865 - St Johns Sch - Croxdale

A service operated by Arriva North East


Monday to Friday, school days

Croxdale to St Johns Sch

St Johns Sch to Croxdale

Bishop Auckland St Johns RC School Yard (N-bound) 15:13
Auckland Park By-pass (NE-bound) 15:20
Coundon Gate The Top House (N-bound) 15:21
Binchester Westerton Lane End (NE-bound) 15:23
Binchester Garage (NE-bound) 15:24
Middlestone Moor Binchester Moor (NE-bound) 15:26
Middlestone Moor Newsagents (NE-bound) 15:27
Middlestone Moor Grayson Road - Lyne Road (NE-bound) 15:27
Middlestone Moor Moor Grange (NE-bound) 15:27
Spennymoor Four Lane Ends (NE-bound) 15:28
Spennymoor Whitworth Terrace (NE-bound) 15:28
Spennymoor Charles Street (NE-bound) 15:29
Spennymoor Jackson Street (NW-bound) 15:29
Spennymoor Greenways Estate Jubilee Park (NW-bound) 15:30
Spennymoor Carr Street-Westfields (NW-bound) 15:30
Spennymoor Carr Street-Westerdale (E-bound) 15:31
Spennymoor Canterbury Close (NE-bound) 15:31
Spennymoor Carr Lane-opposite 108 Mayfields (SE-bound) 15:32
Spennymoor Mayfields (SE-bound) 15:32
Spennymoor Ox Close Crescent - School (SW-bound) 15:33
Spennymoor Burn Terrace (NE-bound) 15:35
Spennymoor Durham Road (NE-bound) 15:37
Tudhoe Five Lane Ends - Cemetery (SE-bound) 15:38
Spennymoor North Road School (SE-bound) 15:39
Spennymoor Dobbies Corner - Weardale St (S-bound) 15:40
Spennymoor Working Mens Club & Institute (S-bound) 15:41
Spennymoor Working Mens Club & Institute (N-bound) 15:41
Spennymoor Dobbies Corner - Weardale St (N-bound) 15:43
Spennymoor North Road School (NW-bound) 15:43
Tudhoe Five Lane Ends - Cemetery (NW-bound) 15:44
Tudhoe York Villas (N-bound) 15:45
Tudhoe Victory Club (N-bound) 15:45
Tudhoe Post Office (N-bound) 15:45
Tudhoe Schools (N-bound) 15:46
Tudhoe The Loggins (N-bound) 15:46
Croxdale Corner Shop (NE-bound) 15:47

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ARDU/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 25 November 2021

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