827 - Southend, Travel Centre - Canvey, Leigh Beck

A bus service operated by First Essex

Southend, Travel Centre - Canvey, Leigh Beck

Southend-on-Sea Travel Centre (Stop H) 15:30
Southend-on-Sea Whitegate Road (Stop VS) 15:32
Southend-on-Sea Chichester Road (Stop VM) 15:33
Southend-on-Sea Victoria Station Interchange (Stop VF) 15:35
Southend-on-Sea, opp Civic Centre 15:37
Prittlewell, o/s Blue Boar 15:40
Prittlewell Priory Park (SW-bound) 15:41
Prittlewell, adj Gainsborough Drive 15:43
Prittlewell Highfield Gardens (Stop L) 15:44
Prittlewell Southend Hospital South (Stop B) 15:46
Prittlewell School (o/s) 15:48
Prittlewell Southbourne Grove (W-bound) 15:51
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Mannering Gardens South 15:53
Leigh-on-Sea, opp St Thomas Moore School 15:54
Leigh-on-Sea Westcliff High Schools (Stop B) 15:56
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Blenheim Park 15:57
Leigh-on-Sea, opp School Way 15:58
Leigh-on-Sea Elmsleigh Drive (W-bound) 15:59
Leigh-on-Sea Blenheim Chase (S-bound) 15:59
Leigh-on-Sea Manchester Drive (S-bound) 16:00
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Kingswood Chase 16:02
Leigh-on-Sea, o/s West Leigh Schools 16:03
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Burnham Road 16:05
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Canvey Road 16:07
Leigh-on-Sea Medway Crescent (W-bound) 16:08
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Thames Drive 16:09
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Tattersall Gardens 16:10
Hadleigh, opp Woodfield Road 16:12
Hadleigh, opp Broughton Road 16:13
Hadleigh Church (W-bound) 16:16
Hadleigh, adj Homestead Way 16:17
Hadleigh, adj The Memorial 16:18
Hadleigh Victoria House Corner (NW-bound) 16:19
South Benfleet, adj Shipwrights Drive North 16:20
South Benfleet, opp USP College 16:24
South Benfleet, opp Kenneth Road 16:25
South Benfleet, opp Glen Road 16:26
South Benfleet Kents Hill Road North (S-bound) 16:27
South Benfleet Bowers Road (S-bound) 16:28
South Benfleet Clifton Avenue (S-bound) 16:30
South Benfleet Cumberland Avenue (S-bound) 16:30
South Benfleet High Road (S-bound) 16:32
South Benfleet, adj Boyce Green 16:33
South Benfleet, adj Hillside Road 16:35
South Benfleet, opp St Mary's Church 16:35
South Benfleet Railway Station (Stop C) 16:38
Canvey, opp Waterside Farm 16:42
Canvey, opp Sports Centre 16:43
Canvey, opp Lekoe Road 16:44
Canvey, adj Elsinor Avenue 16:44
Canvey, o/s Silver Jubilee 16:45
Canvey, opp Budna Road 16:47
Canvey, opp Armadale 16:48
Canvey, opp Dinant Avenue 16:49
Canvey, opp Second Avenue 16:50
Canvey, adj Pine Close 16:51
Canvey, opp Hawkesbury Road 16:52
Canvey, opp Southwick Road 16:53
Canvey Jones Corner (E-bound) 16:53
Canvey, adj Fairlop Avenue 16:54
Canvey, adj Convent Road 16:55
Canvey Haystack Corner (E-bound) 16:56
Canvey, o/s Oyster Fleet 16:57
Canvey Market (E-bound) 16:58
Canvey, opp May Avenue 16:59
Canvey, opp Normans Road 17:00
Canvey, opp Maurice Road 17:02
Canvey, adj Baardwyck Avenue 17:03
Canvey, adj Corsel Rd 17:04
Canvey, opp Transport Museum 17:05
Canvey Leigh Beck (W-bound) 17:07

Canvey, Leigh Beck - Southend, Travel Centre

Canvey Leigh Beck (W-bound) 06:55
Canvey, o/s Transport Museum 06:56
Canvey, opp Corsel Rd 06:57
Canvey, adj Lappmark Road 06:58
Canvey, adj Maurice Road 06:59
Canvey, adj Normans Road 07:00
Canvey Market (W-bound) 07:01
Canvey, o/s School 07:02
Canvey Haystack Corner (W-bound) 07:03
Canvey, adj Runnymede Road 07:04
Canvey, adj Rose Road 07:05
Canvey Jones Corner (W-bound) 07:06
Canvey, adj Southwick Road 07:08
Canvey, adj Hawkesbury Road 07:09
Canvey, opp Pine Close 07:10
Canvey, adj Second Avenue 07:11
Canvey, adj Dinant Avenue 07:12
Canvey, adj Armadale 07:13
Canvey, adj Budna Road 07:14
Canvey, opp Silver Jubilee 07:16
Canvey, opp Elsinor Avenue 07:17
Canvey, adj Lekoe Road 07:18
Canvey, o/s Sports Centre 07:20
Canvey, o/s Waterside Farm 07:22
South Benfleet Railway Station (Stop E) 07:25
South Benfleet, o/s St Mary's Church 07:27
South Benfleet, opp Hillside Road 07:28
South Benfleet, opp Boyce Green 07:29
South Benfleet, opp Kents Hill Road 07:30
South Benfleet Cumberland Avenue (N-bound) 07:32
South Benfleet Clifton Avenue (N-bound) 07:33
South Benfleet Bowers Road (N-bound) 07:35
South Benfleet Kents Hill Road North (E-bound) 07:37
South Benfleet, adj Glen Road 07:39
South Benfleet, adj Kenneth Road 07:41
South Benfleet, o/s USP College 07:43
South Benfleet, adj Warren Chase 07:44
South Benfleet, opp Shipwrights Drive North 07:46
South Benfleet, adj Cranbrook Avenue 07:47
Hadleigh Victoria House Corner (SE-bound) 07:48
Hadleigh Bus Depot (Stand 1) 07:49
Hadleigh, o/s Morrisons 07:52
Hadleigh, adj Oak Road 07:54
Hadleigh, adj Broughton Road 07:55
Hadleigh, adj Woodfield Road 07:56
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Tattersall Gardens 07:58
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Thames Drive 07:59
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Canvey Road 08:01
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Burnham Road 08:04
Leigh-on-Sea, opp West Leigh Schools 08:05
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Kingswood Chase 08:06
Leigh-on-Sea Leigh Elms (N-bound) 08:08
Leigh-on-Sea Bonchurch Park (near) 08:09
Leigh-on-Sea Manchester Drive (N-bound) 08:10
Leigh-on-Sea Blenheim Chase (N-bound) 08:11
Leigh-on-Sea Elmsleigh Drive (E-bound) 08:11
Leigh-on-Sea, adj School Way 08:13
Leigh-on-Sea, o/s Blenheim Park 08:15
Leigh-on-Sea Westcliff High Schools (Stop D) 08:16
Leigh-on-Sea, o/s St Thomas Moore School 08:17
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Mannering Gardens South 08:18
Prittlewell Southbourne Grove (E-bound) 08:20
Prittlewell School (opp) 08:21
Prittlewell Southend Hospital South (Stop C) 08:22
Prittlewell Highfield Gardens (Stop J) 08:24
Prittlewell, opp Gainsborough Drive 08:25
Prittlewell Priory Park (NE-bound) 08:27
Prittlewell, opp Blue Boar 08:29
Southend-on-Sea, o/s Civic Centre 08:31
Southend-on-Sea Victoria Station Interchange (Stop VE) 08:33
Southend-on-Sea Whitegate Road (Stop VR) 08:36
Southend-on-Sea Travel Centre (arrivals) 08:39

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