777 - Milkwall - Parkend - Bream - Lydney - Naas Lane - Lydney - Railway Station - Lydney

A bus service operated by Forest Community Transport


Monday to Friday

Edenwall - Bus Station arrivals

Palmers Flat, in Edenwall 09:45
Milkwall, by Gorsty Knoll 09:47
Milkwall, o/s Bus Garage 09:48
Milkwall, after St James Caravan Park 09:48
Ellwood Cross (before) 09:48
Ellwood Cross (by) 09:48
Fetter Hill, opp Smiths Hill 09:49
Parkend, by Arthur's Folly 09:50
Parkend, by Nagshead Nature Reserve 09:50
Parkend, opp Whitemead Park 09:50
Parkend, by Memorial Hall 09:51
Parkend, opp The Green 09:53
Parkend, by Garage 09:53
Parkend, by The Fountain 09:55
Parkend, by Whitemead Park 09:57
Parkend, opp Nagshead Nature Reserve 09:58
Parkend, opp The Pike House 10:01
Bream, after Bowson Road Junction 10:05
Bream Bowson Square (corner of) 10:06
Bream, opp Hang Hill Road 10:07
Bream, nr Community Centre 10:08
Bream, opp School 10:09
Bream Sun Rise Road (corner of) 10:10
Bream, o/s Oakwood Mill 10:11
Clements End, on Elwall Farm Turn 10:13
Clements End, opp Bronllys 10:14
Sling, after Montague Inn 10:15
Sling, opp Marsh Way 10:16
Sling, o/s Club 10:16
Sling, after Clays Road 10:16
Sling, by Orepool Inn 10:17
Trow Green, by Pike Cottage 10:18
Trow Green, by Noxon Farm 10:19
Bream New Road (corner of) 10:22
Bream, o/s Court Farm 10:22
Bream, by St James Church 10:22
Bream Maypole Road (corner of) 10:23
Lydney Hospital (by) 10:30
Lydney, after The Orchards 10:31
Lydney, by Forest Parade Shops 10:31
Lydney, in Bus Station 10:33
Lydney, opp Community Centre 10:34
Lydney, opp Jubilee Road 10:35
Lydney, nr Naas Lane 10:36
Lydney, by Shops 10:37
Lydney, before Ridler Road 10:38
Lydney, opp Lakeside Drive 10:40
Lydney, opp Par Four Estate 10:43
Allaston, nr Severn Heights 10:48
Lydney, before Kimberley Drive 10:49
Lydney, in Bus Station 10:50
Lydney, by Tesco 10:53
Lydney, opp Town Hall 10:53
Lydney, opp The Dean Academy 10:54
Lydney, by St Mary's Church 10:54
Lydney, opp Cemetery 10:54
Lydney, by Dean Forest Railway Station 10:56
Lydney, in Railway Station 10:57
Lydney, by Cemetery 11:04
Lydney, opp St Mary's Church 11:04
Lydney, by The Dean Academy 11:05
Lydney, o/s Town Hall 11:05
Lydney, opp Tesco 11:06
Lydney, by Forest Parade Shops 11:07
Lydney Bus Station (Arrivals) 11:10
Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

Bus Station arrivals - Edenwall

Lydney, in Bus Station 12:45
Lydney, opp Community Centre 12:46
Lydney, opp Jubilee Road 12:47
Lydney, nr Naas Lane 12:48
Lydney, by Shops 12:49
Lydney, before Ridler Road 12:50
Lydney, opp Lakeside Drive 12:52
Lydney, opp Par Four Estate 12:55
Allaston, nr Severn Heights 13:00
Lydney, before Kimberley Drive 13:01
Lydney, opp Orchard Road 13:01
Lydney, opp The Highland Court 13:01
Lydney, in Bus Station 13:02
Lydney, by Tesco 13:04
Lydney, opp Town Hall 13:04
Lydney, opp The Dean Academy 13:04
Lydney, by St Mary's Church 13:05
Lydney, opp Cemetery 13:05
Lydney, by Dean Forest Railway Station 13:06
Lydney, in Railway Station 13:07
Lydney, by Cemetery 13:11
Lydney, opp St Mary's Church 13:12
Lydney, by The Dean Academy 13:12
Lydney, o/s Town Hall 13:13
Lydney, opp Tesco 13:14
Lydney, before The Orchards 13:16
Lydney Hospital (after) 13:17
Bream, opp Maypole Road 13:24
Bream, opp St James Church 13:24
Bream, opp Court Farm 13:24
Bream, opp New Road 13:25
Trow Green, opp Noxon Farm 13:27
Trow Green, opp Pike Cottage 13:28
Sling, opp Clays Road 13:30
Sling, opp Club 13:30
Sling, nr Marsh Way 13:31
Sling, opp Montague Inn 13:32
Clements End, nr Bronllys 13:33
Clements End, opp Elwall Farm Turn 13:34
Bream, opp Oakwood Mill 13:36
Bream, opp Sun Rise Road 13:37
Bream, o/s School 13:38
Bream, opp Community Centre 13:39
Bream, nr Hang Hill Road 13:40
Bream, opp Bowson Square 13:41
Bream, opp Bowson Road Junction 13:42
Parkend, by The Pike House 13:43
Parkend, by Nagshead Nature Reserve 13:44
Parkend, opp Whitemead Park 13:46
Parkend, opp The Fountain 13:47
Parkend, opp Garage 13:48
Parkend, by The Green 13:49
Parkend, opp Memorial Hall 13:51
Parkend, by Whitemead Park 13:51
Parkend, opp Nagshead Nature Reserve 13:51
Parkend, opp Arthur's Folly 13:51
Fetter Hill, by Smiths Hill 13:52
Ellwood Cross (nr) 13:53
Ellwood Cross (after) 13:53
Milkwall, before St James Caravan Park 13:53
Milkwall, opp Bus Garage 13:54
Milkwall, nr Gorsty Knoll 13:58
Palmers Flat, on Edenwall 13:59
Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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