75 - Cambridge - Orwell - Wrestlingworth

A bus service operated by A2B Bus and Coach

Cambridge - Wrestlingworth

Cambridge Drummer St Bus Station (Bay 4) 10:3012:0014:0016:0017:45
Cambridge, opp Downing College 10:3212:0214:0216:0217:47
Cambridge Catholic Church (near) 10:3512:0514:0516:0517:49
Cambridge, o/s Leys School 10:3812:0814:0616:0617:51
Newnham, opp Causewayside 10:3912:0914:0616:0617:52
Newnham Grantchester Street (near) 10:4212:1214:0716:0617:54
Newnham, opp Grange Road 10:4412:1414:0916:0917:55
Newnham Grantchester Road (near) 10:4412:1414:0916:0917:55
Newnham, opp Gough Way 10:4512:1514:1016:1017:56
Barton, opp New Road 10:4712:1714:1216:1217:58
Barton, opp Holben Close 10:4912:1914:1416:1418:00
Barton Haslingfield Road (near) 10:4912:1914:1416:14s18:00s
Little Eversden The Wheatsheaf (near) 10:5412:2414:1916:19s18:05s
Harlton Eversden Road (o/s 36) 10:5512:2414:2016:20s18:06s
Harlton, opp Hare and Hounds 10:5512:2514:2016:20s18:06s
Harlton Haslingfield Road (o/s 29) 10:5512:2514:2016:20s18:06s
Haslingfield, opp Chapel Hill 10:5812:2814:2316:23s18:09s
Haslingfield, opp School 10:5812:2814:2316:23s18:09s
Haslingfield Fountain Lane (near) 10:5812:2814:2316:23s18:09s
Haslingfield, opp Recreation Ground 10:5812:2814:2316:23s18:09s
Haslingfield The Meadows (near) 10:5912:2914:2416:24s18:10s
Haslingfield Broad Lane (near) 10:5912:2914:2416:24s18:10s
Haslingfield, opp Chapel Hill 10:5912:2914:2416:24s18:10s
Barrington Glebe Road (o/s 1) 11:0612:3614:3116:31s18:17s
Barrington Slid Lane (near) 11:0712:3714:3216:32s18:18s
Barrington Mill Lane (near) 11:0812:3814:3316:33s18:19s
Barrington, opp Orwell Road 11:0812:3814:3316:33s18:19s
Orwell, opp Lordship Close 14:4016:40s18:26s
Orwell High Street (W-bound) 11:1312:43
Orwell, opp Chequers Close 14:4116:4118:27s
Orwell Cambridge Road (near) 11:1312:43
Orwell Chequers Close (near) 11:1412:44
Orwell Lordship Close (near) 11:1512:45
Wimpole Cambridge Road (o/s 35) 14:4418:30s
Wimpole Cambridge Road (o/s 106) 14:4618:32s
Arrington Whitehall Farm (near) 14:4718:33s
Arrington Ermine Way (o/s 75) 14:4818:34s
Arrington Church Lane (W-bound) 14:4818:34s
Croydon, opp The Queen Adelaide 14:5318:39s
Tadlow High Street (near) 18:45s
Wrestlingworth, opp Grange Farm 18:48s
Wrestlingworth, opp The Slade 18:50
When Long Road Sixth Form College NOT open
Stops beyond Barton only served to set down passengers already on board

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Wrestlingworth - Cambridge

Arrington Whitehall Farm (near) 14:47
Arrington Ermine Way (o/s 75) 14:48
Arrington Church Lane (W-bound) 14:48
Wrestlingworth, adj The Slade 06:45
Wrestlingworth, o/s Grange Farm 06:47
Tadlow, opp High Street 06:50
Croydon The Queen Adelaide (near) 06:5509:3214:53
Arrington Church Lane (E-bound) 07:0009:37
Arrington Ermine Way (opp 75) 07:0009:37
Arrington, opp Whitehall Farm 07:0109:38
Wimpole Cambridge Road (opp 106) 07:0209:3914:54
Wimpole Cambridge Road (opp 35) 07:0409:4114:56
Orwell Chequers Close (near) 07:0709:4414:59
Orwell Lordship Close (near) 07:0809:4511:1512:4515:00
Orwell High Street (E-bound) 07:0809:4511:1512:4515:00
Barrington West Green (near) 07:1009:4611:1612:4615:03
Barrington, opp Mill Lane 07:1109:4711:1712:4715:04
Barrington, opp Slid Lane 07:1109:4711:1712:4715:04
Barrington Glebe Road (o/s 1) 07:1309:4911:1912:4915:06
Haslingfield Chapel Hill (near) 07:2009:5511:2512:5515:12
Haslingfield, opp Broad Lane 07:2009:5511:2512:5515:12
Haslingfield Barton Road (near) 07:2009:5511:2512:5515:12
Haslingfield, opp The Meadows 07:2009:5511:2512:5515:12
Haslingfield Badcock Road (near) 07:2109:5611:2612:5615:13
Haslingfield, opp Fountain Lane 07:2109:5611:2612:5615:13
Haslingfield, o/s School 07:2109:5611:2612:5615:13
Haslingfield Chapel Hill (near) 07:2109:5611:2612:5615:13
Harlton, opp Haslingfield Road 07:2409:5911:2912:5915:16
Harlton, o/s Hare and Hounds 07:2409:5911:2912:5915:16
Harlton Eversden Road (o/s 55) 07:2510:0011:3013:0015:16
Harlton, opp The Wheatsheaf PH 07:2610:0111:3113:0115:17
Barton, opp Haslingfield Road 07:3810:0411:3413:0415:21
Barton Holben Close (near) 07:3910:0511:3513:0515:22
Barton New Road (near) 07:4110:0711:3713:0715:24
Newnham Gough Way (near) 07:4310:0911:3913:0915:26
Newnham, opp Grantchester Road 07:4310:0911:3913:0915:26
Newnham Grange Road (near) 10:1011:4013:1015:27
Newnham, opp Grantchester Street 10:1211:4213:1215:29
Newnham Causewayside (near) 10:1311:4313:1315:30
Cambridge Queens' College (near) 08:05
Cambridge, opp Leys School 10:1311:4313:1315:30
Cambridge St Andrew's Street (near) 08:12
Cambridge, opp Brookside 10:1411:4413:1415:31
Cambridge, o/s Downing College 10:1811:4813:1815:35
Cambridge Drummer St Bus Station (Bay 4) 10:2011:5013:2015:37
When Long Road Sixth Form College NOT open

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 21 June 2024

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