82 - Wolverhampton - Dudley

A bus service operated by Diamond Bus


Wolverhampton to Dudley

Wolverhampton Bus Station (Stand C) 19:20then hourly until23:20
Wolverhampton, before Horseley Fields 19:2123:21
Wolverhampton, adj Shakespeare St 19:2123:21
Wolverhampton, after Canal Bridge 19:2223:22
Monmore Green, opp Corser St 19:2223:22
Monmore Green, opp Hickman Avenue 19:2323:23
Moseley, opp St Giles Crescent 19:2423:24
Moseley, after Old Heath Rd 19:2423:24
Moseley, after St Giles Rd 19:2523:25
Moseley, after Bowmans Rise 19:2623:26
Moseley, opp Deansfield Road 19:2623:26
Moseley, opp Julian Rd 19:2723:27
Moseley, adj Deansfield School 19:2823:28
Portobello, adj Evans St 19:2923:29
Stowlawn, opp Alcester Drive 19:3023:30
Portobello, adj Hill Rd 19:3123:31
Bunkers Hill Lane (opp) 19:3123:31
Bunkers Hill, opp Newman Place 19:3223:32
St Chads, before Bilston Rd 19:3323:33
The Lunt, opposite Moseley Rd 19:3423:34
St Chads Rd (adjacent) 19:3423:34
St Chads, opp Poplar Rd 19:3523:35
St Chads, after Beckett St 19:3623:36
The Lunt, adj Bilston FC 19:3723:37
Bradley, opposite Loxdale St Metro Stop 19:4423:44
Bradley, opp Greenway Rd 19:4523:45
Hall Green, adj Ash St 19:4623:46
Hall Green, adj Lord St West 19:4723:47
Coseley, opp Rounds Road 19:4723:47
Coseley, adj White House 19:4823:48
Wallbrook, adj Flavell Avenue 19:4823:48
Wallbrook, adj Norton Crescent 19:4823:48
Wallbrook, adj George Rd 19:4923:49
Wallbrook, opp Pemberton Rd 19:4923:49
Wallbrook, opp Brooklyn Grove 19:4923:49
Wallbrook, opp Fountain Lane 19:5023:50
Wallbrook, adj Eachus Rd 19:5023:50
Wallbrook, opp Spencer Avenue 19:5023:50
Roseville Square (adj) 19:5223:52
Roseville, before Vicarage Rd 19:5223:52
Roseville, opp Hospital Lane 19:5323:53
Swan Village, adj Wellesbourne Drive 19:5423:54
Swan Village, adj Chad Rd 19:5423:54
Wrens Nest Estate, after Parkes Hall Rd 19:5523:55
Wrens Nest Estate, adj Hillside Rd 19:5723:57
Wrens Nest Estate, adj Gorse Rd 19:5823:58
Wrens Nest Estate, opp Willow Rd 19:5823:58
Shavers End, adj Harebell Crescent 19:5923:59
Shavers End, adj Myrtle Rd 20:0000:00
Priory Estate, adj Linden Rd 20:0000:00
Priory Estate, after Laurel Road 20:0100:01
Priory Estate, adj Woodland Avenue 20:0200:02
Eve Hill, opp Hazel Rd 20:0200:02
Dudley, opp Priory St 20:0300:03
Dudley Tower St 20:0400:04
Dudley Bus Station (Stand N) 20:0500:05

Dudley to Wolverhampton

Dudley Bus Station (Stand N) 19:30then hourly until22:3023:30
Dudley, after Castle Hill 19:3022:3023:30
Dudley Coronation Gardens (adjacent) 19:3122:3123:31
Eve Hill, adj Hazel Rd 19:3222:3223:32
Priory Estate, before Maple Rd 19:3322:3323:33
Priory Estate, before Laurel Road 19:3422:3423:34
Priory Estate, opp Linden Rd 19:3422:3423:34
Shavers End, opp Harebell Crescent 19:3522:3523:35
Wrens Nest Estate, adj Willow Rd 19:3622:3623:36
Wrens Nest Estate, opp Gorse Rd 19:3722:3723:37
Wrens Nest Estate, opp Hillside Rd 19:3822:3823:38
Wrens Nest Estate, before Parkes Hall Rd 19:3922:3923:39
Swan Village, opp Chad Rd 19:4022:4023:40
Swan Village, opp Wellesbourne Drive 19:4022:4023:40
Roseville, adj Hospital Lane 19:4122:4123:41
Roseville, after Canal Street 19:4322:4323:43
Wallbrook, adj Spencer Avenue 19:4422:4423:44
Wallbrook, opp Edge Street 19:4422:4423:44
Wallbrook, opp Eachus Rd 19:4422:4423:44
Wallbrook, adj Fountain Lane 19:4522:4523:45
Wallbrook, adj Brooklyn Grove 19:4522:4523:45
Wallbrook, adj Pemberton Rd 19:4522:4523:45
Wallbrook, opp Norton Crescent 19:4622:4623:46
Coseley, opp Norton Crescent 19:4622:4623:46
Coseley, opp White House 19:4722:4723:47
Coseley, adj Rounds Road 19:4722:4723:47
Hall Green, opp Lord St West 19:4822:4823:48
Hall Green, opp Ash St 19:4822:4823:48
Bradley, adj Greenway Rd 19:4922:4923:49
Bradley, before Loxdale St Metro Stop 19:5022:5023:50
Lower Bradley, adj Loxdale St 19:5022:5023:50
Bilston, opposite Tame St 19:5122:5123:51
St Chads, adj Bunkers Hill Lane 19:5622:56
St Chads Rd (opposite) 19:5722:57
St Chads, after Bilston Rd 19:5822:58
Bunkers Hill, adj Newman Place 19:5922:59
Bunkers Hill Lane (adj) 20:0023:00
Portobello, opp Hill Rd 20:0123:01
Stowlawn, adj Alcester Drive 20:0223:02
Stowlawn, adj Uplands Rd 20:0323:03
Moseley, after Stowheath Lane 20:0523:05
Moseley, opp Deansfield School 20:0623:06
Moseley, adj Julian Rd 20:0623:06
Moseley, adj Deansfield Road 20:0723:07
Moseley, before Bowmans Rise 20:0723:07
Moseley, before St Giles Rd 20:0923:09
Moseley, before Old Heath Rd 20:1023:10
Moseley, adj St Giles Crescent 20:1023:10
Monmore Green, adj Hickman Avenue 20:1123:11
Monmore Green, adj Corser St 20:1223:12
Wolverhampton, before Canal Bridge 20:1223:12
Wolverhampton, opp Shakespeare St 20:1323:13
Wolverhampton, after Horseley Fields 20:1323:13
Wolverhampton Bus Station (Stand C) 20:1523:15

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 16 January 2023

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