757 - Stocksbridge - Bradfield School

A bus service operated by Cawthorne's Travel

Monday to Friday

Bradfield School - Stocksbridge

Worrall, at Bradfield School/Kirk Edge Road 15:05
Worrall, adj Haggstones Road/Kirk Edge Road 15:06
Worrall, adj Haggstones Road/Walshaw Road 15:07
Worrall, adj Haggstones Road/Boggard Lane 15:07
Oughtibridge, adj Haggstones Road/Haggstones Drive 15:08
Oughtibridge, opp Haggstones Road/Naylor Road 15:09
Oughtibridge, nr Haggstones Road/Burton Lane 15:09
Oughtibridge, opp Church Street/Naylor Road 15:09
Oughtibridge, adj Church Street/Brook Lane 15:10
Oughtibridge, nr Church Street/Church Close 15:10
Oughtibridge, adj Langsett Road North/Millennium Green 15:11
Oughtibridge, adj Langsett Road North/Cockshutts Lane 15:12
Wharncliffe Side, at Main Road/Langsett Road North 15:14
Wharncliffe Side, adj Main Road/Green Lane 15:15
Wharncliffe Side, adj Main Road/Brightholmlee Lane 15:17
Wharncliffe Side, adj Manchester Road/More Hall Lane 15:18
Deepcar, adj Manchester Road/Bitholmes Lane 15:20
Deepcar, at Manchester Road/Bitholmes Lane 15:20
Deepcar, opp Manchester Road/Carr Road 15:21
Deepcar, opp Manchester Road/Vaughton Hill 15:21
Deepcar, adj Manchester Road/Carr Road 15:22
Deepcar, at Manchester Road/St Johns Road 15:22
Deepcar, adj Manchester Road/Haywood Lane 15:22
Deepcar, at Manchester Road/Haywood Lane 15:22
Deepcar, adj Manchester Road/New Street 15:23
Deepcar, nr Manchester Road/Ashfield Road 15:23
Stocksbridge, adj Manchester Road/New Road 15:24
Stocksbridge, adj Manchester Road/Nanny Hill 15:24
Stocksbridge, opp Manchester Road/Fox Valley Way 15:24
Stocksbridge, adj Manchester Road/Johnson Street 15:25

School Days Only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

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