741 - Southport - Penwortham All Hallows R.C.H.S

A bus service operated by Shane Nuttall

Southport - Penwortham All Hallows R.C.H.S

Crossens Fylde Road (Adjacent) 07:41
Crossens, opp Bridge Wills Lane 07:42
Crossens Water Lane (N-bound) 07:43
Banks, opp Rufford Drive 07:45
Banks, o/s Police Station 07:46
Banks, by Station Road 07:46
Banks, opp Schwartzman Drive 07:47
Banks, adj Church Road 07:48
Banks, adj Glebe Lane 07:48
Banks, opp Fleetwood Drive 07:48
Banks, opp Methodist School 07:48
Banks, by Smithy Corner 07:49
Banks, by Brookfields Farm 07:49
Banks, by New Lane Pace Nursery 07:49
Hundred End Lane (opp) 07:52
Hesketh Bank, by Chapel Road 07:55
Hesketh Bank, opp All Saints CEPS 07:55
Hesketh Bank, opp Poppyfields 07:56
Hesketh Bank, o/s All Saints Church 07:58
Becconsall, opp Rankin Avenue 07:58
Becconsall, by Booths Moss Lane 07:59
Becconsall, opp Fermor Road 08:00
Tarleton, opp Community Primary School 08:01
Tarleton, by Sutton Avenue 08:02
Tarleton, opp Kearsley Ave 08:03
Tarleton, opp Plox Brow 08:04
Tarleton, by Cock and Bottle 08:05
Tarleton, by Trinity Walks 08:05
Tarleton, by Southport New Road 08:05
Tarleton, opp Back Lane 08:06
Bretherton, by Toll Bar 08:07
Much Hoole, by Bangla Fusion 08:09
Much Hoole, adj Liverpool Old Road 08:10
Much Hoole, opp Smithy Inn 08:11
Much Hoole, by Village Hall 08:12
Much Hoole, by Burial Ground 08:14
Walmer Bridge, by Star Garage 08:16
Walmer Bridge Inn (opp) 08:19
Walmer Bridge, opp Junction Garage 08:20
Longton, by Hall Lane 08:21
Longton, opp Bentley Park Road 08:22
Longton, by Golden Ball 08:23
Longton, opp Black Bull 08:25
Longton, o/s Booths 08:25
Longton, o/s Library 08:26
Hutton, opp Birchwood Avenue 08:27
Hutton, by Skip Lane 08:28
Hutton, opp Grammar School 08:29
Hutton, by Anchor Drive 08:30
Hutton, opp Lindle Lane 08:30
Howick Cross, opp Howick CEPS 08:31
Howick Cross Lane (by) 08:32
Penwortham, by All Hallows RCHS 08:35

Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Penwortham All Hallows R.C.H.S - Southport

Penwortham, by All Hallows RCHS 15:10
Penwortham, by Central Drive 15:11
Howick Cross, by Howick CEPS 15:12
Hutton, by Lindle Lane 15:13
Hutton, opp Anchor Drive 15:14
Hutton, o/s Grammar School 15:14
Hutton, opp Skip Lane 15:15
Hutton, by Birchwood Avenue 15:15
Longton, o/s St Andrews Church 15:17
Longton, o/s Black Bull 15:18
Longton, opp Red Lion 15:18
Longton, by Bentley Park Road 15:20
Longton, opp Hall Lane 15:21
Walmer Bridge, by Junction Garage 15:22
Hall Carr, by Walmer Bridge Inn 15:24
Walmer Bridge, opp Star Garage 15:25
Much Hoole, by Marlfield 15:26
Much Hoole, by Barnfield 15:28
Much Hoole, o/s Smithy Inn 15:29
Much Hoole, by Liverpool Old Road 15:29
Much Hoole, o/s San Marcos 15:30
Bretherton, adj Toll Bar 15:32
Tarleton, adj Back Lane 15:34
Tarleton, adj Southport New Road 15:35
Tarleton, opp Trinity Walks 15:35
Tarleton, opp Cock and Bottle 15:36
Tarleton, by Fire Station 15:36
Tarleton, by Kearsley Ave 15:37
Tarleton, opp Sutton Avenue 15:38
Tarleton, by Community Primary School 15:39
Becconsall, by Fermor Road 15:40
Becconsall, opp Booths Moss Lane 15:41
Becconsall, by Rankin Avenue 15:42
Hesketh Bank, opp All Saints Church 15:43
Hesketh Bank, by Poppyfields 15:44
Hesketh Bank, opp Guide Road 15:45
Hesketh Bank, o/s All Saints CEPS 15:46
Hesketh Bank, by Chapel Rd 15:46
Hundred End Lane (by) 15:48
Banks, opp New Lane Pace Nursery 15:50
Banks, opp Brookfields Farm 15:50
Banks, opp Smithy Corner 15:51
Banks, o/s Methodist School 15:51
Banks, o/s Fleetwood Drive 15:51
Banks, opp Glebe Lane 15:51
Banks, by Church Road 15:51
Banks, by Schwartzman Drive 15:52
Banks, by Station Road 15:52
Banks, opp Police Station 15:53
Banks, by Rufford Drive 15:54
Crossens Water Lane (N-bound) 15:56
Crossens, adj Rufford Road 15:58
Crossens, opposite Fylde Road 15:58

Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 14 June 2024