7 - Wrexham - Caia Park

A bus service operated by Arriva Wales


Wrexham, at Bus Station 2 06:2107:06then every 30 minutes until18:06
Rhosddu, nr Yale College Flyover 06:2207:0818:08
Rhosddu, opp Yale College 06:2307:0818:08
Wrexham, at Market Street B 06:2407:1018:10
Smithfield Road, after ASDA Steps 06:2607:1118:11
Wrexham, o/s Asda 06:2607:1218:12
Maes-y-Dre, after Crossways 06:2707:1318:13
Maes-y-Dre Moorland Avenue (opp The Moorlands) 06:2807:1418:14
Rhosnesni Wynnstay Avenue (opp 40) 06:2907:1418:14
Rhosnesni Deva Way (o/s 8) 06:2907:1518:15
Rhosnesni, before Tan-y-Dre 06:3007:1518:15
Rhosnesni, before Broom Grove 06:3007:1618:16
Rhosnesni, before Ash Grove 06:3107:1718:17
Rhosnesni, before Ysgol Morgan Llwyd 06:3207:1718:17
Rhosnesni, before Ernest Parry Road 06:3307:1818:18
Rhosnesni, before Eaton Drive 06:3307:1918:19
Caia Park, after Kingsley Circle 06:3507:2118:21
Caia Park, before Ridley View 06:3507:2118:21
The Dunks, before Havard Way 06:3607:2218:22
The Dunks, after Menai Road 06:3607:2318:23
The Dunks, before Arenig Road 06:3707:2318:23
The Dunks, opp Coed Aben 06:3807:2418:24
The Dunks, nr Cefn Dre 06:3907:2518:25
The Dunks, after Glan Gors 06:4007:2618:26
The Dunks, before Gwenfro 06:4007:2718:27
The Dunks Y Wern (nr 174) 06:4207:2918:29
The Dunks, after Pont Wen 06:4307:2918:29
Hightown, before Warwick Avenue 06:4407:3118:31
Hightown, nr Napier Square 06:4507:3218:32
Hightown, after Post Office 06:4607:3318:33
Hightown, after Green Dragon Hotel 06:4607:3318:33
Wrexham, before Eagles Meadow 06:4707:3418:34
Wrexham, at Market Street C 06:4907:3618:36
Rhosddu, o/s Yale College 06:5007:3718:37
Rhosddu, nr Yale College Flyover 06:5107:3818:38
Wrexham, at Bus Station 2 06:5307:4018:40

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ACYM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 26 January 2023

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