786 - Lostock Hall - Leyland - Clayton Le Woods Wood End - Chorley St Michaels Cehs

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Lostock Hall - Leyland - Clayton Le Woods Wood End - Chorley St Michaels Cehs

Lostock Hall, by Berry Street 07:52
Farington Moss, adj Anchor inn 07:52
Farington Moss, by Wellfield Road 07:52
Farington Moss, by Fowler Lane 07:53
Farington Moss, by Croston Road 07:53
Farington Moss, opp Lower Field 07:54
Farington Moss, by Fiddler Lane 07:55
Farington Moss, opp Moss Lane 07:55
Farington Moss, by Fylde Avenue 07:56
Farington Moss, opp Bannister Lane 07:57
Earnshaw Bridge, by Manor House 07:57
Earnshaw Bridge, opp Wheatsheaf Inn 07:58
Earnshaw Bridge, by Braconash Road 07:59
Golden Hill, by Tomlinson Road 08:00
Golden Hill, adj Morrisons 08:01
Golden Hill, opp Queens Hotel 08:03
Turpin Green, o/s The Railway 08:03
Farington, by Mill Street 08:05
Farington, by Lodge Gates 08:05
Farington, by Centurion Way 08:06
Farington, adj Lydiate Lane 08:08
Cuerden, by Residential Park 08:10
Clayton-le-Woods, by Club Equestrian 08:10
Clayton-le-Woods, by Wychwood Grove 08:11
Clayton-le-Woods, adj Woodsman 08:13
Clayton-le-Woods, by Kent Drive 08:15
Clayton-le-Woods, by Caton Drive 08:15
Clayton-le-Woods, by Lune Drive 08:15
Clayton-le-Woods, by Shady Lane 08:16
Clayton Green, by Cam Lane 08:18
Clayton Green, by Kiln Croft 08:18
Clayton Green, by Woodend Road 08:19
Clayton Green, by Wood End Rdbt 08:20
Clayton Green, by Pingle Croft 08:20
Clayton Green, by The Martindales 08:21
Clayton Green, adj Sports Centre 08:21
Clayton Green, o/s Library 08:22
Clayton Green, opp Sheep Hill Lane 08:23
Clayton Green, by Halfway House 08:24
Clayton Green, by Cloverfields 08:24
Whittle-le-Woods, by Swansey Garage 08:25
Whittle-le-Woods, by Mill Lane 08:25
Whittle-le-Woods, o/s St Johns Church Club 08:26
Whittle-le-Woods, opp St Johns Church 08:26
Whittle-le-Woods, opp Shaw Hill Golf Club 08:28
Whittle-le-Woods, opp Hardacre Lane 08:28
Whittle-le-Woods, by Moss Lane 08:29
Whittle-le-Woods, by Sea View 08:30
Hartwood Green Farm (by) 08:31
Chorley Hospital Hospital Stop 2 08:33
The Crescent, by Preston Road 08:33
Harpers Lane, by Preston Street South 08:34
Chorley, by All Seasons Leisure Centre 08:35
Crosse Street, opp Millfield Road 08:36
Crosse Street, by St Michaels CEHS 08:40
Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Chorley St Michaels Cehs - Clayton Le Woods Wood End - Leyland - Lostock Hall

Crosse Street, by St Michaels CEHS 15:33
The Crescent (opp) 15:36
Chorley Hospital Hospital Stop 1 15:37
Hartwood Hotel (o/s) 15:38
Hartwood Green (by) 15:38
Whittle-le-Woods, opp Sea View 15:40
Whittle-le-Woods, by Foxglove Drive 15:40
Whittle-le-Woods, by Hardacre Lane 15:41
Whittle-le-Woods, o/s Shaw Hill Golf Club 15:42
Whittle-le-Woods, by St Johns Church 15:42
Whittle-le-Woods, o/s Methodist Church 15:43
Whittle-le-Woods, opp Mill Lane 15:44
Whittle-le-Woods, opp Swansey Garage 15:44
Clayton Green, by Fiddlers Lane 15:45
Clayton Green, opp Halfway House 15:45
Clayton Green, opp Pines Hotel 15:46
Clayton Green, opp Sports Centre 15:47
Clayton Green, o/s Library 15:48
Clayton Green, by Wood End Rd 15:49
Clayton Green, by Kiln Croft 15:50
Clayton Green, by Woodend Road 15:52
Clayton Green, by Wood End Rdbt 15:53
Clayton Green, by Pingle Croft 15:53
Clayton-le-Woods, opp Shady Lane 15:56
Clayton-le-Woods, opp Lune Drive 15:56
Clayton-le-Woods, opp Caton Drive 15:56
Clayton-le-Woods, opp Kent Drive 15:57
Clayton-le-Woods, opp Woodsman 15:58
Clayton-le-Woods, opp Wychwood Grove 16:00
Clayton-le-Woods, opp Club Equestrian 16:01
Cuerden, opp Residential Park 16:03
Farington, by Lydiate Lane 16:04
Farington, opp Centurion Way 16:06
Farington, opp Lodge Gates 16:07
Farington, opp Mill Street 16:08
Turpin Green, opp The Railway 16:09
Golden Hill, by Queens Hotel 16:10
Golden Hill, opp Northgate 16:10
Golden Hill, opp Tomlinson Road 16:13
Earnshaw Bridge, opp Braconash Road 16:13
Earnshaw Bridge, by Longmeanygate 16:14
Earnshaw Bridge, by Wheatsheaf Inn 16:14
Farington Moss, by Bannister Lane 16:16
Farington Moss, by Five Acres 16:16
Farington Moss, by Moss Lane 16:17
Farington Moss, opp Fiddler Lane 16:17
Farington Moss, by Lower Field 16:18
Farington Moss, o/s Croston Road 16:19
Farington Moss, opp Fowler Lane 16:19
Farington Moss, opp Wellfield Road 16:20
Farington Moss, opp Anchor Inn 16:20
Lostock Hall, opp Berry Street 16:21
Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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