719 - High Storrs Road - Woodseats - Gleadless Townend

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


High Storrs Road - Woodseats - Gleadless Townend
High Storrs School - Hillsborough

Bents Green, adj Ringinglow Road/High Storrs Road 14:50
Ecclesall, adj Hoober Avenue/Knowle Lane 15:06
Ecclesall, adj Knowle Lane/Knowle Croft 15:07
Knowle Lane/Ecclesall Road South (by) 15:08
Ecclesall Road South/Weetwood Drive (adj) 15:08
Carter Knowle Road/Ecclesall Road South (before) 15:09
Carter Knowle Road/Button Hill (opp) 15:10
Carter Knowle Road/Carter Knowle Avenue (adj) 15:11
Carter Knowle Road/Montrose Road (nr) 15:12
Carter Knowle Road/Glenorchy Road (adj) 15:12
Carter Knowle Road/Montrose Road (adj) 15:13
Carter Knowle Road/Bannerdale Road (at) 15:14
Nether Edge, at Carter Knowle Road/Abbeydale Road 15:15
Woodseats Road/Athol Road (adj) 15:17
Woodseats Road/Todwick Road (opp) 15:18
Woodseats Road/Firbeck Road (opp) 15:18
Woodseats Road/Chesterfield Road (at) 15:19
Woodseats, at Chesterfield Road/Nettleham Road 15:20
Woodseats, adj Chesterfield Road/Olivet Road 15:21
Woodseats, adj Chesterfield Road/Cobnar Road 15:21
Woodseats, opp Chesterfield Road/Bromwich Road 15:21
Meadowhead/Cobnar Wood (adj) 15:23
Meadowhead/Roxton Avenue (opp) 15:23
Meadowhead/Charles Ashmore Road (adj) 15:24
Meadowhead/Little Norton Lane (adj) 15:24
Meadowhead/Hunstone Avenue (adj) 15:25
Meadowhead, adj Chesterfield Road South/Bochum Parkway 15:26
Lowedges, nr Chesterfield Road South/Batemoor Road 15:26
Batemoor Road/Chesterfield Road South (adj) 15:27
Batemoor Road/Whinacre Place (opp) 15:27
Jordanthorpe, adj Dyche Lane/Dyche Road 15:28
Jordanthorpe, adj Dyche Road/Dyche Drive 15:28
Jordanthorpe, opp Hazlebarrow Road/Hazlebarrow Crescent 15:29
Jordanthorpe, adj Hazlebarrow Road/Ormond Way 15:29
Jordanthorpe, adj Hazlebarrow Road/Hazlebarrow Drive 15:30
Norton Lane/Norton Park View (adj) 15:31
Norton Lane/Henley Avenue (opp) 15:31
Norton Lane/Maugerhay (adj) 15:32
Norton Lane/Hemsworth Road (adj) 15:33
Hemsworth, adj Norton Avenue/Oaks Park View 15:34
Hemsworth, adj Norton Avenue/Lightwood Lane 15:35
Herdings, adj Norton Avenue/Raeburn Road 15:35
Herdings, adj Norton Avenue/Bowman Drive 15:36
Herdings, opp Norton Avenue/Bowman Drive 15:36
Gleadless Townend, adj Norton Avenue/Leighton Road 15:37
Gleadless Townend, adj Ridgeway Road/Gleadless Road 15:38

Gleadless Townend - Woodseats - High Storrs Road
Hillsborough - High Storrs School

Manor Top Interchange/Hurlfield Road E1 (at) 07:29
Manor Top, opp Ridgeway Road/Hurlfield Road 07:30
Manor Top, adj Ridgeway Road/Newlands Road 07:30
Gleadless, opp Ridgeway Road/Chatsworth Park Road 07:31
Gleadless, at Ridgeway Road/Hollinsend Road 07:32
Gleadless, opp Ridgeway Road/Kirkby Avenue 07:33
Gleadless Townend, opp Ridgeway Road/Gleadless Road 07:34
Gleadless Townend, opp Norton Avenue/Leighton Road 07:35
Herdings, adj Norton Avenue/Bowman Drive 07:35
Herdings, opp Norton Avenue/Bowman Drive 07:36
Herdings, opp Norton Avenue/Raeburn Road 07:36
Hemsworth, opp Norton Avenue/Lightwood Lane 07:37
Hemsworth, opp Norton Avenue/Mawfa Road 07:38
Norton Lane/Hemsworth Road (opp) 07:39
Norton Lane/Cloonmore Drive (adj) 07:40
Norton Lane/Henley Avenue (adj) 07:41
Norton Lane/Bochum Parkway (adj) 07:41
Bochum Parkway/Jordanthorpe Parkway (adj) 07:42
Meadowhead, adj Bochum Parkway/Dyche Lane 07:43
Meadowhead/Hunstone Avenue (opp) 07:45
Meadowhead/Little Norton Lane (opp) 07:47
Meadowhead/Charles Ashmore Road (opp) 07:48
Meadowhead/Roxton Avenue (adj) 07:49
Meadowhead/Cobnar Wood (opp) 07:50
Woodseats, at Meadowhead/Abbey Lane 07:50
Woodseats, adj Meadowhead/Abbey Lane 07:51
Woodseats, at Chesterfield Road/Cobnar Road 07:52
Woodseats, opp Chesterfield Road/Haughton Road 07:54
Woodseats, adj Chesterfield Road/The Dale 07:55
Chesterfield Road/Woodseats Road (adj) 07:56
Woodseats Road/Firbeck Road (adj) 07:58
Woodseats Road/Todwick Road (adj) 07:59
Woodseats Road/Athol Road (opp) 08:01
Nether Edge, adj Carter Knowle Road/Abbeydale Road 08:04
Carter Knowle Road/Bannerdale Road (adj) 08:06
Carter Knowle Road/Archer Lane (opp) 08:06
Carter Knowle Road/Glenorchy Road (opp) 08:07
Carter Knowle Road/Springfield Avenue (at) 08:08
Carter Knowle Road/Carter Knowle Avenue (opp) 08:09
Carter Knowle Road/Button Hill (adj) 08:10
Carter Knowle Road/Ecclesall Road South (opp) 08:10
Ecclesall Road South/Dunkeld Road (adj) 08:11
Knowle Lane/Ecclesall Road South (o/s) 08:12
Ecclesall, before Knowle Lane/Hoober Avenue 08:13
Ecclesall, nr Knowle Lane/Haugh Lane 08:14
Bents Green, adj Knowle Lane/Harley Road 08:15
Bents Green, adj Ringinglow Road/Trap Lane 08:16
Bents Green, adj Ringinglow Road/High Storrs Road 08:17

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