75 - Skipton - Malham

A bus service operated by Kirkby Lonsdale Coaches

Skipton to Malham

Skipton Bus Station Stand 2 (2) 09:4514:30
Skipton Belle Vue Mills (W-bound) 09:4614:31
Skipton Outside Rail Station (W-bound) 09:4814:33
Skipton Railway Station (N-bound) 09:4814:33
Skipton Fire Station (E-bound) 09:4914:34
Skipton Belle Vue Mills (E-bound) 09:4914:34
Skipton Market Place (N-bound) 09:5014:35
Skipton, adj Castle View Terrace 09:5014:35
Skipton Park Avenue (W-bound) 09:5114:36
Skipton Raikeswood (NW-bound) 09:5114:36
Skipton, opp Woodlands Drive 09:5214:37
Skipton, adj Craven College 09:5214:37
Stirton Lane End (NW-bound) 09:5314:38
Thorlby Lane End (NW-bound) 09:5514:40
Thorlby Highgate Farm (NW-bound) 09:5614:41
Gargrave Canal Bridge (NW-bound) 09:5714:42
Gargrave Lyndale Garage (W-bound) 09:5914:44
Gargrave Church Street (N-bound) 10:0014:45
Gargrave Lyndale Garage (E-bound) 10:0114:46
Gargrave Ray Bridge (NE-bound) 10:0314:48
Eshton Gardens Road (NW-bound) 10:0414:49
Eshton House (opp) 10:0614:51
Eshton Throstle Nest Farm le (SW-bound) 10:0714:52
Calton, opp Newfield Hall 10:1014:55
Calton, opp Newfield Hall Gates 10:1114:56
Airton The Manor House (E-bound) 10:1414:59
Scosthrop Mount View (N-bound) 10:1515:00
Scosthrop Skellands (N-bound) 10:1715:02
Scosthrop, opp Skellands 10:1815:03
Kirkby Malham Victoria Hotel (W-bound) 10:2015:05
Hanlith Kirkby Malham School (NE-bound) 10:2315:08
Malham The Buck Inn (N-bound) 10:2515:10
Water Houses Malham Tarn (E-bound) 10:4015:25
Water Houses Limestones (NW-bound) 10:4315:28
Langcliffe The Green (SW-bound) 10:5515:40
Settle, opp Watershed Mill 10:5615:41
Settle Bridge End (SE-bound) 10:5715:42
Settle Market Place (S-bound) 10:5815:43
Settle Station (E-bound) 10:5915:44
Settle Market Place (E-bound) 11:0015:45

Malham to Skipton

Settle Market Place (E-bound) 11:3515:55
Settle, adj Penyghent View 11:3615:56
Settle, adj Watershed Mill 11:3715:57
Langcliffe The Green (NE-bound) 11:4016:00
Water Houses, adj Malham Tarn 11:5516:15
Malham The Buck Inn (S-bound) 12:0516:25
Hanlith Kirkby Malham School (SW-bound) 12:1216:32
Kirkby Malham Post Box (S-bound) 12:1516:35
Scosthrop, adj Skellands 12:1716:37
Scosthrop Skellands (S-bound) 12:1816:38
Scosthrop Scosttop Manor (S-bound) 12:1916:39
Scosthrop Mount View (S-bound) 12:2116:41
Airton The Green (NE-bound) 12:2116:41
Calton, adj Newfield Hall Gates 12:2516:45
Calton, adj Newfield Hall 12:2616:46
Eshton Throstle Nest Farm le (SE-bound) 12:2716:47
Eshton House (adj) 12:2716:47
Eshton Lodge Cottage (SE-bound) 12:2816:48
Gargrave Ray Bridge (SW-bound) 12:3216:52
Gargrave Lyndale Garage (W-bound) 12:3416:54
Gargrave Church Street (N-bound) 12:3416:54
Gargrave, adj West Street 12:3516:55
Gargrave Lyndale Garage (E-bound) 12:3516:55
Gargrave Canal Bridge (SE-bound) 12:3716:57
Thorlby Highgate Farm (SE-bound) 12:3916:59
Thorlby Lane End (SE-bound) 12:4217:02
Stirton Lane End (SE-bound) 12:4417:04
Stirton, adj Skipton Bs 12:4517:05
Skipton, opp Craven College 12:4517:05
Skipton Woodlands Drive (E-bound) 12:4617:06
Skipton Girls High School (E-bound) 12:4617:06
Skipton Raikeswood (SE-bound) 12:4717:07
Skipton Park Avenue (E-bound) 12:4717:07
Skipton Market Place (S-bound) 12:4817:08
Skipton Belle Vue Mills (W-bound) 12:5017:10
Skipton Railway Station (N-bound) 12:5017:10
Skipton Fire Station (E-bound) 12:5217:12
Skipton Belle Vue Mills (E-bound) 12:5217:12
Skipton Bus Station Stand 2 (2) 12:5517:15

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