78X - Hereford - Rotherwas

A bus service operated by Yeomans Travel

Hereford City Bus Station (NK) 08:3509:1510:0010:30then every 30 minutes until15:3016:0016:30
Hereford, adj Meadow Close 08:3709:1710:0210:3215:3216:0216:32
Hereford, adj St. Martin's Church 08:3809:1810:0310:3315:3316:0316:33
Putson, opp Tesco Express 08:3909:1910:0410:3415:3416:0416:34
Putson, opp Post Office 08:4009:2010:0510:3515:3516:0516:35
Putson Holme Lacy Road (o/s 101) 08:4009:2010:0510:3515:3516:0516:35
Lower Bullingham, adj The Wye Inn 08:4209:2210:0710:3715:3716:0716:37
Lower Bullingham, adj Goodwin Way 08:4309:2310:0810:3815:3816:0816:38
Rotherwas, adj Thorn Office Centre 08:4509:2510:1010:4015:4016:1016:40
Rotherwas, adj Vincent Carey Road 08:4609:2610:1110:4115:4116:1116:41
Rotherwas, opp Vincent Carey Road 08:4809:2810:1310:4315:4316:1316:43
Rotherwas Netherwood Road (S-bound) 08:4809:2810:1310:4315:4316:1316:43
Rotherwas, adj Pikadish 08:4909:2910:1410:4415:4416:1416:44
Rotherwas, opp Thorn Office Centre 08:5009:3010:1510:4515:4516:1516:45
Lower Bullingham, opp Goodwin Way 08:5009:3010:1510:4515:4516:1516:45
Lower Bullingham Lane (adj) 08:5109:3110:1610:4615:4616:1616:46
Lower Bullingham, opp The Wye Inn 08:5109:3110:1610:4615:4616:1616:46
Putson, adj Manor Road 08:5209:3210:17
Putson, opp Telephone Box 08:5209:3210:1716:1716:47
Putson Hoarwithy Road (opp 53) 08:5309:3310:1816:1716:47
Putson, adj Tesco Express 08:5409:3410:1910:4815:4816:1816:48
Hereford, opp St Martin's Church 08:5709:3710:2110:5015:5016:2016:50
Hereford Meadow Close (NE-bound) 08:5909:3910:2210:5115:5116:2216:52
Hereford City Bus Station (NK) 09:0909:4810:2910:5815:5816:3017:00

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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