765 - Grenoside - Bradfield School via Wadsley Bridge, Middlewood, Oughtibridge

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


Grenoside - Wadsley Bridge, Middlewood, Oughtibridge - Bradfield School
Grenoside - Worrall

Parson Cross, at Creswick Lane/School Driveway 07:18
Wadsley, adj Worrall Road/Langsett Avenue 08:04
Grenoside, adj Wheel Lane/Creswick Lane 07:20
Middlewood, opp Langsett Avenue/Don Avenue 08:09
Grenoside, opp Wheel Lane/Greenfolds Road 07:21
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Blacksmith Lane 07:22
Grenoside, adj Norfolk Hill/Penistone Road 07:23
Grenoside, opp Norfolk Hill/The Frostings 07:24
Grenoside, adj Main Street/Norfolk Hill 07:25
Grenoside, opp Main Street/Vicarage Road 07:25
Grenoside, nr Main Street/Salt Box Lane 07:27
Fox Hill Road/Cowper Avenue (adj) 07:28
Fox Hill Road/Edge Lane (opp) 07:29
Fox Hill Road/Wilcox Road (adj) 07:30
Fox Hill Road/Browning Road (adj) 07:31
Fox Hill Road/Fox Hill Crescent (opp) 07:32
Fox Hill Road/Parson Cross Road (adj) 07:33
Fox Hill Road/Baxter Drive (nr) 07:34
Wadsley Bridge, adj Fox Hill Road/Trafalgar Road 07:35
Wadsley Bridge, nr Penistone Road North/Wardsend Road North 07:36
Wadsley Bridge, opp Penistone Road North/Carwell Lane 07:36
Hillsborough, adj Leppings Lane/Leake Road 07:38
Hillsborough, adj Leppings Lane/Vere Road 07:39
Middlewood Road/Marion Road (adj) 07:42
Middlewood Road/Langsett Avenue (adj) 07:43
Middlewood Road/Winn Gardens (opp) 07:4508:10
Middlewood Road North/Stockarth Lane (adj) 07:4708:12
Middlewood Road North/None (opp) 07:4708:12
Oughtibridge, adj Langsett Road South/Birch House Avenue 07:5108:16
Oughtibridge, adj Langsett Road South/Holmesfield Road 07:5208:17
Oughtibridge, adj Church Street/Glossop Row 07:5308:18
Oughtibridge, opp Church Street/Brook Lane 07:5408:19
Oughtibridge, adj Church Street/Naylor Road 07:5508:20
Oughtibridge, adj Haggstones Road/Naylor Road 07:5508:20
Oughtibridge, adj Haggstones Road/Birks Wood Drive 07:5608:21
Worrall, opp Haggstones Road/Boggard Lane 07:5708:22
Worrall, adj Haggstones Road/Mowson Lane 07:5808:23
Worrall, opp Haggstones Road/Towngate Road 07:5808:23
Worrall, at Bradfield School/Kirk Edge Road 08:0008:25

Bradfield School - Wadsley Bridge, Middlewood, Oughtibridge - Grenoside
Worrall - Grenoside

Worrall, at Bradfield School/Kirk Edge Road 14:4714:47
Worrall, adj Haggstones Road/Kirk Edge Road 15:0615:0615:06
Worrall, adj Haggstones Road/Walshaw Road 15:0715:0715:07
Worrall, adj Haggstones Road/Boggard Lane 15:0815:0815:08
Oughtibridge, adj Haggstones Road/Haggstones Drive 15:0815:0915:09
Oughtibridge, opp Haggstones Road/Naylor Road 15:0915:1015:10
Oughtibridge, nr Haggstones Road/Burton Lane 15:0915:1015:10
Oughtibridge, opp Church Street/Naylor Road 15:0915:1015:10
Oughtibridge, adj Church Street/Brook Lane 15:1015:1115:11
Oughtibridge, nr Church Street/Church Close 15:1015:1115:11
Oughtibridge, adj Low Road/Station Lane 15:1115:1215:12
Oughtibridge, opp Langsett Road South/Birch House Avenue 15:1215:1415:14
Oughtibridge, opp Langsett Road South/Bertram Road 15:1215:1415:14
Middlewood Road North/Stockarth Lane (adj) 15:1515:1715:17
Middlewood Road North/Stockarth Lane (opp) 15:1515:1815:18
Middlewood Road/Winn Gardens (adj) 15:1715:2015:20
Middlewood Road/Langsett Avenue (opp) 15:1715:2015:20
Middlewood Road/Marion Road (opp) 15:1815:2115:21
Hillsborough, adj Middlewood Road/Catch Bar Lane 15:20
Hillsborough, opp Leppings Lane/Eskdale Road 15:2415:24
Hillsborough, nr Middlewood Road/Shepperson Road 15:21
Hillsborough, adj Leppings Lane/Farndale Road 15:2515:25
Hillsborough, opp Middlewood Road/Leader Road 15:22
Wadsley Bridge, at Penistone Road North/Clay Wheels Lane 15:2615:26
Hillsborough, opp Middlewood Road/Dykes Hall Road 15:23
Wadsley Bridge, nr Fox Hill Road/Halifax Road 15:2715:27
Hillsborough Interchange/H4 (H4) 15:24
Fox Hill Road/Baxter Drive (adj) 15:2815:28
Fox Hill Road/Birley Rise Road (opp) 15:2915:29
Fox Hill Road/Camborne Close (Adj) 15:3015:30
Fox Hill Road/Browning Road (opp) 15:3015:30
Fox Hill Road/Fox Hill Crescent (Adj) 15:3115:31
Fox Hill Road/Edge Lane (adj) 15:3215:32
Fox Hill Road/Cowper Avenue (opp) 15:3315:33
Grenoside, opp Main Street/Salt Box Lane 15:3515:35
Grenoside, adj Main Street/Vicarage Road 15:3615:36
Grenoside, opp Main Street/Norfolk Hill 15:3715:37
Grenoside, adj Norfolk Hill/The Frostings 15:3815:38
Grenoside, at School Lane/Penistone Road 15:3915:39
Grenoside, adj Wheel Lane/Grenfolds Road 15:4115:41
Grenoside, opp Wheel Lane/Creswick Lane 15:4215:42
Parson Cross, opp Creswick Lane/Creswick Greave 15:4415:44
Parson Cross, adj Yew Lane/Creswick Lane 15:4515:45
Parson Cross, opp Yew Lane/Dugdale Road 15:4615:46
Parson Cross, adj Yew Lane/Coppin Square 15:4715:47
Ecclesfield, adj Yew Lane/Stocks Hill 15:4915:49

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