73 - Clowne - Crystal Peaks

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Clowne - Crystal Peaks

Clowne, adj Tesco 07:1018:05
Clowne, adj Wilkinson 07:1018:05
Clowne, adj Recreation Close 07:1118:06
Clowne Barlborough Road (NW-bound) 07:1118:07
Clowne, adj Boughton Lane End 07:1218:07
Barlborough, opp Country Park 07:1318:08
Barlborough, adj Health Treatment Centre 07:1418:09
Barlborough Slayley View Road (NW-bound) 07:1518:11
Barlborough, opp De Rodes Arms 07:1818:13
Barlborough, opp War Memorial 07:1908:3118:14
Barlborough, adj West End 07:1908:3118:14
Barlborough, opp Dusty Miller 07:2008:3218:15
Barlborough, adj Wychwood House 07:2108:3318:15
Barlborough, adj Hollingwood View 07:2208:3418:16
Renishaw, adj Blacksmiths Arms 07:2308:3518:17
Renishaw, opp Emmett Carr Lane End 07:2408:3618:18
Renishaw, adj The Wynd 07:2508:3718:19
Renishaw Carrwood Road Reynard Crescent (W-bound) 07:2508:3718:19
Renishaw, opp Circular Drive 07:2608:3818:19
Renishaw Hague Lane (N-bound) 07:2608:3818:20
Renishaw, adj Hague Lane 07:2708:3918:20
Renishaw, opp Golf Club 07:2808:4118:22
Eckington, adj Business Centre 07:3108:4418:24
Eckington, adj Rectory Close 07:3208:4518:25
Eckington, adj Prince of Wales 07:3208:4518:25
Eckington Bus Station (Stand 4) 07:3308:4618:26
Eckington, opp Prince of Wales 07:3408:4618:26
Eckington, opp Rectory Close 07:3508:4718:27
Eckington, opp Pipworth Lane 07:3508:4818:28
Halfway, adj Rotherham Road/Hollow Lane 07:3708:4918:29
Halfway, nr Rotherham Road/Morton Mount 07:3808:5018:30
Halfway, at Eckington Way/Station Road 07:4008:5118:31
Waterthorpe, adj Eckington Way/Watkinson Gardens 07:4308:5418:34
Sothall, adj Eckington Way/Beckton Avenue 07:4408:5518:35
Waterthorpe Greenway/Peaks Mount (adj) 07:4508:5618:36
Crystal Peaks/CP1 (CP1) 07:4608:5718:37

Crystal Peaks - Clowne

Crystal Peaks/CP1 (CP1) 17:2618:40
Waterthorpe Greenway/Eckington Way (opp) 17:2718:41
Sothall, opp Eckington Way/Beckton Avenue 17:2918:43
Waterthorpe, opp Eckington Way/Watkinson Gardens 17:3018:44
Halfway, at Eckington Way/Station Road 17:3318:46
Halfway, opp Rotherham Road/Station Road 17:3418:46
Halfway, nr Rotherham Road/School Avenue 17:3418:47
Halfway, opp Rotherham Road/Sewell Road 17:3518:47
Eckington, adj Pipworth Lane 17:3818:49
Eckington, adj Rectory Close 17:3918:49
Eckington, adj Prince of Wales 17:3918:50
Eckington Bus Station (Stand 1) 17:4018:50
Eckington, opp Prince of Wales 17:4118:50
Eckington, opp Rectory Close 17:4118:51
Eckington, opp Business Centre 17:4218:52
Renishaw, adj Golf Club 17:4518:54
Renishaw, adj Sitwell Arms 17:4618:55
Renishaw Hague Lane (S-bound) 17:4718:56
Renishaw, adj Circular Drive 17:4718:56
Renishaw Carrwood Road Reynard Crescent (E-bound) 17:4818:57
Renishaw, opp The Wynd 17:4818:57
Renishaw, adj Emmett Carr Lane End 17:4918:58
Renishaw, opp Blacksmiths Arms 17:5018:59
Barlborough, opp Hollingwood View 17:5119:00
Barlborough, opp Wychwood House 17:5119:00
Barlborough, adj Dusty Miller 17:5219:01
Barlborough West End (E-bound) 17:5219:01
Barlborough, adj War Memorial 17:5319:02
Barlborough, adj De Rodes Arms 17:5319:02
Barlborough Slayley View Road (SE-bound) 17:5619:05
Barlborough, opp Health Treatment Centre 17:5819:07
Barlborough, adj Country Park 17:5819:07
Clowne, opp Boughton Lane End 17:5919:08
Clowne, opp Recreation Close 18:0019:09
Clowne, adj Nags Head 18:0119:10
Clowne, adj Tesco 18:0119:10

Timetable data from Stagecoach Yorkshire, 12 January 2023

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