71 - Stondon Massey - Stondon Massey via Brentwood

A bus service operated by Hedingham & Chambers

Stondon Massey Soames Mead (NE-bound) 07:0307:5910:3212:3214:32
Stondon Massey, adj Bricklayers Arms 07:0408:0010:3312:3314:33
Hook End, adj Tipps Cross Lane 07:0508:0110:3412:3414:34
Hook End, adj Outing's Lane 07:0508:0110:3412:3414:34
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Elmtree Avenue 07:0708:0310:3612:3614:36
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Stocks Lane 07:0808:0410:3712:3714:37
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Fox Hatch House 07:0808:0410:3712:3714:37
Kelvedon Hatch Brizes Corner (SW-bound) 07:0908:0510:3812:3814:38
Coxtie Green, o/s The White Horse 07:1408:0910:4212:4214:42
Coxtie Green Farm (opp) 07:1508:1010:4312:4314:43
Pilgrims Hatch, o/s Peniel College 07:1608:1110:4312:4314:43
Pilgrims Hatch Coxtie Green Road (E-bound) 07:1708:1210:4412:4414:44
Pilgrims Hatch, opp The Rose & Crown 07:1808:1410:4512:4514:45
Pilgrims Hatch, adj Larchwood Gardens 07:1808:1410:4512:4514:45
Pilgrims Hatch, adj Windsor Road 07:1908:1510:4712:4714:47
Pilgrims Hatch, opp The Farm Shop 07:1908:1510:4712:4714:47
Brentwood, adj The Retreat 07:2108:1710:4912:4914:49
Brentwood, opp Calcott Close 07:2108:1710:4912:4914:49
Brentwood, adj Porters Close 07:2208:1810:5012:5014:50
Brentwood, adj Highwood Close 07:2208:2010:5212:5214:52
Brentwood, o/s The Robin Hood 07:2308:2210:5412:5414:54
Brentwood, adj Doddinghurst Road 07:2408:2410:5612:5614:56
Brentwood, adj Burland Road 07:2508:2510:5712:5714:57
Brentwood High Street (Stop E) 07:2608:2811:0013:0015:0017:05
Brentwood, adj Queens Road Rbt 07:2808:3011:0213:0215:0417:10
Brentwood Railway Station (o/s) 07:3008:3209:4811:0413:0413:4815:0617:13
Brentwood, adj Mount Crescent 09:4911:0613:0613:4915:0717:14
Brentwood, adj South Drive 09:5011:0713:0713:5015:0817:15
Brentwood, adj Hartswood Road 09:5111:0913:0913:5115:0917:16
Brentwood, adj Uplands Road 09:5211:1013:1013:5215:1017:17
Brentwood, opp Headley Chase 09:5211:1013:1013:5215:1017:17
Brentwood, adj Blackthorn Way 09:5311:1013:1013:5315:1017:18
Warley, adj Albert Street 09:5411:1113:1113:5415:1117:19
Warley Hill (W-bound) 09:5511:1213:1213:5515:1217:20
Warley, opp Medical Centre 09:5511:1213:1213:5515:1217:20
Warley, opp Osborne Heights 09:5611:1213:1213:5615:1217:21
Warley, adj Rhapsody Crescent 09:5611:1313:1313:5615:1317:21
Warley, o/s Clements Park School 09:5711:1313:1313:5715:1317:22
Brentwood Crescent Road (E-bound) 09:5811:1413:1413:5815:1417:23
Brentwood Railway Station (opp) 10:0111:1713:1714:0115:2017:2618:20
Brentwood, opp Queens Road Rbt 10:0214:0215:2117:2918:21
Brentwood Crown Street (Stop K) 10:0414:0415:2317:3518:23
Brentwood High Street (Stop C) 08:4510:0614:0615:2517:3918:25
Brentwood, adj North Road 08:4510:0714:0615:2617:3918:25
Brentwood, opp Doddinghurst Road 08:4610:0814:0715:2717:4018:26
Brentwood, opp The Robin Hood 08:4610:0914:0815:2817:4118:27
Brentwood, adj The Retreat 10:1114:0915:30
Brentwood, opp Calcott Close 10:1214:0915:31
Brentwood, adj Porters Close 10:1314:1015:32
Brentwood, adj Highwood Close 10:1314:1015:32
Pilgrims Hatch, o/s The Farm Shop 08:4710:1514:1215:3417:4218:28
Pilgrims Hatch, opp Kensington Road 08:4710:1514:1215:3417:4318:29
Pilgrims Hatch, opp Larchwood Gardens 08:4810:1614:1315:3517:4418:30
Pilgrims Hatch, o/s The Rose & Crown 08:4910:1714:1415:3617:4518:31
Pilgrims Hatch, adj Pilgrim's Lane 08:4910:1714:14
Pilgrims Hatch, o/s Pilgrims Hall 08:5010:1714:14
Pilgrims Hatch, adj Mores Lane 08:5110:1714:15
Pilgrims Hatch Coxtie Green Road (W-bound) 10:1914:1618:31
Coxtie Green Farm (adj) 10:1914:1718:32
Coxtie Green, opp The White Horse 10:2014:1818:33
Pilgrims Hatch, opp Old Crown Lane 08:52
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Green Ln 08:53
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Crown Road 08:54
Kelvedon Hatch Brizes Corner (NE-bound) 08:5510:2414:2315:4117:5018:38
Kelvedon Hatch, o/s Fox Hatch House 08:5510:2414:2315:4117:5018:38
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Stocks Lane 08:5510:2414:2315:4117:5018:38
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Elmtree Avenue 08:5610:2514:2415:4217:5118:39
Hook End, opp Outing's Lane 08:5810:2614:2615:4417:5318:41
Hook End, opp Tipps Cross Lane 08:5910:2714:2715:4517:5418:42
Stondon Massey, opp Bricklayers Arms 09:0010:2814:2815:4617:5518:43
Stondon Massey Soames Mead (NE-bound) 09:0110:2914:2915:4717:5618:44

Timetable data from Hedingham & Chambers, 31 May 2024

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