832 - Thurmaston - English Martyrs School

A bus service operated by Centrebus (North)


Monday to Friday, school days

Thurmaston - English Martyrs School

Thurmaston, opp Pizza Hut 07:35
Thurmaston, adj Asda 07:35
Thurmaston, opp Barkby Thorpe Lane 07:36
Thurmaston, opp Charnwood Avenue 07:36
Thurmaston, after Highway Road 07:37
Thurmaston Charnwood Avenue (S-bound) 07:37
Thurmaston, nr Red Hill Lane 07:38
Thurmaston, adj Bradgate Avenue 07:38
Thurmaston, before Beacon Avenue 07:39
Thurmaston, opp Sandiacre Drive 07:39
Thurmaston, adj Dovedale Road 07:40
Thurmaston, opp Ferndale Road 07:41
Thurmaston, adj Colby Road 07:42
Leicester The Roundway (S-bound) 07:43
Leicester, o/s Claymill Road 07:44
Leicester, adj Thurmaston Boulevard 07:45
Leicester, opp Braemer Drive 07:46
Leicester, adj Dunblane Avenue 07:46
Leicester, adj Peebles Way 07:47
Leicester, opp Soar Valley College 07:48
Leicester, adj Roseway 07:49
Leicester, adj Strathmore Avenue 07:50
Leicester, opp Wyvern Arms 07:52
Belgrave, opp Rosedale Avenue 07:53
Belgrave, o/s Yorkshire Road 07:54
Belgrave Melton Road (NW-bound) 07:55
Belgrave, opp Checketts Road 07:56
Belgrave, opp Bellholme Close 07:57
Belgrave, opp Bath Street 07:57
Belgrave, o/s New Bridge 07:58
Birstall, adj East Road 08:01
Birstall, before Kilby Avenue 08:01
Birstall, opp Sports Ground 08:02
Birstall, adj Acorn Close 08:03
Birstall, opp Church Hill 08:04
Birstall, opp Garden Centre 08:06
Birstall, opp Wanlip Avenue 08:06
Birstall, opp Greengate Lane 08:07
Birstall, before Beechfield Avenue 08:07
Birstall, adj Church Hill 08:09
Birstall, opp Acorn Close 08:09
Birstall, o/s Sports Ground 08:10
Birstall, opp Kilby Avenue 08:10
Birstall, opp East Road 08:11
Belgrave, adj Red Hill Circle 08:12
Belgrave, adj McDonald's 08:12
Belgrave Abbey Lane (NW-bound) 08:13
Belgrave, adj Barnwell Avenue 08:14
Mowmacre Hill, adj Belgrave Boulevard 08:15
Leicester, adj Milton Crescent Footpath 08:21
Leicester Frith, adj Beaumont Leys School 08:22
Leicester, opp English Martyrs School 08:24

English Martyrs School - Thurmaston

Leicester, adj English Martyrs School 14:55
Leicester Frith, opp Beaumont Leys School 14:55
Leicester Frith, opp Great Meadow Road 14:55
Leicester, opp Milton Crescent Footpath 14:56
Beaumont Leys, adj Witherdell 14:56
Beaumont Leys, opp Corbet Close 14:57
Beaumont Leys, adj Calver Hey Road 14:57
Beaumont Leys, adj Beauville Drive 14:58
Mowmacre Hill, opp Belgrave Boulevard 15:01
Belgrave, opp Barnwell Avenue 15:02
Belgrave Abbey Lane (SE-bound) 15:02
Belgrave, opp McDonald's 15:03
Birstall, adj East Road 15:04
Birstall, before Kilby Avenue 15:04
Birstall, opp Sports Ground 15:05
Birstall, adj Acorn Close 15:05
Birstall, opp Church Hill 15:06
Birstall, opp Garden Centre 15:07
Birstall, opp Wanlip Avenue 15:07
Birstall, opp Greengate Lane 15:08
Birstall, before Beechfield Avenue 15:08
Birstall, adj Church Hill 15:10
Birstall, opp Acorn Close 15:10
Birstall, o/s Sports Ground 15:11
Birstall, opp Kilby Avenue 15:11
Birstall, opp East Road 15:13
Belgrave, adj New Bridge 15:14
Belgrave, adj Bath Street 15:15
Belgrave, adj Bellholme Close 15:15
Belgrave Melton Road (SE-bound) 15:17
Belgrave, opp Yorkshire Road 15:18
Belgrave, adj Rosedale Avenue 15:19
Leicester, o/s Wyvern Arms 15:19
Leicester, opp Strathmore Avenue 15:20
Leicester, opp Roseway 15:22
Leicester, adj Soar Valley College 15:22
Leicester, opp Peebles Way 15:23
Leicester, opp Dunblane Avenue 15:24
Leicester, adj Braemer Drive 15:25
Leicester, opp Thurmaston Boulevard 15:26
Leicester, adj Claymill Road 15:26
Leicester The Roundway (N-bound) 15:27
Leicester, opp The Roundway 15:27
Thurmaston, opp Colby Road 15:27
Thurmaston, adj Ferndale Road 15:29
Thurmaston, o/s Dovedale Road 15:29
Thurmaston, adj Sandiacre Drive 15:30
Thurmaston, after Beacon Avenue 15:31
Thurmaston, adj Red Hill Lane 15:31
Thurmaston Charnwood Avenue (N-bound) 15:32
Thurmaston, before Highway Road 15:33
Thurmaston, o/s Barkby Thorpe Lane 15:34
Thurmaston, opp Asda 15:35

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