873 - Cravenlink - Ilkley - Skipton

A bus service operated by The Keighley Bus Company

Sundays and bank holidays

Ilkley - Skipton

Ilkley Bus Station stand A 11:2014:4016:30
Ilkley Brook Street 11:2014:4016:30
Ilkley Skipton Rd Middleton Road 11:2114:4116:31
Ilkley, adj Skipton Rd Easby Drive 11:2114:4116:31
Ilkley Skipton Rd Appletree Gardens 11:2214:4216:32
Ilkley Skipton Rd Layby 11:2214:4216:32
Ilkley Skipton Rd Cocking Lane 11:2314:4316:33
Ilkley Skipton Road Netherwood 11:2414:4416:34
Ilkley Skipton Rd Cocking Lane (corner) 11:2414:4416:34
Addingham Wharfedale Rd Lumb Gill Lane (corner) 11:2514:4516:35
Addingham Main St Church Street (stop) 11:2614:4616:36
Addingham, after Cricket Ground 11:2714:4716:37
Addingham Main Street The Fleece PH 11:2814:4816:38
Addingham Bolton Rd Main St 11:2814:4816:38
Addingham Bolton Rd The Acres 11:2814:4816:38
Addingham Bolton Rd Farfield House 11:2914:4916:39
Addingham Farfield Hall (N bound) 11:3114:5116:41
Bolton Abbey Bolton Bridge (S-bound) 11:3414:5416:44
Bolton Abbey, adj Well 11:3614:5616:46
Storiths Cavendish Memorial (NE-bound) 11:3614:5616:46
Bolton Abbey, opp The Riddings 11:3914:5916:49
Barden, opp Strid Wood 11:4115:0116:51
Barden, adj Scale 11:4215:0216:52
Barden, adj Moor Lane 11:4615:0616:56
Embsay, adj The Masons Arms 11:5015:1017:00
Embsay, adj Post Box 11:5115:1117:01
Embsay Kirk Lane (W-bound) 11:5215:1217:02
Embsay, adj Laurel Croft 10:0911:5415:1417:04
Embsay, opp Dalacres Drive 10:0911:5415:1417:04
Embsay, opp Brackenly Lane 10:1011:5515:1517:05
Embsay, opp Megsons Court 10:1111:5615:1617:06
Skipton Embsay Road Junction (W-bound) 10:1311:5815:1817:08
Skipton, opp The Bailey 10:1411:5915:1917:09
Skipton Market Place (S-bound) 10:1512:0015:2017:10
Skipton Bus Station Stand 3 (3) 10:1812:0315:2317:13
Skipton Belle Vue Mills (W-bound) 17:16
Skipton Railway Station (N-bound) 17:18

Skipton - Ilkley

Skipton Railway Station (N-bound) 10:0017:30
Skipton Fire Station (E-bound) 10:00
Skipton, adj Bus Station Stand 1 17:32
Skipton Belle Vue Mills (E-bound) 10:00
Skipton Market Place (N-bound) 10:0210:3112:1115:3117:36
Skipton, adj The Bailey 10:0210:3112:1115:3117:36
Skipton Embsay Road Junction (NE-bound) 10:0310:3212:1215:3217:37
Embsay, adj Megsons Court 10:0510:3412:1415:3417:39
Embsay, adj Brackenly Lane 10:0610:3512:1515:3517:40
Embsay, adj Dalacres Drive 10:0710:3612:1615:3617:41
Embsay, opp Laurel Croft 10:0810:3712:1715:3717:42
Embsay Kirk Lane (E-bound) 10:3812:1815:3817:43
Embsay, opp Post Box 10:3912:1915:3917:44
Embsay, opp The Masons Arms 10:4012:2015:4017:45
Barden, opp Moor Lane 10:4412:2415:4417:49
Barden, opp Scale 10:4812:2815:4817:53
Barden, adj Strid Wood 10:5012:3015:5017:55
Bolton Abbey, adj The Riddings 10:5112:3115:5117:56
Storiths Cavendish Memorial (SW-bound) 10:5412:3415:5417:59
Bolton Abbey, opp Well 10:5512:3515:5518:00
Bolton Abbey Devonshire Arms (S-bound) 10:5612:3615:5618:01
Addingham Farfield Hall 10:5912:3915:5918:04
Addingham, opp Bolton Rd Farfield House 11:0112:4116:0118:06
Addingham Bolton Rd The Acres (SW bound) 11:0212:4216:0218:07
Addingham Bolton Rd Main St (SW bound) 11:0212:4216:0218:07
Addingham Main Street The Fleece PH 11:0312:4316:0318:08
Addingham Cricket Ground 11:0412:4416:0418:09
Addingham, before Ilkley Rd Church Street 11:0412:4416:0418:09
Addingham, opp Wharfedale Rd Lumb Gill Lane 11:0612:4616:0618:11
Ilkley, opp Skipton Rd Cocking Lane 11:0812:4816:0818:13
Ilkley Skipton Road Netherwood (stop) 11:0812:4816:0818:13
Ilkley Skipton Road The Hollins 11:0912:4916:0918:14
Ilkley Skipton Road Dale View 11:1012:5016:1018:15
Ilkley Skipton Rd Victoria Avenue 11:1112:5116:1118:16
Ilkley Skipton Rd Easby Drive 11:1212:5216:1218:17
Ilkley Skipton Rd Westville Road 11:1212:5216:1218:17
Ilkley Bus Station stand A 11:1512:5516:1518:20

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