74 - CTG Castlemilk circular - Toryglen

A bus service operated by Community Transport Glasgow


Toryglen Asda Car Park (in) 09:50then hourly until15:50
Toryglen, opp Aitkenhead Road 09:5015:50
Mount Florida, opp Hampden Park and Ride 09:5115:51
Mount Florida, before Kingswood Drive 09:5215:52
King’s Park, opp Hampden Park 09:5315:53
Kings Park Avenue (after) 09:5415:54
King’s Park, opp Woodgreen Avenue 09:5515:55
King’s Park, opp Church of Christ the King 09:5715:57
Castlemilk, opp Fetlar Drive 09:5715:57
Castlemilk, opp Seil Drive 09:5915:59
Castlemilk, after Croftfoot Road 09:5915:59
Castlemilk, before Glenacre Street 10:0016:00
Castlemilk, opp Downcraig Drive 10:0216:02
Castlemilk, opp Birgidale Road 10:0316:03
Castlemilk, at Sports Centre 10:0416:04
Castlemilk, before Shopping Centre 10:0516:05
Castlemilk, after Dougrie Drive 10:0616:06
Castlemilk, after Glenacre Drive 10:0616:06
Castlemilk, opp Machrie Road 10:0616:06
Castlemilk, after Cavin Road 10:0716:07
Castlemilk, at St Bartholomews School 10:0716:07
Castlemilk, opp Croftfoot Terrace 10:0816:08
Castlemilk, opp St Bartholomews Church 10:0916:09
Castlemilk, opp Croftfoot Crescent 10:1016:10
Castlemilk, after Croftfoot Drive 10:1016:10
Castlemilk, opp Ballantay Road 10:1216:12
Castlemilk, opp Hoddam Avenue 10:1216:12
Castlemilk, opp Hoddam Avenue 10:1316:13
Castlemilk, before Iris Avenue 10:1316:13
Castlemilk, after Ardencraig Street 10:1416:14
Castlemilk, at Miller Primary School 10:1416:14
Castlemilk, at Ardencraig Terrace 10:1516:15
Castlemilk, opp Glenwood Business Centre 10:1616:16
Castlemilk, opp Sports Centre 10:1716:17
Castlemilk, opp Dougrie Drive 10:1716:17
Castlemilk, before Birgidale Road 10:1816:18
Castlemilk, before Downcraig Drive 10:1816:18
Castlemilk, at St Margaret Marys Church 10:1916:19
Castlemilk, opp Dougrie Road 10:1916:19
Castlemilk, opp Glenacre Street 10:2016:20
Castlemilk, before Croftfoot Roundabout 10:2116:21
Castlemilk, before Seil Drive 10:2216:22
Castlemilk Fetlar Drive (near) 10:2216:22
King’s Park, at Church of Christ the King 10:2316:23
King’s Park, before Woodgreen Avenue 10:2416:24
Kings Park Avenue (before) 10:2516:25
King’s Park, before Hampden Park 10:2716:27
Mount Florida Hampden Park and Ride (Stop 1) 10:2816:28
Toryglen, at Asda Tory Glen 10:2916:29
Toryglen Asda Car Park (in) 10:3016:30

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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