799 - Flixton Girls' School - Boothstown

Operated by Stagecoach Manchester


Flixton Urmston Leisure Centre - Boothstown Boothstown Post Office

Flixton, o/s Urmston Leisure Centre 15:07
Flixton Brook Road (N-bound) 15:08
Calder Bank, nr Mardale Avenue 15:10
Calder Bank, nr Lawrence Road 15:12
Woodsend Circle (adj) 15:13
Flixton, adj Irlam Road 15:15
Flixton, nr Woodsend Road 15:15
Flixton, nr Wibbersley Park 15:16
Flixton Road (adj) 15:17
Flixton, opp Irlam Road 15:18
Flixton Village (Stop B) 15:19
Flixton, opp St Michael's 15:21
Flixton, o/s Golf Club 15:22
Flixton, opp Snowden Avenue 15:23
Flixton, o/s Roebuck Hotel 15:24
Flixton, nr Dartford Road 15:26
Urmston, nr Queens Road 15:27
Urmston Library (Stop E) 15:29
Urmston, adj Crofts Bank Road 15:30
Urmston, adj Roseneath Road 15:31
Urmston Hayeswater Road (NE-bound) 15:32
Davyhulme Library (opp) 15:33
Davyhulme Circle (Stop B) 15:34
Davyhulme, opp Exeter Road 15:35
Lostock, opp Hartford Road 15:36
Lostock, opp Moss Vale Hotel 15:37
Trafford Park, nr Guiness Circle 15:45
West One Retail Park, adj Eccles New Road 15:51
Ellesmere Park, nr Bindloss Avenue 15:52
Ellesmere Park, opp Victoria Crescent 15:54
Ellesmere Park, nr Clarendon Road 15:56
Eccles, nr Abbey Grove 15:58
Monton, opp Cavendish Road 16:00
Monton, nr Crawford Street 16:02
Monton Church (Stop B) 16:04
Winton, opp May Street 16:06
Winton, nr Trevor Road 16:07
Winton, adj Worsley Road 16:08
Westwood Park, nr Hartington Road 16:10
Alder Forest, opp Walker Road 16:11
Worsley, nr Granary Lane 16:13
Worsley Court House (Stop D) 16:14
Worsley, nr M60 16:15
Worsley, nr Walkden Road 16:15
Worsley, opp The Coppice 16:16
Worsley, nr Occupation Road 16:17
Boothstown, nr Falconwood Chase 16:18
Boothstown, opp Ellenbrook Road 16:19
Boothstown, nr Booths Hall Road 16:19
Boothstown Post Office (nr) 16:20

Boothstown Boothstown Post Office - Flixton Woodsend Crescent Road

Timetable data from Stagecoach Manchester, 28 September 2022

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