781 - Blakeney - Cinderford - Blaisdon - Gloucester

A bus service operated by Transpora Bus

Orchard Gate - Transport Hub

Blakeney, opp Orchard Gate 09:05
Blakeney, by Highfield 09:05
Blakeney, after Hitchings 09:05
Brain’s Green, on Triangle 09:07
Brain’s Green, opp Ayleford Turn 09:08
Bradley Hill, opp Forest Patch 09:09
Lower Soudley, by Holly Tuft 09:11
Lower Soudley, opp Bradley Cottage 09:11
Lower Soudley, opp Hyde Park Corner 09:12
Lower Soudley, by Dean Heritage Museum 09:13
Upper Soudley, opp Primary School 09:14
Upper Soudley, by White Horse Inn 09:15
Upper Soudley, opp Littledean Walk 09:15
Upper Soudley, opp The Tump 09:15
Ruspidge, by Rising Sun 09:19
Lower Ruspidge Stores (after) 09:20
Ruspidge, after Recreation Ground 09:21
Cinderford, opp Hart Green 09:23
Cinderford, opp White Hart 09:23
Cinderford, by Brook 09:25
Cinderford, opp Victoria Street 09:27
Cinderford, by Forge Hammer Inn 09:28
Cinderford, opp Kensley Vale 09:30
Cinderford, by Somerset Road 09:30
Cinderford Hastings Road (corner of) 09:31
Cinderford, before Fairfields 09:31
Cinderford, by Crawshay Place 09:31
Cinderford, opp Hastings Road 09:32
Cinderford, by The Keelings 09:34
Cinderford, opp Parragate Road 09:34
Cinderford, by Beechdean 09:35
Cinderford, opp Rowandean Court 09:36
Cinderford, opp Lidl Store 09:37
Cinderford Bus Station 09:40
Cinderford, opp Worcester Road 09:41
Cinderford, by Electric Sub Station 09:43
Cinderford, opp Severn View 09:43
Cinderford, opp The Oak Field 09:43
Cinderford, opp Dockham Road 09:44
Cinderford, after Highview Road 09:45
Littledean House Hotel (before) 09:48
Littledean, opp Beech Way 09:50
Green Bottom, nr Edgehills Plantation 09:53
Shapridge, nr Gun Mill 09:53
Flaxley, by St Mary's Church 09:54
Flaxley, opp The Forge 09:55
Flaxley, by Blaisdon Turn 09:55
Flaxley, opp Village Hall 09:55
Blaisdon, by Monk Hill Farm 10:00
Blaisdon, before The Red Hart Inn 10:04
Blaisdon, nr War Memorial 10:05
Blaisdon, opp The Red Hart Inn 10:05
Northwood Green, nr Mission Church 10:15
Grange Court, opp The Grange 10:17
Grange Court, opp Junction Inn 10:20
Adsett, nr The Old Chapel 10:20
Chaxhill, opp Hunt Hill Turn 10:21
Stantway Court Farm (opp) 10:21
Stantway, by Council Houses 10:22
Chaxhill Hunt Hill Turn (just after) 10:23
Chaxhill, opp Garage 10:23
Walmore Hill, o/s County Primary School 10:24
Walmore Hill, opp Broadway Lane 10:25
Minsterworth, opp The Severn Bore Inn 10:26
Minsterworth Ley Road (corner of) 10:27
Minsterworth, after The Dinny 10:28
Oakle Street Hotel (by) 10:30
Churcham, after Bulley Lane Turn 10:31
Churcham, opp Business Park 10:32
Churcham, opp Petrol Station 10:33
Highnam Two Mile Lane (corner of) 10:34
Highnam Roundabout East (after) 10:36
Over Horseshoe Drive (corner of) 10:37
Gloucester, by West End Parade 10:39
Gloucester, before St Nicholas' Church 10:40
Gloucester, nr Blackfriars Priory 10:41
Gloucester, o/s The Warehouse 10:42
Gloucester Boots (Stop Z1) 10:43
Gloucester, at Transport Hub arrival 10:45
Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

Transport Hub - Orchard Gate

Gloucester Transport Hub (Bay L) 13:15
Gloucester, by St Oswald's Priory Ruins 13:16
Gloucester, opp West End Parade 13:17
Over, opp Horseshoe Drive 13:18
Highnam Roundabout (before) 13:21
Highnam, opp Two Mile Lane 13:22
Churcham, by Petol Station 13:23
Churcham, after Business Park 13:24
Churcham, opp Bulley Lane Turn 13:26
Oakle Street Hotel (opp) 13:28
Minsterworth, before The Dinny 13:29
Minsterworth, after Ley Road 13:30
Minsterworth, o/s The Severn Bore Inn 13:31
Walmore Hill, after Broadway Lane 13:32
Walmore Hill, before County Primary School 13:32
Chaxhill, before Garage 13:34
Chaxhill, opp Hunt Hill Turn 13:35
Stantway, opp Council Houses 13:36
Stantway Court Farm (by) 13:36
Stantway Lane (opp) 13:36
Adsett, opp The Old Chapel 13:37
Grange Court, by Junction Inn 13:38
Grange Court, o/s The Grange 13:40
Northwood Green, opp Mission Church 13:43
Blaisdon, before The Red Hart Inn 13:52
Blaisdon, nr War Memorial 13:53
Blaisdon, opp The Red Hart Inn 13:53
Blaisdon, opp Monk Hill Farm 13:57
Flaxley, by Village Hall 14:02
Flaxley, opp Blaisdon Turn 14:02
Flaxley, nr The Forge 14:03
Flaxley, opp St Mary's Church 14:03
Green Bottom, by Edgehills Plantation 14:05
Littledean, before Beech Way 14:08
Littledean, after Court Farm 14:09
Cinderford, before Highview Road 14:13
Cinderford, after Dockham Road 14:13
Cinderford, after The Oak Field 14:14
Cinderford, by Severn View 14:14
Cinderford, nr Electric Sub Station 14:15
Cinderford, after Worcester Road 14:17
Cinderford Bus Station 14:18
Cinderford, o/s Lidl Store 14:20
Cinderford, by Rowandean Court 14:22
Cinderford, opp Beechdean 14:24
Cinderford, after Parragate Road 14:24
Cinderford, after The Keelings 14:24
Cinderford, nr Hastings Road 14:25
Cinderford, opp Crawshay Place 14:25
Cinderford, after Fairfields 14:26
Cinderford, opp Hastings Road 14:26
Cinderford, opp Kensley Vale 14:27
Cinderford, opp Forge Hammer Inn 14:27
Cinderford, by Victoria Street 14:27
Cinderford, opp Brook 14:28
Cinderford, opp Railway Road 14:28
Cinderford, by Hart Green 14:29
Ruspidge, opp Recreation Ground 14:31
Lower Ruspidge Stores (opp) 14:33
Ruspidge, opp Rising Sun 14:33
Upper Soudley, o/s The Tump 14:37
Upper Soudley, by Littledean Walk 14:37
Upper Soudley, opp White Horse Inn 14:38
Upper Soudley, o/s Primary School 14:38
Lower Soudley, opp Dean Heritage Museum 14:39
Lower Soudley, on Hyde Park Corner 14:40
Lower Soudley, by Bradley Cottage 14:41
Lower Soudley, nr Holly Tuft 14:41
Bradley Hill, on Forest Patch 14:43
Brain’s Green, by Ayleford Turn 14:44
Brain’s Green, by Triangle 14:45
Blakeney, opp Hitchings 14:47
Blakeney, opp Highfield 14:47
Blakeney Orchard Gate (corner of) 14:48
Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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