Bus Times

870 - St Damians Rc Science College - Stalybridge

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Greater Manchester

Lily Lanes, o/s St Damians H.S. 15:31
Lily Lanes, o/s New Charter Academy 15:31
Higher Hurst, o/s St Christopher's 15:32
Hurst Cross, nr Springfield St 15:33
Higher Hurst, opp Hurst Cemetery 15:34
Higher Hurst, opp Grange Park Ave 15:34
Hazelhurst Rose Hill Road (S Bnd) (Aldergate Grove) 15:35
Hazelhurst, nr The Ladysmith 15:37
Hazelhurst, nr Kingsley Cl 15:37
Hazelhurst, o/s Junction Inn 15:38
Luzley, o/s Dirk Farm 15:39
Luzley, o/s Hartshead Inn 15:40
Luzley Mossley Road 15:40
Top Mossley, nr Broadcarr Ln 15:41
Brookbottom, opp St. George's Sch 15:41
Brookbottom, nr Dean St 15:42
Top Mossley, nr Egerton St 15:42
Mossley Stamford Road (opp Clifton Villa) 15:43
Mossley, nr Dental Surgery 15:44
Mossley Stn (Stop C) 15:44
Mossley, nr Waggon Rd 15:44
Mossley, nr Stanhope St 15:45
Mossley, nr Egmont St 15:45
Mossley, nr Tame Bridge 15:46
Micklehurst, opp Cheshire St 15:46
Mossley, opp Moorlands Cres 15:47
Mossley, opp Winterford Rd 15:47
Mossley, nr Daisy Hill Rd 15:48
Mossley, nr The Willows 15:49
Mossley, nr Winterford Rd 15:50
Micklehurst Rd (opp) 15:50
Micklehurst, opp Richmond Lodge 15:51
Micklehurst, opp Staley Rd 15:52
Buckton Vale, nr Staley Cottages 15:53
Buckton Vale, opp Buckton Castle 15:54
Buckton Vale, o/s First Ave 15:54
Millbrook, o/s St Raphael's Church 15:55
Millbrook, nr Shakespeare Ave 15:56
Millbrook (at) 15:57
Millbrook, nr Parkfields 15:58
Brushes Rd (nr) 15:58
The Copley Ctr (o/s) 15:59
Copley, nr Demesne Dr 16:00
Stalybridge, nr Demesne Dr 16:02
Stalybridge, nr Mottram Rd 16:02
Stalybridge, o/s The Organ 16:03
Stalybridge Park St (Stop F) 16:04
Stalybridge Armentieres Square (Stop A) 16:05
Stalybridge, nr Market St 16:06
Stalybridge Bus Station (Stop D) 16:08

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