) 07:5617:5619:0020:0021:0022:00
Cleveleys Victoria Square (Stop D) 07:5717:5719:0120:0121:0122:01
Anchorsholme, by Lauderdale Avenue 07:5817:5819:0220:0221:0222:02
Anchorsholme Lane (by) 07:5917:5919:0320:0321:0322:03
Anchorsholme, opp Jem Gate 08:0018:0019:0320:0321:0322:03
Anchorsholme, by Russell Avenue 08:0118:0119:0420:0421:0422:04
Norbreck, opp Wilson Square 08:0118:0119:0520:0521:0522:05
Norbreck, by Mossom Lane 08:0218:0219:0520:0521:0522:05
Bispham, by Guildford Avenue 08:0418:0419:0620:0621:0622:06
Bispham, by Red Lion Hotel 08:0518:0519:0720:0721:0722:07
Norbreck, by St Bernadettes RC Church 08:0518:0519:0820:0821:0822:08
Bispham Roundabout (Stop 2) 08:0718:0719:0920:0921:0922:09
North Shore, opp Bromsgrove Avenue 08:0818:0819:0920:0921:0922:09
North Shore, by Galway Avenue 08:0918:0919:1020:1021:1022:10
North Shore, by Kylemore Avenue 08:1018:1019:1120:1121:1122:11
North Shore, opp Shaftesbury Avenue 08:1218:1219:1220:1221:1222:12
North Shore, opp Warbreck Hill Road 08:1318:1319:1320:1321:1322:13
North Shore, by Devonshire Arms 08:1518:1519:1520:1521:1522:15
Central, by Mansfield Road 08:1718:1719:1720:1721:1722:17
Central, adj Devonshire Road 08:1818:1819:1820:1821:1822:18
Central, by Greenhill 08:2018:2019:1920:1921:1922:19
Central, by Buchanan Street 08:2118:2119:1920:1921:1922:19
Blackpool, by Abingdon Street 08:2318:2319:2120:2121:2122:21
Blackpool Market Street (Stop MA2) 08:2518:2519:2320:2321:2322:23
Promenade Bank Hey Street (BAH1) 07:3008:3018:3019:2820:2821:28
Blackpool, opp Central Coach Station 07:3108:3118:3119:2920:2921:29
Central, by Chapel Street 07:3308:3318:3319:3120:3121:31
Central, o/s Gymnasium 07:3408:3418:3419:3220:3221:32
Central, opp Rigby Road 07:3508:3518:3519:3320:3321:33
Bloomfield Road (by) 07:3608:3618:3619:3420:3421:34
Bloomfield, opp Baron Road 07:3708:3718:3719:3520:3521:35
South Shore, o/s Waterloo Hotel 07:3908:3918:3919:3720:3721:37
Hawes Side, opp South Shore Academy 07:4008:4018:4019:3720:3721:37
Hawes Side, by Watson Road 07:4108:4118:4119:3820:3821:38
Hawes Side, opp Arnold Avenue 07:4308:4318:4319:3920:3921:39
Fishers Field, by Highfield Road 07:4408:4418:4419:4020:4021:40
Fishers Field, by Stadium Avenue 07:4508:4518:4519:4120:4121:41
Halfway House (by) 07:4608:4618:4619:4220:4221:42
Squires Gate, o/s Morrisons Superstore 07:4708:4718:4719:4220:4221:42
Squires Gate, by Abbey Road 07:4708:4718:4719:4220:4221:42
Squires Gate, by Blackpool Airport 07:4908:4918:4919:4320:4321:43
Squires Gate, opp Stony Hill Avenue 07:4908:4918:4919:4420:4421:44
Squires Gate Station (o/s) 07:5008:5018:5019:4420:4421:44
Squires Gate, by Starr Gate 07:5108:5118:5119:4520:4521:45
Squires Gate, by Clifton Drive North 07:5208:5218:5219:4520:4521:45
Stony Hill, opp Thursby Home 07:5308:5318:5319:4720:4721:47
St Annes, by Kilgrimol Gardens 07:5408:5418:5419:4820:4821:48
St Annes, opp Caryl Road 07:5508:5518:5519:4820:4821:48
St Annes, by Cross Street 07:5708:5718:5719:5020:5021:50
St Annes, opp Fleet Street 07:5808:5818:5819:5120:5121:51
St Annes, by Sandhurst Avenue 07:5908:5918:5919:5120:5121:51
St Annes Road East (by) 08:0009:0019:0019:5220:5221:52
St Annes Square (Stop 7) 08:0109:0119:0119:5320:5321:53
St Annes Square (Stand 4) 08:0209:0219:0219:5420:5421:54

St Annes - Cleveleys

St Annes Square (Stand 4) 08:0709:07then every 30 minutes until17:3718:0519:0520:0021:0022:00
St Annes, opp Beach Road 08:0709:0717:3718:0519:0520:0021:0022:00
St Annes, opp St Leonards Road West 08:0809:0817:3818:0619:0620:0121:0122:01
St Annes, opp Cavendish Road 08:0909:0917:3918:0719:0720:0221:0222:02
St Annes, opp Norwood Road 08:0909:0917:3918:0719:0720:0221:0222:02
St Annes, opp Kilgrimol Gardens 08:1009:1017:4018:0819:0820:0321:0322:03
Stony Hill, o/s Thursby Home 08:1109:1117:4118:0919:0920:0421:0422:04
Stony Hill, opp Fletcher Drive 08:1309:1317:4318:1119:1120:0621:0622:06
Stony Hill, opp New Road 08:1409:1417:4418:1219:1220:0721:0722:07
Squires Gate, by Starr Gate 08:1509:1517:4518:1319:1320:0821:0822:08
Blackpool Airport (by) 08:1609:1617:4618:1319:1320:0821:0822:08
Airport, by Abbey Road 08:1709:1717:4718:1419:1420:0921:0922:09
Halfway House (o/s) 08:1909:1917:4918:1519:1520:1021:1022:10
Fishers Field, opp Stadium Avenue 08:2009:2017:5018:1619:1620:1121:1122:11
Fishers Field, by Highfield Road 08:2209:2217:5218:1719:1720:1221:1222:12
Hawes Side, by Arnold Avenue 08:2309:2317:5318:1819:1820:1321:1322:13
Hawes Side, by Watson Road 08:2409:2417:5418:1919:1920:1421:1422:14
South Shore Academy (by) 08:2609:2617:5618:2119:2120:1621:1622:16
South Shore, o/s Waterloo Hotel 08:2809:2817:5818:2319:2320:1821:1822:18
Bloomfield, by Baron Road 08:2909:2917:5918:2319:2320:1821:1822:18
Bloomfield Road (by) 08:3009:3018:0018:2419:2420:1921:1922:19
Central, by Rigby Road 08:3209:3218:0218:2519:2520:2021:2022:20
Central, by Princess Street 08:3409:3418:0418:2719:2720:2221:2222:22
Central, by Chapel Street 08:3509:3518:0518:2719:2720:2221:2222:22
Promenade, by New Bonny Street 08:3809:3818:0818:3019:3020:2521:2522:25
Promenade (Stop 4) 08:3909:3918:0918:3019:3020:2521:2522:25
Blackpool Corporation Street C4 (Stop CO 4) 08:4309:4318:1318:3319:3320:2821:2822:28
Blackpool, opp Abingdon Street 08:4809:4818:1818:3519:3520:3021:30
Central, by Buchanan Street 08:5009:5018:2018:3719:3720:3221:32
Central, by Spencer Court 08:5209:5218:2218:3819:3820:3321:33
Central, by Devonshire Road 08:5309:5318:2318:3819:3820:3321:33
Central, opp Mansfield Road 08:5309:5318:2318:3919:3920:3421:34
North Shore, o/s Devonshire Arms 08:5709:5718:2718:4119:4120:3621:36
North Shore, by Warbreck Hill Road 08:5709:5718:2718:4119:4120:3621:36
North Shore, by Shaftesbury Avenue 08:5909:5918:2918:4219:4220:3721:37
North Shore, opp Kylemore Avenue 09:0010:0018:3018:4419:4420:3921:39
North Shore, opp Galway Avenue 09:0110:0118:3118:4519:4520:4021:40
North Shore, by Bromsgrove Avenue 09:0210:0218:3218:4519:4520:4021:40
Bispham Roundabout (Stop 1) 09:0310:0318:3318:4619:4620:4121:41
Bispham, opp Post Office 09:0410:0418:3418:4719:4720:4221:42
Norbreck, opp St Bernadettes RC Church 09:0410:0418:3418:4719:4720:4221:42
Norbreck, o/s Red Lion Hotel 09:0510:0518:3518:4719:4720:4221:42
Norbreck, by Guildford Avenue 09:0610:0618:3618:4819:4820:4321:43
Norbreck, by Mossom Lane 09:0710:0718:3718:4919:4920:4421:44
Norbreck, by Wilson Square 09:0910:0918:3918:5019:5020:4521:45
Norbreck, by Russell Avenue 09:0910:0918:3918:5019:5020:4521:45
Anchorsholme, by Jem Gate 09:1110:1118:4118:5219:5220:4721:47
Anchorsholme Lane (opp) 09:1210:1218:4218:5319:5320:4821:48
Anchorsholme, opp Lauderdale Avenue 09:1310:1318:4318:5319:5320:4821:48
Cleveleys, by Crescent 09:1410:1418:4418:5419:5420:4921:49
Cleveleys Nutter Road (Stop E) 09:1510:1518:4518:5519:5520:5021:50
Cleveleys Bus Station (Stand 4) 09:1810:1818:4818:5719:5720:5221:52

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