785 - Tamworth Town Centre Corporation St - Tamworth Town Centre Bus Garage

Operated by Stagecoach Midlands

Sundays and bank holidays

Tamworth Corporation St (Stand O) 09:4011:4013:40
Tamworth, opp Bus Garage 09:4111:4113:41
Tamworth, adj The Albert PH 09:4311:4313:43
Tamworth, adj Aldi Store 09:4411:4413:44
Bolehall, nr Bolebridge Street 09:4611:4613:46
Bolehall, adj Moor Lane 09:4711:4713:47
Bolehall, opp Amington Inn 09:4711:4713:47
Bolehall, opp Ferrers Road 09:4811:4813:48
Bolehall, adj The Riddings 09:4811:4813:48
Amington, opp Monks Way 09:5011:5013:50
Amington, opp Woodhouse Lane 09:5111:5113:51
Amington, opp The Green 09:5111:5113:51
Amington, adj The Pretty Pigs PH 09:5211:5213:52
Alvecote, opp Shuttington Road 09:5311:5313:53
Shuttington, adj Stores 09:5511:5513:55
Newton Regis, adj Hames Lane 10:0012:0014:00
Newton Regis, adj Townsend Close 10:0112:0114:01
Austrey Main Road (Jcn) 10:0412:0414:04
Warton, adj Maypole Stores 10:0912:0914:09
Warton, opp Barn End Road 10:1012:1014:10
Warton, opp Bus Shelter 10:1112:1114:11
Polesworth High Street (Jcn) 10:1612:1614:16
Polesworth, adj Shops 10:1612:1614:16
Polesworth, opp Elizabeth Avenue 10:1712:1714:17
Polesworth, opp Goodere Drive 10:1812:1814:18
Polesworth, adj Ankerside 10:1812:1814:18
Polesworth, adj Bridge 10:1912:1914:19
Polesworth, adj Potters Lane 10:1912:1914:19
Dordon, opp Dexter Way 10:2012:2014:20
Birchmoor, opp Game Cock Inn 10:2012:2014:20
Polesworth, adj Sports Ground 10:2412:2414:24
Stonydelph, adj Pennine Way 10:2712:2714:27
Stonydelph, nr Sandy Way 10:2812:2814:28
Amington, adj Mercian Park 10:2912:2914:29
Amington, opp Eagle Drive 10:3012:3014:30
Amington, adj Woodland Road 10:3012:3014:30
Amington, adj Tilia Road 10:3212:3214:32
Amington, adj Woodhouse Lane 10:3212:3214:32
Amington, adj Monks Way 10:3312:3314:33
Bolehall, opp The Riddings 10:3512:3514:35
Bolehall, adj Ferrers Road 10:3612:3614:36
Bolehall, adj Amington Inn 10:3712:3714:37
Bolehall, opp Moor Lane 10:3812:3814:38
Bolehall, by Bolebridge Street 10:3912:3914:39
Tamworth, opp Aldi Store 10:4112:4114:41
Tamworth, adj Bus Garage 10:4512:4514:45

Timetable data from Stagecoach Midlands, 19 April 2024

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