721 - Thorrington - Manningtree High School

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

Please see the Stephensons website stephensonsofessex.com/daily-service-updates for service updates, details of cancelled journeys

Monday to Friday

Alresford - Great Bromley - Manningtree

Thorrington, adj Brightlingsea Road 07:15
Alresford, opp Brook Farm 07:17
Alresford St Osyth Road (W-bound) 07:18
Alresford Coach Road Corner (W-bound) 07:19
Alresford, opp The Pointer 07:20
Alresford Wivenhoe Road (W-bound) 07:20
Alresford, o/s Marsh Farm Corner 07:21
Wivenhoe, o/s Villa Farm 07:22
Wivenhoe, adj Bowes Road 07:23
Wivenhoe Cemetery (S-bound) 07:24
Wivenhoe, opp Co-op 07:25
Wivenhoe, adj Rosabelle Avenue 07:25
Wivenhoe Cross (N-bound) 07:26
Wivenhoe, opp The Flag 07:27
Colchester, adj Wivenhoe Park 07:30
Colchester Road (opp) 07:31
Elmstead Market, opp Park Farm 07:33
Elmstead Market, o/s Blossomwood Farm 07:35
Elmstead Market, adj Oatlands 07:37
Elmstead Market, adj Chapel Ln 07:38
Elmstead Market (opp) 07:40
Elmstead Market, opp Beth Chatto Gdns 07:40
Frating Hill, opp Church Road 07:42
Frating Hill Park (opp) 07:43
Frating, adj Haggars Lane 07:44
Frating The Kings Arms (N-bound) 07:45
Frating, opp Chapel Lane 07:46
Hare Green, opp The Old Courthouse 07:47
Great Bromley School (opp) 07:50
Ardleigh, adj Hall Rd 07:53
Ardleigh, opp Cherry Tree Farm 07:57
Colchester, opp Salary Close 08:00
Colchester, adj St John's Road 08:01
Colchester, opp Welshwood Park 08:02
Colchester, o/s Hyundai Garage 08:03
Colchester, opp Springvalley Lane 08:04
Colchester, adj Clover Way 08:04
Ardleigh, o/s The Wooden Fender 08:05
Ardleigh, o/s St Mary's Primary School 08:06
Ardleigh, adj The Lion 08:07
Ardleigh Glebe Corner (E-bound) 08:07
Ardleigh, opp Home Farm Lane 08:08
Lawford, adj Bargate Lane 08:10
Lawford, opp Garden City 08:11
Lawford, opp Hungerdown Lane 08:12
Lawford, adj Church Hill 08:13
Lawford Place (o/s) 08:13
Lawford, opp Milton Road 08:13
Lawford, opp Waldegrave Way 08:14
Lawford, adj Edgefield Avenue 08:14
Manningtree School (N-bound) 08:15

School Days Only

Manningtree - Great Bromley - Alresford

Manningtree School (N-bound) 15:10
Lawford, opp Edgefield Avenue 15:10
Lawford, adj Waldegrave Way 15:10
Lawford, adj Milton Road 15:10
Lawford Place (opp) 15:11
Lawford, opp Church Hill 15:11
Lawford, adj Hungerdown Lane 15:12
Lawford, adj Garden City 15:13
Lawford, opp Bargate Lane 15:14
Ardleigh, adj Home Farm Lane 15:16
Ardleigh Glebe Corner (S-bound) 15:17
Ardleigh The Lion (near) 15:18
Ardleigh, opp St Mary's Primary School 15:18
Ardleigh, opp The Wooden Fender 15:19
Colchester, opp Clover Way 15:20
Colchester, adj Springvalley Lane 15:20
Colchester, opp Hyundai Garage 15:21
Colchester, adj Welshwood Park 15:23
Colchester, opp St John's Road 15:23
Colchester, adj Salary Close 15:25
Ardleigh, o/s Cherry Tree Farm 15:27
Ardleigh, opp Hall Rd 15:32
Great Bromley School (o/s) 15:35
Hare Green, o/s The Old Courthouse 15:38
Frating, adj Chapel Lane 15:39
Frating The Kings Arms (S-bound) 15:40
Frating, opp Haggars Lane 15:40
Frating Hill Park (adj) 15:41
Frating Hill, adj Church Road 15:42
Elmstead Market, o/s Beth Chatto Gdns 15:44
Elmstead Market (o/s) 15:45
Elmstead Market, opp Chapel Ln 15:45
Elmstead Market, opp Oatlands 15:45
Elmstead Market, opp Blossomwood Farm 15:46
Elmstead Market, o/s Park Farm 15:47
Colchester Road (adj) 15:47
Colchester, opp Wivenhoe Park 15:48
Wivenhoe, o/s The Flag 15:49
Wivenhoe, opp Heath Road 15:49
Wivenhoe Cross (S-bound) 15:49
Wivenhoe, opp Rosabelle Avenue 15:49
Wivenhoe, o/s Co-op 15:50
Wivenhoe Cemetery (N-bound) 15:50
Wivenhoe, opp Bowes Road 15:51
Wivenhoe, opp Villa Farm 15:52
Alresford, opp Marsh Farm Corner 15:53
Alresford Wivenhoe Road (E-bound) 15:54
Alresford, o/s The Pointer 15:55
Alresford Coach Road Corner (E-bound) 15:55
Alresford St Osyth Road (E-bound) 15:56
Alresford, o/s Brook Farm 15:57
Alresford Tenpenny Bridge (SE-bound) 15:58
Thorrington, opp Brightlingsea Road 16:00

School Days Only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 21 June 2024

Stephensons of Essex


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