752 - Loreto Grammar School - East Didsbury

A bus service operated by Belle Vue Coaches


Monday to Friday, Trafford school days

East Didsbury - Loreto Grammar School

Cheadle Heath, at Farmers Arms 07:09
Cheadle Heath, nr Boundary Bridge 07:10
Cheadle, nr Councillor Lane 07:12
Cheadle, opp Red Lion 07:12
Cheadle George & Dragon (Stop E) 07:13
Cheadle Warwick Mall (Stop C) 07:14
Cheadle Post Office (opp) 07:15
Cheadle, nr Depleach Road 07:15
Cheadle, by Broadway 07:16
Cheadle, opp Schools Hill 07:16
Cheadle, at Golf Course 07:18
Cheadle & Marple College (opp) 07:19
Cheadle Hulme, opp The Kenilworth 07:19
Cheadle Hulme Queen's Road (SE-bound) 07:21
Cheadle Hulme Station Road (Stop C) 07:23
Cheadle Hulme, opp Cheadle Road 07:23
Cheadle Hulme, nr Gourham Drive 07:24
Cheadle Hulme, nr Bankfield Road 07:25
Cheadle Hulme, opp Conway Road 07:26
Cheadle Hulme, nr Bruntwood Lane 07:28
Heald Green, nr Wilmslow Road 07:29
Heald Green, o/s The Griffin 07:30
Heald Green, adj St Ann's Road 07:32
Heald Green, nr Queensway 07:34
Heald Green Shops (opp) 07:35
Heald Green Hotel (Stop A) 07:35
Peel Hall, nr Styal Road 07:36
Peel Hall, o/s Atlas Business Centre 07:37
Peel Hall Shadow Moss Road (Stop F) 07:38
Peel Hall Simonsway (Stop C) 07:39
Peel Hall, o/s The Tudor 07:40
Peel Hall, nr Shone Avenue 07:40
Peel Hall, nr Leominster Drive 07:41
Peel Hall, opp Upavon Road 07:43
Wythenshawe, nr Longwood Road 07:43
Wythenshawe Crossacres Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 07:44
Wythenshawe, nr Woodend Road 07:45
Benchill Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 07:46
Benchill Hollyhedge Road (Stop H) 07:46
Benchill, nr Broadoak Road 07:48
Newall Green Highdales Road (Stop C) 07:49
Newall Green Martinscroft Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 07:50
Baguley Ledson Road (Stop B) 07:52
Baguley Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 07:53
Baguley Lidl (Stop E) 07:54
Baguley Tesco (Stop A) 07:55
Brooklands, opp Ferndown Road 07:57
Brooklands, nr Shady Lane 07:58
Timperley Shaftesbury Avenue (SW-bound) 07:59
Timperley, nr Hare and Hounds 08:06
Timperley, o/s The Old Hall 08:07
Altrincham, o/s Sainsbury's 08:15
Altrincham, nr Lloyd Street 08:16
Altrincham, nr St John's Road 08:17
Bowdon, nr St Margaret's Road 08:20
Bowdon St Margarets Road (N-bound) 08:21
John Leigh Park, o/s Loreto Grammar School 08:25


Rosehill, nr Stamford Road 15:32
Rosehill, o/s Bowden Prepatory School 15:35
Bowdon, nr St Margaret's Road 15:45
John Leigh Park, o/s Loreto Grammar School 15:55
Altrincham, o/s Cresta Court Hotel 15:58
Timperley, opp The Old Hall 16:01
Timperley Shaftesbury Avenue (NE-bound) 16:06
Brooklands, opp Shady Lane 16:09
Baguley Southmoor Road (Stop D) 16:13
Baguley Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 16:15
Baguley Southmoor Road (Stop A) 16:15
Newall Green Martinscroft Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 16:18
Newall Green Wendon Road (Stop D) 16:19
Benchill, adj Broadoak Road 16:21
Benchill, nr Hollyhedge Road 16:23
Benchill Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 16:24
Wythenshawe Woodend Road (Stop D) 16:24
Wythenshawe Crossacres Road (Stop B) 16:26
Wythenshawe, o/s Conservative Club 16:27
Peel Hall, nr Upavon Road 16:29
Peel Hall, nr Bleak Hey Road 16:30
Peel Hall, opp Shone Avenue 16:30
Peel Hall, opp The Tudor 16:31
Peel Hall Road (Stop D) 16:31
Peel Hall Shadow Moss Road (Stop E) 16:32
Peel Hall, opp Atlas Business Centre 16:33
Heald Green Hotel (Stop B) 16:35
Heald Green Shops (o/s) 16:35
Heald Green, opp Queensway 16:36
Heald Green, opp Ash Grove 16:37
Heald Green, opp St Ann's Road 16:38
Heald Green, opp The Griffin 16:39
Heald Green, adj A34 Bridge 16:40
Cheadle Hulme, opp Chedlee Drive 16:41
Cheadle Hulme, nr Conway Road 16:42
Cheadle Hulme, opp Bankfield Road 16:42
Cheadle Hulme, at Fire Station 16:44
Cheadle Hulme, nr Cheadle Road 16:45
Cheadle & Marple College (at) 16:50
Cheadle, nr Valley Road 16:52
Cheadle, nr Schools Hill 16:53
Cheadle, nr Broadway 16:55
Cheadle Post Office (nr) 16:56
Cheadle Boots (Stop B) 16:56
Cheadle Stockport Road (Stop D) 16:57
Cheadle, o/s Red Lion 16:57
Cheadle, opp Councillor Lane 16:58
Cheadle Heath, opp Parkway 17:00
Cheadle Heath, opp Farmers Arms 17:01

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