829 - Saddleworth School - Werneth Park

A bus service operated by Bee Network - Stagecoach Manchester

Monday to Friday, Oasis Academy Leesbrook days

Werneth Park to Saddleworth School

Werneth Park (opp) 07:0007:21
Coppice, opp Wellington Road 07:0107:22
Werneth, opp Grange Avenue 07:0207:23
Werneth, opposite Heron Street 07:0307:24
Werneth, nr Vaal Street 07:0307:24
Werneth, opp Hawksley Street 07:0407:25
Butler Green, opp Chapel Road 07:0507:26
Butler Green, nr Albert Street 07:0507:26
Butler Green, adj Derby Street 07:0607:27
Butler Green, o/s Railway Bridge 07:0707:28
Butler Green, nr Whitegate Lane 07:0807:29
Nimble Nook The Sportsman (Stop E) 07:0907:30
Nimble Nook The Sportsman (Stop C) 07:0907:30
Thatch Leach, o/s Newman RC College 07:1007:31
Chadderton, nr Milton Drive 07:1107:32
Chadderton, nr Derwent Drive 07:1207:33
Chadderton, nr Middleton Road 07:1307:34
Chadderton Precinct (Stop B) 07:1407:35
Chadderton Town Hall (o/s) 07:1607:36
Chadderton, opp Ward Street 07:1707:38
Westwood, nr Main Road 07:1907:39
Westwood, nr Featherstall Road North 07:2007:40
Westwood Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 07:2207:42
Oldham College (o/s) 07:2507:44
Oldham College (Stop RA) 07:2607:45
Oldham Market (Stop ST) 07:2807:46
Oldham, nr St Mary's Way 07:2907:47
Oldham Mumps, nr Scholes Street 07:3007:49
Oldham Mumps Interchange (Stop F) 07:3107:50
Clarksfield, nr Glodwick Road 07:3307:52
Clarksfield, nr Balfour Street 07:3407:53
Clarksfield Road (nr) 07:3507:54
Salem, opp New Earth Street 07:3607:55
Salem, at Oasis Academy Leesbrook 07:3907:58
Salem, opp Old Street 08:00
Leesbrook Mill (opp) 08:00
Lees Post Office (Stop B) 08:02
Lees Stamford St (Stop D) 08:02
Lees, at County End 08:03
Springhead, opp Ashbrook Road 08:04
Springhead, nr Walkers Lane 08:04
Springhead, nr Cooper Street 08:05
Grotton, nr Brooklands Parade 08:05
Grotton, opp Coverhill Road 08:06
Lydgate (in) 08:07
Grasscroft, opp Beechfield 08:07
Grasscroft, nr Lovers Lane 08:08
Grasscroft, opp Brookway 08:09
Grasscroft, o/s Farrars Arms 08:10
Greenfield Station (Stop B) 08:12
Uppermill, o/s Wade Lock 08:14
Uppermill, opp Hare & Hounds 08:15
Uppermill Commercial Hotel (Stop A) 08:15
Uppermill, o/s Spiritualist Church 08:16
Uppermill, o/s Brownhill Centre 08:17
Marslands, o/s Navigation Inn 08:18
Diggle Saddleworth School 08:20

Timetable data from Transport for Greater Manchester/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 21 June 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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