744 - Eccles - Loreto Sixth Form College

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Davyhulme Road East, Stretford - Bus Stop Closure

Bus stop SJ0087 on Davyhulme Road East at its junction with Chester Road is closed due to works taking place.

Customers should board or alight at stops before or after Haig Road.

Monday to Friday, Loreto College days

Eccles to Loreto Sixth Form College

Eccles Church Street (Stop J) 07:39
Eccles, opp Monks Hall Grove 07:40
Eccles, opp Half Edge Lane 07:41
Monton, opp Cavendish Road 07:43
Monton, nr Crawford Street 07:44
Monton Church (Stop B) 07:45
Winton, opp May Street 07:46
Winton, nr Trevor Road 07:47
Winton, adj Worsley Road 07:47
Winton, nr Gee Lane 07:48
Winton, opp Dover Street 07:49
Winton, nr Pollitts Close 07:50
Patricroft, opp South King Street 07:51
Patricroft Bridge (cnr) 07:52
Patricroft, opp Kirkman Avenue 07:53
Barton upon Irwell, nr Barton Bridge 07:54
Dumplington, nr Ellesmere Circle 07:57
The Trafford Centre, opp Old Park Lane 08:00
Croft’s Bank, opp Rivers Lane 08:02
Davyhulme, opp Exeter Road 08:03
Lostock, opp Hartford Road 08:04
Lostock, opp Moss Vale Hotel 08:05
Lostock Circle (nr) 08:06
Humphrey Park, nr Old Hall Road 08:07
Humphrey Park, o/s Lostock Shops 08:08
Humphrey Park, opp Chatsworth Road 08:09
Stretford, o/s The Melville 08:10
Stretford, adj Park Road 08:11
Stretford, opp Garden Avenue 08:12
Stretford, nr Ponsonby Road 08:13
Gorse Hill, nr Haig Road 08:14
Gorse Hill, nr Talbot Court 08:16
Gorse Hill Park (o/s) 08:17
Gorse Hill, opp Gorse Avenue 08:18
Firswood, at Greatstone Road 08:19
Firswood, adj Warwick Road South 08:20
Firswood Woodstock Road (Stop E) 08:21
Firswood, nr Skerton Road 08:22
Firswood, nr Seymour Grove 08:23
Firswood, opp Wood Road North 08:24
Firswood, adj St John's Road 08:25
Whalley Range, nr Upper Chorlton Road 08:26
Brook's Bar (adj) 08:27
Brooks Bar, nr Chorlton Road 08:28
Hulme Moss Lane West (Stop A) 08:29
Hulme, o/s Loreto College 08:30

Loreto Sixth Form College to Eccles

Hulme, opp Loreto College 16:15
Hulme Chichester Road (Stop C) 16:16
Brooks Bar, opp Chorlton Road 16:17
Brook's Bar (nr) 16:19
Whalley Range, adj Upper Chorlton Road 16:20
Firswood, nr St John's Road 16:21
Firswood, nr Wood Road North 16:22
Firswood, adj Seymour Grove 16:23
Firswood Warwick Road South (Stop F) 16:26
Firswood Greatstone Road 16:27
Gorse Hill Park (opp) 16:28
Gorse Hill, opp Talbot Court 16:29
Gorse Hill, opp Haig Road 16:31
Stretford, nr Garden Avenue 16:32
Stretford, opp Moss Road 16:33
Stretford, nr Park Road 16:34
Stretford, opp The Melville 16:35
Humphrey Park, nr Chatsworth Road 16:35
Humphrey Park, o/s Lostock Clinic 16:36
Humphrey Park, opp Old Hall Road 16:37
Lostock Circle (adj) 16:38
Lostock, o/s Moss Vale Hotel 16:39
Lostock, nr Hartford Road 16:39
Davyhulme, nr Exeter Road 16:40
Davyhulme Circle (Stop C) 16:41
Croft’s Bank, opp Kingsway Park 16:42
The Trafford Centre, nr Old Park Lane 16:43
Dumplington, nr Ellesmere Circle 16:44
Dumplington, adj Ellesmere Circle 16:45
Dumplington, nr All Saints Church 16:46
Barton upon Irwell, adj Barton Bridge 16:47
Patricroft, nr Kirkman Avenue 16:48
Patricroft Bridge (opp) 16:50
Patricroft, nr South King Street 16:51
Winton, opp Pollitts Close 16:52
Winton Library (opp) 16:53
Winton, nr Worsley Road 16:54
Winton, opp Trevor Road 16:55
Winton, nr May Street 16:56
Monton Church (Stop A) 16:56
Monton Green (Stop E) 16:57
Monton, nr Hawthorn Avenue 16:59
Monton, nr Cavendish Road 17:01
Eccles, nr Half Edge Lane 17:03
Eccles, nr Monks Hall Grove 17:06
Eccles Charles House (Stop K) 17:08

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/BEVC/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 11 April 2024

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