767 - Tamworth Town Centre Corporation St - Nuneaton Bus Station C3

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Midlands

Tamworth Town Centre Corporation St - Nuneaton Bus Station C3

Tamworth Corporation St (Stand O) 04:5305:2317:58
Tamworth, adj New Street 04:5405:2417:59
The Leys, opp Fire Station 04:5505:2518:00
Ventura Park, opp McDonalds Restaurant 04:5905:2918:04
Dordon, nr M42 junction 10 05:0705:3618:11
Dordon, adj Birch Coppice Business Park 05:0805:3718:12
Dordon, adj Euro Car Parts 05:0905:3818:13
Dordon, adj Ocado 05:1005:4018:15
Dordon, opp Euro Car Parts 05:1105:4118:19
Dordon, adj Birch Coppice Business Park 05:1205:4218:21
Dordon, opp Long Street 05:1405:4418:23
Dordon, adj Esso Garage 05:1505:4518:24
Grendon, adj Swan Farm 05:1605:4618:25
Grendon, adj Post Office 05:1705:4718:26
Grendon, adj Riddings Farm 05:1805:4818:27
Atherstone, adj Green Lane 05:1805:4818:27
Atherstone, adj Holly Lane 05:2105:5118:30
Atherstone, opp Railway Station 05:2205:5218:31
Atherstone, adj Bus Station 05:2305:5318:32
Atherstone, adj New Dolphin Inn 05:2405:5418:33
Atherstone, opp Convent Lane 05:2505:5518:34
Mancetter, adj Queen Elizabeth School 05:2605:5618:35
Mancetter Witherley Road (Jcn) 05:2605:5618:35
Mancetter, opp Post Office 05:2705:5718:36
Mancetter, adj Green 05:2705:5718:36
Mancetter, nr Mill Lane 05:2805:5818:37
Mancetter, adj Dobbies 05:2905:5918:38
Hartshill, adj Nuneaton Road 05:3006:0018:39
Hartshill Wharf (Adj) 05:3006:0018:39
Hartshill, adj Nuneaton Road 05:3106:0118:40
Hartshill, nr Castle View 05:3206:0218:41
Hartshill, adj Charity Farm 05:3206:0218:41
Hartshill, opp Post Office 05:3306:0318:42
Hartshill School (Adj) 05:3306:0318:42
Hartshill, adj Recreation Ground 05:3406:0418:43
Nuneaton Victoria Road (Jcn) 05:3506:0518:44
Nuneaton, opp St Annes RC Church 05:3606:0618:45
Nuneaton, opp Drayton Way 05:37
Nuneaton, opp Craddock Drive 06:0718:46
Camp Hill, nr Green Lane 05:37
Nuneaton, opp Camp Hill Drive 06:0818:47
Camp Hill, opp Ramsden Avenue 05:38
Nuneaton, adj Mancetter Road 06:0818:47
Camp Hill, opp Beechwood Road 05:39
Nuneaton, opp Walnut Close 06:0918:48
Camp Hill, opp Laburnum Grove 05:39
Nuneaton, opp Holly Stitches Road 06:1018:49
Camp Hill, opp Chestnut Crescent 05:40
Nuneaton, opp The Hedgerows 06:1118:50
Nuneaton, nr Tryan Road 05:43
Nuneaton, opp Stanley Road 06:1418:53
Nuneaton, nr Ford Street 05:43
Nuneaton, adj Aston Road 06:1518:54
Nuneaton, opp Ford Street 05:44
Nuneaton, adj Newtown Road 06:1618:55
Nuneaton, adj Barpool Road 05:45
Nuneaton, nr Croft Road 05:46
Nuneaton, adj York Strteet 05:47
Nuneaton, opp Richmond Road 05:48
Nuneaton, adj High Street 05:49
Nuneaton, opp Gala Bingo 05:50
Nuneaton Bus Station (Stand C3) 05:5206:1818:57

Nuneaton Bus Station C3 - Tamworth Town Centre Corporation St

Nuneaton Bus Station (Stand C3) 03:2604:2304:4305:4306:2817:54
Nuneaton, opp Fire Station 03:2704:2404:4405:4406:2917:55
Nuneaton, adj Manor Court Road 04:2517:56
Nuneaton, adj Stanley Road 04:2617:57
Nuneaton, adj Arrow Road 04:2817:59
Nuneaton, adj Queen Elizabeth Road 04:2817:59
Nuneaton, adj Holly Stitches Road 04:2918:00
Nuneaton, adj Walnut Close 04:2918:00
Nuneaton, nr Tuttle Hill 04:3018:01
Nuneaton, opp Arlon Avenue 04:3118:02
Nuneaton, adj Gala Bingo 03:2804:4505:4506:30
Nuneaton, nr Edward Street 03:2904:4605:4606:31
Nuneaton, adj Richmond Road 03:3004:4705:4706:32
Nuneaton, opp York Street 03:3104:4805:4806:33
Nuneaton Croft Road (Jcn) 03:3204:4905:4906:34
Nuneaton, adj Granby Road 03:3204:4905:4906:34
Nuneaton, adj Ford Street 03:3504:5205:5206:37
Nuneaton, nr Ford Street 03:3504:5205:5206:37
Nuneaton, nr Tryan Road 03:3504:5205:5206:37
Camp Hill, adj Pear Tree Avenue 03:3804:5505:5506:40
Camp Hill, adj Laburnum Grove 03:3904:5605:5606:41
Camp Hill, adj Beechwood Road 03:3904:5605:5606:41
Camp Hill, opp Ramsden Avenue 03:4004:5705:5706:42
Camp Hill, adj Tudor Road 03:4004:5705:5706:42
Camp Hill, nr Green Lane 03:4104:5805:5806:43
Nuneaton, adj Drayton Way 03:4104:5805:5806:43
Nuneaton, adj Craddock Drive 03:4204:3204:5905:5906:4418:03
Nuneaton, adj St Annes RC Church 03:4204:3204:5905:5906:4418:03
Nuneaton Victoria Road (Jcn) 03:4304:3305:0006:0006:4518:04
Chapel End, adj Supermarket 03:4404:3405:0106:0106:4618:05
Hartshill, adj Post Office 03:4504:3505:0206:0206:4718:06
Hartshill, adj Michael Drayton Junior School 03:4604:3605:0306:0306:4818:07
Hartshill, opp Oldbury View 03:4704:3705:0406:0406:4918:08
Hartshill, adj Green 03:4804:3805:0506:0506:5018:09
Hartshill Wharf (Opp) 03:4904:3905:0606:0606:5118:10
Hartshill, opp Nuneaton Road 03:5004:4005:0706:0706:5218:11
Mancetter, opp Dobbies 03:5104:4105:0806:0806:5318:12
Mancetter, nr Quarry Lane 03:5304:4305:1006:1006:5518:14
Mancetter, adj Church 03:5404:4405:1106:1106:5618:15
Mancetter, adj Post Office 03:5404:4405:1106:1106:5618:16
Mancetter Witherley Road (Jcn) 03:5504:4505:1206:1206:5718:17
Mancetter, opp Queen Elizabeth School 03:5604:4605:1306:1306:5818:18
Atherstone, adj Convent Lane 03:5604:4605:1306:1306:5818:19
Atherstone, opp New Dolphin Inn 03:5704:4705:1406:1406:5918:20
Atherstone, opp Woolpack Way 03:5704:4705:1406:1406:5918:21
Atherstone, adj Bus Station 03:5804:4805:1506:1507:0018:22
Atherstone, adj Railway Station 03:5904:4905:1606:1607:0118:23
Atherstone, adj Merevale Lane 04:0004:4905:1706:1707:0218:23
Atherstone, adj Waste Lane 04:0104:5105:1806:1807:0318:25
Grendon, opp Green Lane 04:0204:5205:1906:1907:0418:26
Grendon, adj Riddings Farm 04:0304:5205:2006:2007:0518:26
Grendon, adj Boot Inn 04:0304:5305:2106:2107:0618:27
Grendon, opp Penmire Road 05:2106:2107:06
Grendon, adj Riddings Lane 05:2206:2207:07
Grendon, adj Carts Lane 05:2306:2307:08
Baddesley Ensor, adj The Riddings 05:2406:2407:09
Baddesley Ensor, adj Keys Hill 05:2506:2507:10
Baddesley Ensor, opp Hunters Park 05:2606:2607:11
Baddesley Ensor Social Club (Adj) 05:2706:2707:12
Baddesley Ensor, nr Keys Hill 05:2806:2807:13
Baddesley Ensor, opp Church Row 05:2806:2807:13
Baddesley Ensor, adj New Street 05:2906:2907:14
Baddesley Ensor, adj Hill Top 05:3006:3007:15
Grendon, adj St Nicholas Estate 05:3106:3107:16
Grendon St Nicholas Estate 05:3106:3107:16
Grendon, adj St Nicholas Estate 05:3106:3107:16
Grendon, adj The Crescent 05:3206:3207:17
Grendon, adj Penmire Road 05:3306:3307:18
Grendon, opp Swan Farm 04:0404:5405:3406:3407:1918:28
Dordon, adj Texaco Garage 04:0504:5505:3506:3507:2018:29
Dordon, opp New Street 04:0604:5605:3606:3607:2118:30
Dordon, adj Hall End Business Park 04:0704:5605:3606:3607:2218:30
Dordon, adj Birch Coppice Business Park 04:0804:5705:3706:3707:2318:31
Dordon, adj Euro Car Parts 04:0904:5805:3806:3807:2418:32
Dordon, adj Ocado 04:1005:0006:4007:2518:34
Dordon, adj Ocado 04:1205:4019:22
Dordon, opp Euro Car Parts 04:1305:0605:4106:4118:3719:23
Dordon, adj Birch Coppice Business Park 04:1405:0705:4206:4218:3819:24
Ventura Park, adj Mcdonalds Restaurant 05:1506:5118:4719:33
The Leys, adj Fire Station 05:1906:5518:5119:37
Tamworth, opp New Street 05:2006:5618:5219:38
Dordon, opp Long Street 04:1605:44
Dordon Congregational Church (Adj) 04:1605:44
Dordon, opp Surgery 04:1705:45
Dordon, adj Cuckoos Rest 04:1705:45
Dordon, adj Cross Walk 04:1705:45
Dordon, adj Birchwood Primary School 04:1805:46
Dordon, adj Polesworth School 04:1805:46
Polesworth, adj The Gullet 04:1905:47
Polesworth, adj Fire Station 04:1905:47
Polesworth, adj Hermitage Close 04:2005:48
Polesworth, adj Sports Ground 04:2205:50
Stonydelph, adj Pennine Way 04:2505:53
Stonydelph, nr Sandy Way 04:2605:54
Glascote Heath, opp Mercian Way 04:2605:54
Glascote Heath, adj Glascote Primary Academy 04:2705:55
Glascote Heath, adj Marlborough Way 04:2705:55
Glascote, adj Camden Drive 04:2805:56
Glascote, opp Dolphin Inn 04:2905:57
Bolehall, adj Basin Lane 04:3005:58
Kettlebrook Road (nr) 04:3005:58
Tamworth, opp Aldi Store 04:3105:59
Tamworth, opp Rail Station 04:3206:00
Tamworth, adj Morrisions Store 04:3206:00
Tamworth, adj Bus Garage 04:3306:01
Tamworth Corporation St (Stand O) 04:3305:2106:0106:5718:5319:39

Timetable data from Stagecoach Midlands, 22 June 2024

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