70 - Rye - Bexhill College

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South East

Monday to Friday, school Only days (not bank holidays)

Rye Railway Station - Pebsham Bexhill College

Rye Railway Station (Stop A) 07:40
Rye Wish Street (SW-bound) 07:40
Rye, adj Harbour Road 07:41
Rye New Winchelsea Road North (o/s 70) 07:42
Rye New Winchelsea Road South (o/s 132) 07:43
Winchelsea, adj Strand House 07:46
Winchelsea, opp The New Inn 07:48
Icklesham, adj Recreation Ground 07:52
Icklesham, opp Manor Close 07:52
Icklesham, opp Goldhurst Green 07:53
Icklesham, adj The Robin Hood 07:53
Icklesham, opp Broad Street 07:54
Guestling Thorn, opp Stocks Farm 07:56
Guestling Thorn, opp Butcher's Lane 07:57
Guestling Green, o/s Buckswood School 07:59
Guestling Green, opp Primary School 08:00
Guestling Green, opp White Hart 08:01
Bachelor’s Bump, adj Mill Lane 08:02
Bachelor’s Bump, adj Martineau Lane 08:02
Ore, opp Ivy Gardens 08:04
Ore, opp Winchelsea Road 08:04
Ore, opp Red Lake Terrace 08:04
Ore, opp Post Office 08:05
Ore, adj Ashburnham Road 08:06
Ore, adj Mount Road 08:07
Halton, opp Richmond Street 08:08
Halton, opp Robertsons Hill 08:08
Belmont, adj Sacred Heart School 08:09
Old Town, adj Market Cross 08:11
Old Town, opp Roebuck Street 08:12
Old Town, adj The Stade 08:13
Hastings Pelham Place (Stop Z) 08:14
Hastings Robertson Street (Stop T) 08:18
Hastings, adj Pier 08:18
St Leonards Eversfield Place (W-bound) 08:19
St Leonards, opp Warrior Square 08:21
St Leonards, opp Market Street 08:22
St Leonards, adj Marina Pavilion 08:23
St Leonards, opp Greeba Court 08:23
St Leonards, opp Athlone Court 08:24
West St Leonards, opp The Marina Fountain 08:25
West St Leonards, opp The Bo-Peep 08:26
West St Leonards, adj Cinque Ports Way 08:27
Bulverhythe, adj Filsham Road Bottom 08:28
Bulverhythe, opp Harley Shute Road Bottom 08:29
Bulverhythe, adj Aldi 08:31
Bulverhythe, adj Bridge Way 08:32
Bulverhythe, opp Freshfields 08:33
Bulverhythe, opp Abbey Drive 08:34
Bulverhythe, opp The Bull 08:34
Glyne Gap, opp Esso Garage 08:36
Pebsham, opp Third Avenue 08:39
Pebsham, o/s Bexhill College 08:40

Pebsham Bexhill College - Rye Railway Station

Pebsham, o/s Bexhill College 16:40
Bexhill, o/s Lindsay Hall 16:41
Bexhill, opp Elmstead Road 16:41
Bexhill Dorset Road (E-bound) 16:42
Bexhill, adj Penland Road 16:42
Bexhill, adj Glyne Ascent 16:43
Glyne Gap, opp Ravenside Retail Park 16:44
Glyne Gap, adj Esso Garage 16:45
Bulverhythe, adj The Bull 16:46
Bulverhythe, adj Abbey Drive 16:46
Bulverhythe, adj Freshfields 16:47
Bulverhythe, opp Aldi 16:48
Bulverhythe Road (opp) 16:48
Bulverhythe, adj Harley Shute Road Bottom 16:49
Bulverhythe, adj Judge's 16:49
Bulverhythe, opp Filsham Road Bottom 16:50
West St Leonards, opp Cinque Ports Way 16:50
West St Leonards, adj The Bo-Peep 16:51
West St Leonards, adj The Marina Fountain 16:52
St Leonards, adj Athlone Court 16:53
St Leonards, adj Greeba Court 16:54
St Leonards, opp Marina Pavilion 16:55
St Leonards, adj Market Street 16:55
St Leonards, adj Warrior Square 16:56
St Leonards Eversfield Place (E-bound) 16:57
Hastings, opp Pier 16:59
Hastings Robertson Street (Stop L) 17:00
Hastings Harold Place (Stop P) 17:02
Hastings Railway Station (Stop F) 17:03
Hastings Harold Place (Stop Q) 17:05
Hastings Pelham Place (Stop U) 17:06
Old Town, opp The Stade 17:08
Old Town, adj Roebuck Street 17:09
Old Town, opp Market Cross 17:11
Belmont, opp Sacred Heart School 17:12
Halton, adj Robertsons Hill 17:13
Halton, adj Richmond Street 17:14
Ore, opp Ashburnham Road 17:16
Ore, adj Graystone Lane 17:17
Ore, adj Post Office 17:18
Ore, adj Red Lake Terrace 17:19
Ore, adj Winchelsea Road 17:19
Ore, adj Ivy Gardens 17:19
Ore, opp Hillcrest Sports Centre 17:20
Bachelor’s Bump, opp Martineau Lane 17:21
Bachelor’s Bump, opp Mill Lane 17:21
Guestling Green, adj White Hart 17:22
Guestling Green, o/s Primary School 17:23
Guestling Green, opp Buckswood School 17:25
Guestling Thorn, adj Butcher's Lane 17:26
Guestling Thorn, adj Stocks Farm 17:26
Icklesham, adj Broad Street 17:29
Icklesham, opp The Robin Hood 17:29
Icklesham, adj Goldhurst Green 17:30
Icklesham, adj Manor Close 17:30
Winchelsea, adj The New Inn 17:35
Winchelsea, opp Strand House 17:37
Rye New Winchelsea Road South (opp 124) 17:41
Rye New Winchelsea Road North (opp 68) 17:42
Rye, opp Harbour Road 17:42
Rye, adj Tillingham Bridge 17:43
Rye Railway Station (Stop B) 17:44

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 23 May 2024

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