819 - Dallow Road - Ashcroft School

A bus service operated by Centrebus (South)

Monday to Friday, Herts school days (not bank holidays)

QE School 15:0115:01
Vauxhall Park, opp Williton Road 15:0115:01
Vauxhall Park, opp Dovehouse Hill 15:0215:02
St Annes, opp Somerset House 15:0415:04
St Annes, adj Leygreen Close 15:0515:05
St Annes, opp Hart Lane 15:0715:07
St Annes, opp Crescent Road 15:0915:09
Dallow, opp Warren Road 07:20
Dallow, opp Foxdell Infant School 07:21
Dallow, opp Runley Road 07:21
Dallow, opp Ferndale Road 07:22
Dallow, opp Newcombe Road 07:23
Dallow Primary School (o/s) 07:24
Farley Hill, opp Rockley Road 07:28
Farley Hill, opp Whipperley Infant School 07:29
Farley Hill, adj Whipperley Ring 07:32
Farley Hill, opp South Drift Way 07:32
Chapel Langley, nr Milton Road 07:35
Chapel Langley, opp Russell Rise 07:37
Chapel Langley, adj Salisbury Road 07:40
Chapel Langley, o/s Chapel Street nursery 07:40
Park Town Latimer Road (S-bound) 07:42
Luton, o/s Crown Court 07:47
Luton Church Street (Stop C2) 07:5015:1415:14
St Annes, adj Crescent Rise 07:51
St Annes, adj Moulton Rise 07:51
St Annes, opp Auction House 07:51
St Annes, nr Crescent Road 07:52
St Annes, nr Abbots Wood Road 07:53
St Annes, opp Devon Road turn 07:53
St Annes, nr Somerset House 07:54
Vauxhall Park, nr Dovehouse Hill 07:57
QE School 08:00
Vauxhall Park, o/s Queen Elizabeth School 08:00
New Town, adj Holly Street 15:19
Chapel Langley, opp Salisbury Road 15:23
Chapel Langley, adj Russell Rise 15:23
Chapel Langley, adj Tenzing Grove 15:24
Chapel Langley Milton Road (W-bound) 15:25
Chapel Langley, o/s Meyrick Avenue 15:26
Farley Hill, adj Meyrick Avenue Turn 15:27
Farley Hill, o/s Bolingbroke Road 15:27
Farley Hill, opp Market Square 15:30
Farley Hill, adj Cades Lane 15:30
Farley Hill, opp Priestleys 15:35
Dallow Primary School (opp) 15:42
Dallow, adj Newcombe Road 15:42
Dallow, adj Ferndale Road 15:43
Dallow, adj Runley Road 15:45
Dallow, nr Foxdell Infant School 15:46
Dallow, nr Warren Road 15:47

Timetable data from Centrebus/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 27 October 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

Centrebus (South)


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