818 - Cheadle RC Primary School - Councillor Lane

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Wilmslow Road, Heald Green - Bus Stop Closure
17–20 May 2024

Bus stops SG0502 and SG0503 on Wilmslow Road are closed due to maintenance work.

Please board or alight at the bus stop before or after bus stops on on Wilmslow Road near Danefield Court and Long Lane Post Office.

Stockport Road, Cheadle - Bus Stop Closure
31 May–3 June 2024

Bus stop SG4682 on Stockport Road (Red Lion) is closed due to works taking place.

Customers should board and alight at stops before or after the Red Lion.

Monday to Friday, school days (not bank holidays)

Cheadle RC Primary School - Councillor Lane

Cheadle Hulme, o/s Cheadle RC Primary School 15:35
Cheadle Hulme, opp Conway Road 15:37
Cheadle Hulme, nr Bruntwood Lane 15:38
Heald Green, nr Wilmslow Road 15:40
Heald Green, opp The Griffin 15:41
Heald Green, nr Danefield Court 15:42
Heald Green, opp Long Lane Church 15:42
Heald Green, nr Griffin Lane 15:43
Heald Green, opp Primary School 15:44
Heald Green, opp The Beech Tree 15:46
Heald Green, nr Cross Road 15:46
Heald Green, o/s Village Hall 15:48
Heald Green Shops (opp) 15:49
Heald Green Hotel (Stop A) 15:49
Heald Green, nr Simonsway 15:50
Heald Green, nr Brown Lane 15:50
Heald Green, nr Lomond Road 15:51
Heald Green, opp Pymgate Lodge 15:52
Heald Green, opp Osborne Grove 15:53
Gatley, opp Firs Road 15:53
Gatley, opp West Drive 15:54
Gatley, nr Stonepail Road 15:56
Gatley War Memorial (Stop C) 15:58
Gatley Station (Stop E) 15:59
Gatley, opp Torkington Road 16:00
Cheadle, opp High Grove Road 16:01
Cheadle, o/s White Hart 16:02
Cheadle Boots (Stop B) 16:03
Cheadle Green (Stop D) 16:03
Cheadle, o/s Red Lion 16:04
Cheadle, opp Councillor Lane 16:05
Cheadle Heath, opp Parkway 16:07
Cheadle Heath, o/s Farmers Arms 16:09
Edgeley, opp Bird Hall Lane 16:10
Edgeley Road (nr) 16:10
Adswood, opp Fielding Works 16:11
Adswood Orion Business Park 16:12
Adswood, opp Beechurst Road 16:13
Adswood, nr Ladybridge Road 16:14
Adswood, o/s Micker Brook 16:15
Cheadle, nr Hereford Road 16:16
Cheadle, opp Tarvin Road 16:17
Cheadle, opp Post Office 16:17
Cheadle, nr Demmings Road 16:18
Cheadle, nr Cranleigh Drive 16:20

Councillor Lane - Cheadle RC Primary School

Cheadle, nr Stockport Road 07:48
Cheadle, adj Cranleigh Drive 07:48
Cheadle, opp Demmings Road 07:49
Cheadle, o/s Post Office 07:50
Cheadle, nr Calverley Road 07:51
Cheadle, opp Calderbrook Drive 07:52
Adswood Park (at) 07:52
Adswood, nr Carnforth Road 07:53
Adswood, nr Chatsworth Road 07:54
Adswood, at Orion Business Park 07:55
Adswood, o/s Fielding Works 07:56
Edgeley, nr Bird Hall Lane 07:58
Cheadle Heath Farmers Arms 07:58
Cheadle Heath, nr Boundary Bridge 08:00
Cheadle, nr Councillor Lane 08:02
Cheadle, opp Red Lion 08:03
Cheadle George & Dragon (Stop E) 08:04
Cheadle Warwick Mall (Stop C) 08:04
Cheadle, opp White Hart 08:05
Cheadle, nr High Grove Road 08:07
Gatley, nr Torkington Road 08:08
Gatley Station (Stop F) 08:08
Gatley Oakwood Avenue (Stop B) 08:10
Gatley, o/s Stonepail Road 08:11
Gatley, nr West Drive 08:11
Gatley, nr Firs Road 08:13
Gatley, nr Styal Grove 08:14
Heald Green, nr Pymgate Lodge 08:14
Heald Green, nr Elmsleigh Road 08:16
Heald Green, nr Brown Lane 08:17
Heald Green Hotel (Stop B) 08:18
Heald Green Shops (o/s) 08:18
Heald Green, o/s St Catherine's Church 08:20
Heald Green, opp Cross Road 08:22
Heald Green, o/s The Beech Tree 08:24
Heald Green, o/s Outwood Primary School 08:26
Heald Green, opp Griffin Lane 08:29
Heald Green, nr Long Lane Church 08:29
Heald Green, nr Long Lane Post Office 08:30
Heald Green, adj A34 Bridge 08:32
Cheadle Hulme, opp Chedlee Drive 08:33
Cheadle Hulme, nr Conway Road 08:33
Cheadle Hulme, o/s Cheadle RC Primary School 08:35

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 May 2024

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