825 - York - Richmond

Operated by Reliance Motor Services

Sundays and bank holidays until Sunday 6 October 2024

York to Richmond

Wigginton, o/s Reliance Garage 09:02
Wigginton, opp Moor Farm 09:03
Wigginton, opp Home Farm 09:04
Wigginton, o/s Willow House Caravan Park 09:05
Clifton Moor, o/s Clifton Gate 09:06
Clifton Moor Wigginton Road Roundabout (o/s Kirby Cottage) 09:07
Clifton Moor, o/s Kettlestring Grange 09:08
Clifton Nestle Rowntree (adj Wigginton Rd entrance) 09:09
Clifton, opp Feversham Crescent 09:09
Clifton, opp York Hospital 09:10
York St John University (opp Union Terrace) 09:11
York Gillygate (o/s 56) 09:12
York Theatre Royal (EE) 09:13
York Station Road (CE) 09:14
York Rail Station (RJ) 09:20
York Blossom Street (BC) 09:21
York Cambridge Street (opp Mount Ephraim) 09:22
Holgate Hill (adj Holgate Bridge Gardens) 09:24
Holgate, opp Fox Inn 09:24
Holgate Park (opp) 09:25
Holgate, adj Grantham Drive 09:25
Holgate, opp Seldon Road 09:26
Holgate, adj Malvern Avenue 09:26
Acomb, opp Ouse Acres 09:27
Acomb, opp Plantation Drive 09:27
Acomb, adj Wheatlands Grove 09:27
Beckfield Lane, opp Low Poppleton Lane 09:28
Upper Poppleton, adj Langley Gate 09:28
Upper Poppleton, adj Garden Centre 09:28
Upper Poppleton, opp Red Lion A59 09:32
Hessay A59 (adj New Road) 09:33
Moor Monkton Crossroads (NW-bound) 09:34
Wilstrop Nun Monkten Lane End (W-bound) 09:37
Kirk Hammerton, adj Station Road 09:38
Hopperton Lane End (W-bound) 09:41
Goldsborough Caravan Park (W-bound) 09:46
Goldsborough Nidderdale Lodge Park (W-bound) 09:46
Carmires The Paddock (W-bound) 09:47
Carmires Princess Drive (W-bound) 09:48
Knaresborough Bus Stn Stand C (C) 09:50
Knaresborough Bond End 09:51
Knaresborough High Bridge (SW-bound) 09:52
Knaresborough Stevenson Place (SW-bound) 09:53
Starbeck Golf Club (SW bound) 09:53
Starbeck Forest Lane Head (SW-bound) 09:54
Starbeck The Avenue (SW-bound) 09:55
Starbeck Crossing (SW-bound) 09:57
Wedderburn Stonefall Ave (SW-bound) 09:58
Wedderburn, opp Rydal Road 09:58
Wedderburn Leyland Rd (W-bound) 09:59
Wedderburn Granby Corner (W-bound) 10:00
Harrogate Christ Church (SW-bound) 10:00
Harrogate North Park Rd (N-bound) 10:00
Harrogate The Odeon (E-bound) 10:01
Harrogate Asda (W-bound) 10:02
Harrogate Hgte Bus Stn Stand 3 (3) 10:10
Harrogate Victoria Avenue (W-bound) 10:16
West Park War Memorial (NE-bound) 10:17
West Park Royal Hall (NE-bound) 10:18
West Park Cairn Hotel (N-bound) 10:19
New Park, adj Oakdale Avenue 10:20
New Park Hydro (N-bound) 10:21
New Park, opp West Street 10:21
New Park Redfearn's Garage (NW-bound) 10:21
Knox Mill Lane (NW-bound) 10:22
Knox Warren Lodge (NW-bound) 10:23
Killinghall Addison Villas (NW-bound) 10:23
Killinghall, adj Otley Road 10:24
Killinghall Daleside Nursery (N-bound) 10:24
Ripley Nidd Bridge (N-bound) 10:25
Ripley Roundabout (NW-bound) 10:26
Ripley Cross (NE-bound) 10:28
Bedlam Whipley Bank Farm (E-bound) 10:31
Burnt Yates, opp The New Inn 10:33
Burnt Yates Valley View (W-bound) 10:33
Warsill Brimham Rocks (N-bound) 10:40
Risplith Grantley Lane End (E-bound) 10:47
Fountains Abbey Visitor Centre (E-bound) 10:55
Studley Royal (NE-bound) 11:07
Galphay Village Centre (W-bound) 11:14
The Galphay Arms (N-bound) 11:15
Kirkby Malzeard, adj Queens Head 11:20
Grewelthorpe St James Church (NW-bound) 11:26
Grewelthorpe, opp Hackfall Car Park 11:28
Masham Market Place (E-bound) 11:35
Jervaulx Hall (N-bound) 11:45
East Witton School (W-bound) 11:47
Middleham Market Place (SW-bound) 11:53
Leyburn Middleham Road (NW-bound) 11:57
Leyburn, adj Market Place 12:00
Leyburn Wenslydale School (NE-bound) 12:00
Leyburn Mount Drive (N-bound) 12:02
Bellerby Cross Keys Inn (W-bound) 12:05
Downholme The Vicarage (SE-bound) 12:13
Hudswell, adj Swale View Caravan Park 12:15
Hurgill Whitcliffe Place (E-bound) 12:24
Hurgill The Old Convent (E-bound) 12:25
Richmond Victoria Road (E-bound) 12:26
Richmond, adj Friary Gardens 12:27
Richmond Market Place (W-bound) 12:30

Richmond to York

Richmond Market Place (W-bound) 15:15
Richmond Victoria Road (W-bound) 15:16
Richmond Cravengate (W-bound) 15:16
Hurgill The Old Convent (W-bound) 15:18
Hurgill Whitcliffe Place (W-bound) 15:18
Hudswell, opp Swale View Caravan Park 15:23
Downholme The Vicarage (SE-bound) 15:25
Bellerby Cross Keys Inn (W-bound) 15:35
Leyburn Dale Grove (S-bound) 15:38
Leyburn Wenslydale School (SW-bound) 15:39
Leyburn, adj Market Place 15:40
Leyburn St Matthews Terr (SE-bound) 15:40
Middleham Market Cross (SW-bound) 15:45
East Witton School (W-bound) 15:49
Jervaulx Hall (S-bound) 15:53
Masham Market Place (E-bound) 16:03
Grewelthorpe, adj Hackfall Car Park 16:15
Grewelthorpe St James Church (SE-bound) 16:17
Kirkby Malzeard, opp Queens Head 16:23
The Galphay Arms (SE-bound) 16:28
Galphay Village Centre (E-bound) 16:28
Studley Royal (SW-bound) 16:35
Fountains Abbey Visitor Centre (E-bound) 16:43
Risplith Grantley Lane End (W-bound) 16:47
Warsill Brimham Rocks (N-bound) 16:58
Burnt Yates C of E Primary School (E-bound) 17:04
Burnt Yates, adj The New Inn 17:05
Bedlam Whipley Bank Farm (E-bound) 17:06
Ripley Cross (E-bound) 17:10
Ripley Roundabout (SE-bound) 17:11
Ripley Nidd Bridge (S-bound) 17:11
Killinghall Daleside Nursery (S-bound) 17:12
Killinghall, opp Otley Road 17:13
Killinghall Addison Villas (SE-bound) 17:13
Knox Warren Lodge (SE-bound) 17:14
Knox Mill Lane (adj) 17:15
New Park Redfearn's Garage (SE-bound) 17:16
New Park, adj West Street 17:17
New Park Hydro (S-bound) 17:18
New Park, opp Oakdale Avenue 17:19
West Park Cairn Hotel (S-bound) 17:20
West Park Royal Hall (SE-bound) 17:21
West Park Cheltenham Crescent (E-bound) 17:22
Harrogate Hgte Bus Stn Stand 3 (3) 17:25
Harrogate The Odeon (NE-bound) 17:26
Harrogate North Park Rd (E-bound) 17:26
Harrogate Christ Church (NE-bound) 17:27
Wedderburn Granby Corner (E-bound) 17:28
Wedderburn Leyland Rd (E-bound) 17:29
Wedderburn, adj Rydal Road 17:29
Wedderburn Swarcliffe Rd (E-bound) 17:29
Wedderburn Stonefall Ave (NE-bound) 17:29
Starbeck Crossing (NE-bound) 17:30
Starbeck The Avenue (NE-bound) 17:30
Starbeck Forest Lane Head (NE-bound) 17:31
Starbeck Golf Club (NE-bound) 17:31
Knaresborough Stevenson Place (NE-bound) 17:32
Knaresborough High Bridge (NE-bound) 17:33
Knaresborough Henshaws (NE-bound) 17:34
Knaresborough Council Offices (S-bound) 17:35
Knaresborough Bus Stn Stand B (B) 17:37
Carmires, adj Princess Drive 17:38
Carmires Lidl (E-bound) 17:39
Goldsborough Nidderdale Lodge (E-bound) 17:40
Goldsborough Caravan Park (E-bound) 17:42
Kirk Hammerton, opp Station Road 17:47
Wilstrop Nun Monkton Lane End (SW-bound) 17:48
Moor Monkton Crossroads (SE-bound) 17:50
Hessay A59 (opp New Road) 17:52
Upper Poppleton, adj Red Lion A59 17:55
Upper Poppleton, opp Garden Centre 17:57
Nether Poppleton, opp Langley Gate 17:58
Acomb, adj Low Poppleton Lane 17:59
Acomb, opp Wheatlands Grove 17:59
Acomb, adj Plantation Drive 18:00
Acomb, opp Cranbrook Avenue 18:00
Holgate, opp Malvern Avenue 18:01
Holgate, adj Seldon Road 18:01
Holgate, opp Grantham Drive 18:01
Holgate Park (o/s) 18:02
Holgate, adj Fox Inn 18:02
Holgate Hill (opp Hollybank House) 18:03
York, adj Cambridge Street 18:03
York Blossom Street (BB) 18:04
York Rail Station (RA) 18:05
York Station Avenue (RM) 18:05
York Exhibition Square (ED) 18:08
York Gillygate (o/s SA Citadel) 18:09
York St John University (adj Union Terrace) 18:10
Clifton, o/s York Hospital 18:11
Clifton Feversham Crescent 18:12
Clifton Nestle Rowntree (opp Wigginton Rd entrance) 18:12
Clifton Moor, opp Kettlestring Grange 18:14
Clifton Moor Wigginton Road Roundabout (opp. Kirby Cottage) 18:15
Clifton Moor, opp Clifton Gate 18:15
Wigginton, opp Willow House Caravan Park 18:16
Wigginton, o/s Home Farm 18:18
Wigginton, o/s Moor Farm 18:18
Wigginton, opp Reliance Garage 18:20

Timetable data from Reliance Motor Services Limited/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 21 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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