787 - St Briavels - Bream - Yorkley - Blakeney - Gloucester

A bus service operated by F R Willetts

Mondays (not bank holidays)

St Briavels - Bream - Yorkley - Blakeney - Gloucester

St Briavels, on The Square 09:09
St Briavels, o/s Playing Fields 09:09
St Briavels, nr Playing Fields Pavilion 09:09
St Briavels, by Bearse Farm 09:11
St Briavels, on Bearse Common North 09:12
Trow Green, opp Pike Cottage 09:15
Stowe Green, nr Shop House Farm 09:16
Clearwell, by St Peter's Church 09:19
Clearwell, by Butchers Arms 09:19
Clearwell, opp The Rocks 09:19
Milkwall, after Crossroads 09:22
Milkwall, o/s Calico 09:24
Milkwall, after St James Caravan Park 09:26
Ellwood Cross (before) 09:28
Sling, nr Marsh Way 09:30
Sling, opp Montague Inn 09:31
Clements End, nr Bronllys 09:33
Clements End, opp Elwall Farm Turn 09:34
Bream, opp Oakwood Mill 09:35
Bream, opp Sun Rise Road 09:36
Bream, o/s School 09:37
Bream, opp Community Centre 09:37
Bream, nr Hang Hill Road 09:37
Bream, opp Bowson Square 09:38
Bream, opp Bowson Road Junction 09:39
Bream, opp Bungalows 09:40
Bream, by Elmsleigh 09:41
Whitecroft, on Park Hill 09:42
Whitecroft, by Post Office 09:44
Whitecroft Grove Road (corner of) 09:44
Whitecroft, by Top Swan 09:45
Pillowell School Road (corner of) 09:45
Pillowell, nr School 09:46
Pillowell, opp Willetts' Garage 09:47
Yorkley, after Arlin Cottages 09:49
Yorkley, nr Beech Tree Corner 09:50
Yorkley, opp Tremar 09:50
Yorkley, after Bailey Inn 09:52
Yorkley Slade, by Health Centre 09:52
Yorkley Slade, opp Oldcroft Road 09:53
Viney Hill, opp St Swithin's Football Club 09:58
Viney Hill, o/s All Saints' Church 10:00
Viney Hill, by The New Inn 10:00
Viney Hill, by Farm Cottages 10:02
Blakeney New Road (corner of) 10:03
Blakeney, opp King's Head 10:05
Blakeney, by Severn View Garden Centre 10:08
Blakeney, opp Kingsland 10:09
Blakeney, by Underdean House 10:10
Bullo Cross (by) 10:15
Bullo, opp The Old Barn 10:16
Newnham, after Haie Lodge 10:18
Newnham, o/s Underhill Farm 10:20
Newnham, after St Peter's Church 10:21
Newnham, after Unlawater Lane 10:21
Broadoak, after Silver Fox Cafe 10:22
Broadoak, after The White Hart 10:23
Broadoak, opp Glevum 10:23
Elton, after Garage 10:24
Elton, on Jordan Hill 10:24
Westbury-on-Severn, after Blaisdon Road 10:25
Westbury-on-Severn, by Bay Tree House 10:26
Westbury-on-Severn, before Adsett Lane 10:26
Stantway Lane (opp) 10:26
Chaxhill Hunt Hill Turn (just after) 10:27
Chaxhill, opp Garage 10:27
Walmore Hill, o/s County Primary School 10:27
Walmore Hill, opp Broadway Lane 10:28
Minsterworth, opp The Severn Bore Inn 10:28
Minsterworth Ley Road (corner of) 10:28
Minsterworth, after The Dinny 10:29
Minsterworth, nr Duni Farm 10:29
Minsterworth, after Church Lane 10:30
Minsterworth, opp Primary School 10:30
Minsterworth, opp Rosedale House 10:30
Minsterworth, opp Pound Lane 10:30
Minsterworth, opp The Apple Tree 10:31
Minsterworth, by Garage 10:31
Minsterworth, opp Middle Moorcroft Farm 10:31
Highnam Roundabout East (after) 10:32
Over Horseshoe Drive (corner of) 10:33
Gloucester, by West End Parade 10:34
Gloucester, opp St Oswald's Priory Ruins 10:34
Gloucester, at Transport Hub arrival 10:35

Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucester - Blakeney - Yorkley - Bream - St Briavels

Gloucester Transport Hub (Bay L) 13:15
Gloucester, by St Oswald's Priory Ruins 13:16
Gloucester, opp West End Parade 13:17
Over, opp Horseshoe Drive 13:18
Highnam Roundabout (before) 13:20
Minsterworth, by Middle Moorcroft Farm 13:21
Minsterworth, opp Garage 13:22
Minsterworth, by The Apple Tree 13:23
Minsterworth Pound Lane (corner of) 13:23
Minsterworth, by Rosedale House 13:23
Minsterworth, nr Primary School 13:24
Minsterworth, before Church Lane 13:25
Minsterworth, opp Duni Farm 13:26
Minsterworth, before The Dinny 13:26
Minsterworth, after Ley Road 13:28
Minsterworth, o/s The Severn Bore Inn 13:28
Walmore Hill, after Broadway Lane 13:29
Walmore Hill, before County Primary School 13:29
Chaxhill, before Garage 13:31
Chaxhill, opp Hunt Hill Turn 13:31
Stantway Lane (corner of) 13:32
Westbury-on-Severn, opp Adsett Lane 13:33
Westbury-on-Severn, by Surgery 13:34
Westbury-on-Severn, before Blaisdon Road 13:34
Elton, by Jordan Hill 13:35
Elton, opp Garage 13:35
Broadoak, by Glevum 13:36
Broadoak, by The White Hart 13:37
Broadoak, opp Silver Fox Cafe 13:37
Newnham, before Unlawater Lane 13:38
Newnham, o/s St Peter's Church 13:39
Newnham, opp Underhill Farm 13:39
Newnham, opp Haie Lodge 13:39
Bullo, by The Old Barn 13:40
Bullo Cross (nr) 13:41
Blakeney, opp Underdean House 13:42
Blakeney, by Kingsland 13:43
Blakeney, opp Severn View Garden Centre 13:43
Blakeney, o/s King's Head 13:45
Blakeney, opp New Road 13:45
Viney Hill, opp Farm Cottages 13:47
Viney Hill, opp The New Inn 13:49
Viney Hill, opp All Saints' Church 13:50
Viney Hill, nr St Swithin's Football Club 13:51
Yorkley Slade, by Oldcroft Road 13:56
Yorkley Slade, opp Health Centre 13:57
Yorkley, before Bailey Inn 13:58
Yorkley, by Tremar 13:59
Yorkley, by Beech Tree Corner 13:59
Yorkley, before Arlin Cottages 14:00
Pillowell, nr Willetts' Garage 14:03
Pillowell, by School 14:03
Pillowell, opp School Road 14:04
Whitecroft, opp Top Swan 14:04
Whitecroft, opp Grove Road 14:05
Whitecroft, opp Post Office 14:06
Whitecroft, opp Park Hill 14:07
Bream, opp Elmsleigh 14:08
Bream, by Bungalows 14:10
Bream, after Bowson Road Junction 14:10
Bream Bowson Square (corner of) 14:11
Bream, opp Hang Hill Road 14:12
Bream, nr Community Centre 14:12
Bream, opp School 14:13
Bream Sun Rise Road (corner of) 14:13
Bream, o/s Oakwood Mill 14:14
Clements End, on Elwall Farm Turn 14:16
Clements End, opp Bronllys 14:16
Sling, after Montague Inn 14:18
Sling, opp Marsh Way 14:19
Sling, nr Crossroads 14:20
Ellwood Cross (after) 14:22
Milkwall, before St James Caravan Park 14:24
Milkwall, opp Calico 14:26
Milkwall, on Crossroads 14:28
Clearwell Caves (opp) 14:29
Clearwell, by The Rocks 14:30
Clearwell, opp Butchers Arms 14:30
Clearwell, before St Peter's Church 14:31
Stowe Green, opp Shop House Farm 14:33
Trow Green, by Pike Cottage 14:35
St Briavels, on Bearse Common South 14:37
St Briavels, opp Bearse Farm 14:38
St Briavels, by Cross Keys 14:40
St Briavels, opp Playing Fields 14:40
St Briavels, in The Square 14:41

Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

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