737 - Bournemouth - Bournemouth Airport

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Bournemouth - Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Westover Road (NW-bound) 05:5006:35
Bournemouth Burlington Arcade (NE-bound) 05:5106:36
Bournemouth Horseshoe Common (E-bound) 05:5206:37
Bournemouth Wootton Gardens (E-bound) 05:5206:38
Lansdowne (NE-bound) 05:5306:39
Lansdowne Cotlands Road (NE-bound) 05:5406:40
Bournemouth Station (Stand 2) 05:5606:42
Meyrick Park Park Road (N-bound) 05:5706:43
Meyrick Park Beechey Road (NW-bound) 05:5706:43
Meyrick Park Cemetery Junction (NW-bound) 05:5806:44
Meyrick Park Cemetery Junction (NW-bound) 05:5906:45
Meyrick Park Stokewood Road (NW-bound) 05:5906:46
Meyrick Park East Avenue Roundabout (NW-bound) 06:0006:47
Winton Stirling Road (N-bound) 06:0106:48
Winton Banks (N-bound) 06:0206:49
Winton Wycliffe Road (N-bound) 06:0206:49
Winton Peters Hill (N-bound) 06:0306:50
Winton Library (N-bound) 06:0406:51
Moordown Brassey Road (N-bound) 06:0406:51
Moordown Ensbury Park Road (N-bound) 06:0506:52
Moordown Cowper Road (N-bound) 06:0606:53
Moordown Maclaren Road (NE-bound) 06:0606:53
Moordown Malvern Road (NE-bound) 06:0706:54
Moordown Linden Road (NE-bound) 06:0806:55
Moordown Westover Retail Park (N-bound) 06:0906:56
Muscliffe Portswood Drive (W-bound) 06:0906:56
Redhill Roundabout (W-bound) 06:0906:56
Redhill Headswell Avenue (NW-bound) 06:1006:57
Redhill Saxonhurst Road (W-bound) 06:1106:58
Northbourne Brierley Road (N-bound) 06:1206:59
Northbourne Kinson Park Road (NW-bound) 06:1307:00
West Parley Dudsbury Gardens (N-bound) 06:1407:02
West Parley Parley Cross Roads (N-bound) 06:1507:03
West Parley Church Lane (E-bound) 06:1607:05
East Parley Garden Centres (E-bound) 06:1707:07
East Parley Chapel Gate (E-bound) 06:1807:09
East Parley Loewy House (E-bound) 06:1907:10
East Parley NPAS Base (N-bound) 06:2007:11
East Parley Commercial Road (N-bound) 06:2107:12
East Parley AIM Building (W-bound) 06:2207:14
East Parley Commercial Road (S-bound) 06:2407:16
East Parley NPAS Base (S-bound) 06:2507:17
East Parley Loewy House (W-bound) 06:2607:18
East Parley Chapel Gate (W-bound) 06:2707:19
Hurn Adventure Wonderland (E-bound) 06:2907:21
Hurn Bournemouth Airport (N-bound) 06:3107:22

Bournemouth Airport - Bournemouth

Hurn Bournemouth Airport (N-bound) 13:3516:2018:00
Hurn Adventure Wonderland (W-bound) 13:3716:2218:01
East Parley Chapel Gate (E-bound) 13:3916:2518:03
East Parley Loewy House (E-bound) 13:4116:2618:04
East Parley NPAS Base (N-bound) 13:4216:2818:05
East Parley Commercial Road (N-bound) 13:4316:2918:06
East Parley AIM Building (W-bound) 13:4416:3218:08
East Parley Commercial Road (S-bound) 13:4616:3418:10
East Parley NPAS Base (S-bound) 13:4716:3518:11
East Parley Loewy House (W-bound) 13:4816:3618:12
East Parley Chapel Gate (W-bound) 13:4916:3718:13
East Parley Garden Centres (W-bound) 13:5016:3918:14
West Parley Church Lane (W-bound) 13:5116:4118:16
West Parley Parley Cross Roads (S-bound) 13:5216:4318:17
West Parley Dudsbury Gardens (S-bound) 13:5316:4418:18
Northbourne Kinson Park Road (SE-bound) 13:5416:4518:19
Northbourne Brierley Road (S-bound) 13:5616:4718:21
Redhill, opp Saxonhurst Road 13:5716:4818:22
Redhill, opp Headswell Avenue 13:5816:4918:23
Redhill Roundabout (SE-bound) 13:5916:5118:24
Moordown Westover Retail Park (S-bound) 14:0016:5218:25
Moordown Linden Road (S-bound) 14:0016:5318:26
Moordown Malvern Road (SW-bound) 14:0116:5418:27
Moordown Cowper Road (S-bound) 14:0316:5618:28
Moordown Ensbury Park Road (S-bound) 14:0416:5718:29
Moordown Brassey Road (S-bound) 14:0516:5818:30
Winton, opp Library 14:0616:5918:31
Winton Peters Hill (S-bound) 14:0717:0018:32
Winton Wycliffe Road (S-bound) 14:0817:0218:33
Winton Banks (S-bound) 14:0917:0318:34
Meyrick Park East Avenue Roundabout (S-bound) 14:1017:0418:35
Meyrick Park Stokewood Road (S-bound) 14:1117:0518:36
Meyrick Park Cemetery Junction (SE-bound) 14:1217:0618:37
Meyrick Park Milton Road (SE-bound) 14:1317:0718:37
Meyrick Park Beechey Road (SE-bound) 14:1417:0818:38
Meyrick Park Park Road (E-bound) 14:1517:0918:39
Bournemouth Station (Stand 5) 14:1617:1018:40
Lansdowne Cotlands Road (SW-bound) 14:1917:1318:42
Lansdowne (SW-bound) 14:2017:1418:44
Lansdowne Top of Bath Hill (NW-bound) 14:2217:1618:45
Bournemouth Westover Road (NW-bound) 14:2517:2018:49

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