842 - Ballymahon, Ballymahon - Merrion Square, Holles Street

A bus service operated by John Paul Healy


Newcastle (Longford) Centre Parcs 05:15
Ballymahon 05:2005:5006:2006:20
Edgeworthstown 05:4006:1006:4006:40
Rathowen 05:5006:2006:5006:50
Ballinalack 05:5506:2506:5506:55
Mullingar Hospital (stop 138791) 06:1006:4007:1007:1012:1013:1019:10
Mullingar Austin Friar Street (stop 135751) 06:1606:4607:1607:1612:1613:1619:16
Mullingar The Manor 06:1906:4907:1907:1912:1913:1919:19
Marlinstown Pettitswood Close 06:2006:5007:2007:2012:2013:2019:20
Dublin City Parkgate Street 07:25s07:5508:15s08:25s13:15s14:15s20:15s
Dublin Batchelors Walk 07:38s08:0808:28s08:38s13:25s14:25s20:25s
Trinity College Nassau Street 08:13s08:5008:43s14:45
Dublin Gardiner Street Lower 07:43s20:30s
Merrion Square Holles Street 08:1608:46
Drumcondra DCU St Patrick's 08:00s20:40s
Whitehall DCU Collins Avenue 08:10s20:50s
Dublin Airport 08:2513:4521:00

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off


Dublin Airport 09:2010:2015:4016:20
Whitehall DCU Collins Avenue 15:55p
Drumcondra St Patrick's College 16:05p
Dublin Wellington Quay 10:05p11:05p16:40p17:05p17:4018:10
Heuston Station 10:15p11:15p16:52p17:15p17:52p18:22p
Marlinstown Pettitswood Close 11:0512:0517:5718:0518:5719:27
Mullingar The Manor (stop 103281) 11:0612:0617:5818:0618:5819:28
Mullingar Castle Street 11:0912:0918:0118:0919:0119:31
Mullingar Hospital 11:1412:1418:0618:1419:0619:36
Ballinalack 18:1919:1919:49
Rathowen 18:2619:2619:56
Edgeworthstown 18:3619:3620:06
Ballymahon 18:5519:5520:25
Newcastle (Longford) Centre Parcs 19:00

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the bus will only stop to pick up passengers

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 26 May 2024

John Paul Healy