71 - Ryde - Island Free School

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Ryde - Island Free School

Ryde Bus Station (Stand E) 07:05
Ryde, opp Ashley Gardens 07:05
Ryde East Hill Road (S-bound) 07:06
Ryde, opp St Johns Church 07:07
Appley, opp Derwent Drive 07:08
Appley Thornton Cross (E-bound) 07:08
Pondwell, adj Woodlands Vale 07:09
Seaview Bullen Cross (SE-bound) 07:10
Pondwell, o/s Wishing Well 07:11
Seaview, opp Nettlestone Manor 07:12
Seaview Lane (N-bound) 07:13
Seaview Steyne Road (NE-bound) 07:14
Seaview Somerset Road (N-bound) 07:14
Seaview Church Street (E-bound) 07:15
Old Seaview Lane (SW-bound) 07:15
Seaview Lane (S-bound) 07:17
Nettlestone, o/s Roadside Inn 07:18
Nettlestone, opp West Priory Cottages 07:19
Nettlestone, opp St Helens Church 07:19
Nettlestone Attrills Corner (E-bound) 07:20
St Helens, adj Nodes Point 07:21
St Helens, o/s Medical Centre 07:22
St Helens, opp The Vine 07:23
St Helens Station Road (SE-bound) 07:23
St Helens Station (opp) 07:24
St Helens, o/s Brading Haven Yacht Club 07:25
Bembridge Harbour, opp Wades Boathouse 07:26
Bembridge, adj Royal Spithead Hotel 07:28
Bembridge, adj Ducie Avenue 07:30
Bembridge Foreland Road (SE-bound) 07:30
Bembridge, opp Post Office 07:30
Bembridge, o/s Foreland Road 07:31
Bembridge, opp Raffles 07:32
Whitecliff Bay, opp Bembridge Airport 07:35
Bembridge, o/s Longlands Farm 07:36
Bembridge Culver Down (SW-bound) 07:38
Yaverland, adj Church 07:40
Yaverland, opp Letter Box 07:41
Yaverland, opp Meadow Way 07:42
Sandown, opp Grand Hotel 07:43
Sandown Wight City (SW-bound) 07:44
Sandown, opp Fort Mews 07:45
Sandown, opp College Close 07:46
Sandown The Cloisters (o/s 22) 07:47
Sandown Grove Road (SW-bound) 07:47
Sandown Ashley Mews (SW-bound) 07:47
Sandown Shangri'La (SW-bound) 07:48
Sandown, opp The Heights 07:48
Lake, opp The Fairway 07:49
Lake Shops (S-bound) 07:50
Lake, opp Cemetery Road 07:51
Lake, adj Winchester House 07:52
Shanklin, adj Howard Road 07:52
Shanklin Wilton Road (SW-bound) 07:54
Shanklin, o/s Ryedale 07:54
Shanklin Bus Station (Bay D) 07:56
Shanklin, opp Daishs 07:59
Shanklin, adj Priory Road 07:59
Shanklin De-restriction Sign (SW-bound) 08:00
Luccombe Village Top of Cowlease (SW-bound) 08:02
Luccombe Village, opp Corner Cottage 08:03
Luccombe Village Rosecliff Court (S-bound) 08:04
Bonchurch, adj Landslip Car Park 08:05
Bonchurch Shute (adj) 08:07
Bonchurch, adj Chimney Steps 08:07
Ventnor, adj Macrocarpa Road 08:10
Ventnor, opp Old Station Road 08:11
Upper Ventnor, nr St Albans Steps 08:12
Upper Ventnor, adj Steephill Down Road 08:13
Upper Ventnor, adj York Road 08:13
Upper Ventnor, nr Island Free School 08:15

Island Free School - Ryde

Upper Ventnor, opp Ventnor Middle School 16:15
Upper Ventnor, opp York Road 16:15
Upper Ventnor, opp St Albans Steps 16:16
Ventnor, adj Old Station Road 16:17
Ventnor, opp Macrocarpa Road 16:18
Ventnor, adj Tennis Courts 16:19
Ventnor, adj St Boniface Primary 16:19
Bonchurch, opp Chimney Steps 16:21
Bonchurch Shute (opp) 16:22
Bonchurch, opp Landslip Car Park 16:23
Luccombe Village Rosecliff Court (N-bound) 16:24
Luccombe Village, adj Glenavon 16:24
Luccombe Village, adj Corner Cottage 16:25
Luccombe Village Top of Cowlease (NE-bound) 16:26
Shanklin De-restriction Sign (NE-bound) 16:28
Shanklin, opp Priory Road 16:29
Shanklin, adj Daishs 16:30
Shanklin, adj Regent Street 16:32
Shanklin Bus Station (Bay A) 16:33
Shanklin, opp Ryedale 16:33
Shanklin Wilton Road (NE-bound) 16:34
Shanklin, opp Howard Road 16:34
Lake, opp Winchester House 16:35
Lake, adj Cemetery Road 16:36
Lake Shops (N-bound) 16:37
Lake, adj The Fairway 16:37
Sandown, adj The Heights 16:38
Sandown, adj Shangri La 16:38
Sandown, adj Station Avenue 16:39
Sandown, adj Grove Road 16:39
Sandown, adj The Cloisters 16:40
Sandown, adj College Close 16:40
Sandown, adj Fort Mews 16:40
Sandown Wight City (NE-bound) 16:41
Sandown, o/s Grand Hotel 16:42
Yaverland, adj Meadow Way 16:43
Yaverland, adj Letter Box 16:44
Yaverland, opp Church 16:45
Bembridge Culver Down (NE-bound) 16:46
Bembridge, opp Longlands Farm 16:47
Whitecliff Bay, o/s Bembridge Airport 16:48
Bembridge, o/s Raffles 16:51
Bembridge, opp Windmill Hotel 16:51
Bembridge, o/s Post Office 16:52
Bembridge, adj Holy Trinity Church 16:52
Bembridge, adj Ducie Avenue 16:53
Bembridge Royal Spithead Hotel (SW-bound) 16:55
Bembridge Harbour, o/s Wades Boathouse 16:57
St Helens, opp Brading Haven Yacht Club 16:58
St Helens Station (adj) 17:00
St Helens Station Road (N-bound) 17:01
St Helens, o/s The Vine 17:02
St Helens, adj Guildford Road 17:02
St Helens, opp Nodes Point 17:03
Nettlestone Attrills Corner (N-bound) 17:04
Nettlestone, o/s St Helens Church 17:05
Nettlestone, o/s West Priory Cottages 17:06
Nettlestone, opp Roadside Inn 17:07
Seaview Lane (N-bound) 17:07
Seaview Steyne Road (NE-bound) 17:10
Seaview Somerset Road (N-bound) 17:11
Seaview Church Street (E-bound) 17:12
Old Seaview Lane (SW-bound) 17:12
Seaview Lane (S-bound) 17:13
Seaview, o/s Nettlestone Manor 17:14
Pondwell, opp Wishing Well 17:15
Seaview Bullen Cross (NW-bound) 17:16
Pondwell, opp Woodlands Vale 17:17
Appley Thornton Cross (W-bound) 17:17
Appley, adj Derwent Drive 17:18
Ryde, adj St Johns Church 17:19
Ryde East Hill Road (N-bound) 17:20
Ryde, adj Ashley Gardens 17:20
Ryde Bus Station (Stand E) 17:22

Timetable data from Southern Vectis, 17 November 2020

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