743 - Loreto College - Heald Green

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Hulme Loreto College - Gatley Gatley Station

Hulme, opp Loreto College 15:54
Whalley Range Moss Lane East (Stop D) 16:11
Whalley Range, opp Selworthy Road 16:11
Alexandra Park, nr Claremont Road 16:12
Alexandra Park, opp Wellington Road 16:13
Alexandra Park, adj Demesne Road 16:14
Whalley Range, nr Brantingham Road 16:15
Chorlton, nr Alexandra Road South 16:16
Whalley Range, nr Springbridge Road 16:17
Fallowfield, nr Princess Road 16:18
Fallowfield, nr Lloyd Street South 16:18
Fallowfield, nr Nantwich Road 16:19
Fallowfield, nr Yew Tree Road 16:20
Fallowfield, nr Hart Road 16:21
Fallowfield, opp Wellington Road 16:22
Fallowfield Wilmslow Road (Stop C) 16:22
Fallowfield Friendship Inn (Stop F) 16:23
Fallowfield, opp Granville Road 16:24
Fallowfield Mauldeth Road (Stop C) 16:25
Withington Library (Stop E) 16:26
Withington St Paul's (Stop D) 16:27
The Christie (Stop F) 16:28
Withington, nr Ferndene Road 16:28
Withington, nr Old Broadway 16:29
Didsbury, adj Fog Lane 16:30
Didsbury, nr Belfield Road 16:31
Didsbury Library (Stop B) 16:31
Didsbury, nr Hesketh Avenue 16:33
Didsbury Palatine Road (Stop D) 16:34
Didsbury Palatine Road (Stop B) 16:34
Didsbury, nr Marie Louise Gardens 16:35
Didsbury, opp Friday's 16:37
Didsbury, o/s Withington Golf Club 16:37
Northenden, nr Riverside Park 16:39
Northenden Village (Stop D) 16:40
Northenden Church Inn (Stop F) 16:41
Northenden, nr Bucklow Drive 16:42
Gatley, nr Park Road 16:46
Gatley, nr Thornton Gate 16:46
Gatley Oakwood Avenue (Stop B) 16:47
Gatley, o/s Red Lion 16:48
Gatley, opp Hollyhedge Road 16:49
Gatley, nr Firs Road 16:51
Gatley, nr Styal Grove 16:51
Heald Green, nr Pymgate Lodge 16:52
Heald Green, nr Elmsleigh Road 16:54
Heald Green, nr Brown Lane 16:55
Heald Green Hotel (Stop B) 16:56
Heald Green Shops (o/s) 16:57
Heald Green, opp Ash Grove 16:59
Gatley Station (Stop F) 17:13

Heald Green Brown Lane - Hulme Loreto College

Heald Green, nr Brown Lane 07:28
Heald Green Hotel (Stop B) 07:32
Heald Green Shops (o/s) 07:34
Heald Green, opp Ash Grove 07:36
Heald Green St Ann's Road North (N-bound) 07:40
Gatley, nr The Kingsway School 07:47
Gatley War Memorial (Stop A) 07:52
Gatley Station (Stop F) 07:52
Gatley, nr Clifton Drive 07:53
Gatley, adj Park Road 07:53
Northenden, opp Bucklow Drive 07:55
Northenden, o/s Church Inn 07:55
Northenden Palatine Road (Stop E) 07:56
Northenden Village (Stop C) 07:56
Northenden, opp Riverside Park 07:57
Didsbury, opp Withington Golf Club 08:00
Didsbury, o/s Friday's 08:01
Didsbury, opp Marie Louise Gardens 08:02
Didsbury Palatine Road (Stop A) 08:03
Didsbury Palatine Road (Stop C) 08:03
Didsbury, opp Hesketh Avenue 08:04
Didsbury Library (Stop A) 08:04
Didsbury, opp Belfield Road 08:05
Didsbury, nr Fog Lane 08:07
Withington, nr Mayville Drive 08:08
Withington, nr Oak Road 08:10
The Christie (Stop E) 08:12
Withington St Paul's (Stop C) 08:13
Withington, nr Copson Street 08:16
Fallowfield, adj Mauldeth Road West 08:18
Fallowfield, nr Victoria Road 08:19
Fallowfield, opp Whitebrook Road 08:20
Fallowfield, opp Nantwich Road 08:23
Fallowfield, opp Lloyd Street South 08:24
Whalley Range, adj Princess Road 08:26
Whalley Range, opp Springbridge Road 08:28
Whalley Range, adj Wilbraham Road 08:29
Whalley Range, nr Hartley Hall 08:30
Whalley Range, adj Manley Road 08:31
Alexandra Park, nr Demesne Road 08:32
Alexandra Park, o/s St Bede's College 08:34
Alexandra Park, nr Range Road 08:34
Alexandra Park, opp Claremont Road 08:36
Whalley Range, nr Selworthy Road 08:38
Hulme Moss Lane West (Stop A) 08:39
Hulme, o/s Loreto College 08:40

Timetable data from Stagecoach Manchester, 28 September 2022

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