820 - Copley Academy - Ridge Hill

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Manchester (SCMN)


Monday to Friday, school Only days

Micklehurst Staley Road - Copley Copley Avenue

Copley Copley Avenue - Micklehurst Staley Road

Copley Avenue (nr) 15:00
Copley, nr Demesne Drive 15:01
Stalybridge, nr Demesne Drive 15:02
Stalybridge, nr Mottram Road 15:03
Stalybridge, o/s The Organ 15:04
Stalybridge Park Street (Stop F) 15:05
Stalybridge Armentieres Square (Stop A) 15:07
Stalybridge Armentieres Square (Stop B) 15:07
Stalybridge, nr Market Street 15:07
Stalybridge Bus Station (Stop C) 15:09
Stalybridge Station (Stop E) 15:09
Stalybridge, o/s Thompson Cross 15:10
Stalybridge, nr West Street 15:10
Ridge Hill, nr Harrison Street 15:11
Ridge Hill, nr Darnton Road 15:11
Ridge Hill, nr Springs Rise 15:12
Ridge Hill, nr Park Close 15:12
Ridge Hill, opp School Crescent 15:13
Ridge Hill, nr Arlies Lane 15:14
Ridge Hill, opp Coniston Drive 15:14
Ridge Hill, nr Hartshead Avenue 15:15
Ridge Hill, nr Church Walk 15:16
Ridge Hill Lane (opp) 15:17
Stamford Park (o/s) 15:17
Tameside General Hosp (opp)ital 15:19
Tameside General Hospital Hurst Bank Road (Stop A) 15:20
Hazelhurst, opp Park Square 15:20
Hazelhurst, nr The Ladysmith 15:21
Hazelhurst, nr Kingsley Close 15:21
Hazelhurst, o/s Junction Inn 15:22
Luzley, o/s Dirk Farm 15:23
Luzley, o/s Hartshead Inn 15:24
Luzley Mossley Road 15:25
Top Mossley, nr Broadcarr Lane 15:25
Brookbottom, nr Dean Street 15:27
Top Mossley, adj Egerton Street 15:27
Mossley, on Stamford Road 15:28
Mossley, nr Dental Surgery 15:29
Mossley Station (Stop C) 15:30
Mossley, nr Waggon Road 15:30
Mossley, nr Stanhope Street 15:30
Mossley, nr Egmont Street 15:31
Mossley, nr Tame Bridge 15:31
Micklehurst, opp Cheshire Street 15:32
Mossley, opp Moorlands Crescent 15:33
Mossley, opp Winterford Road 15:33
Micklehurst, nr Daisy Hill Road 15:34
Micklehurst, nr The Willows 15:34
Micklehurst, nr Winterford Road 15:35
Micklehurst Road (opp) 15:36
Micklehurst, opp Richmond Lodge 15:37
Micklehurst, opp Staley Road 15:39

Timetable data from Stagecoach Manchester, 15 June 2021

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