876 - Longridge - Clitheroe RGS

A bus service operated by Moving People

Longridge - Clitheroe RGS

Longridge, by Stone Bridge 07:45
Longridge, o/s St Wilfrid's Church 07:45
Longridge, opp Booths 07:46
Longridge, o/s Post Office 07:47
Longridge, by Health Centre 07:47
Longridge, opp Gardeners Cottage 07:48
Longridge, by Hollin Hall Drive 07:48
Hothersall, o/s Corporation Arms 07:48
Hothersall, opp Hillside School 07:49
Hothersall Lane (opp) 07:49
Hothersall, opp Asturian Gate 07:50
Ward Green Cross, by Ward Green Lane 07:51
Ribchester, by Kitchen Grn Fm 07:53
Ribchester, opp Black Bull 07:55
Ribchester, o/s Post Office 07:55
Ribchester, by Stoneygate Lane 07:56
Knowle Green, o/s Halls Arms 08:05
Dutton, by Gallows Lane 08:07
Hurst Green, by Bailey Green Cottage 08:08
Hurst Green, opp Shireburn Arms 08:10
Hurst Green, by St Josephs RCPS 08:10
Hurst Green, by Knowles Brow 08:13
Great Mitton, adj Mitton Road End 08:15
Great Mitton, opp Three Fishes 08:15
Great Mitton, o/s Aspinall Arms 08:16
Great Mitton, by Mitton Hall 08:16
Calderstone, opp Kingsmill Avenue 08:17
Calderstone, by Cemetery 08:18
Calderstones Drive (by) 08:20
Calderstone, opp Cemetery 08:20
Calderstone, by Kingsmill Avenue 08:21
Great Mitton, by Mitton Road End 08:26
Great Mitton, opp Church Lane 08:27
Great Mitton, opp New Lane 08:28
Great Mitton, by Brick House Farm 08:32
Edisford Hall, o/s Ribblesdale Pool 08:34
Low Moor, by St Pauls Church 08:35
Bawdlands, opp Seedall Avenue 08:36
Bawdlands, by Whalley Street 08:37
Clitheroe Station Road (Stand I) 08:38
Clitheroe Well Terrace (Stop B) 08:40
Chatburn Road, by Warwick Drive 08:42
Chatburn Road, by Grammar School TC 08:45

Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Clitheroe RGS - Longridge

Chatburn Road, o/s Grammar School 15:50
Chatburn Road, opp Warwick Drive 15:51
Clitheroe Well Terrace (Stop A) 15:55
Clitheroe Station Road (Stand J) 15:56
Clitheroe, by Rock Street 15:56
Bawdlands, opp Kings Arms 15:57
Bawdlands, by Seedall Avenue 15:57
Low Moor, opp St Pauls Church 15:58
Edisford Hall, by Caravan Park 15:59
Great Mitton, opp Brick House Farm 16:01
Great Mitton, by New Lane 16:04
Great Mitton, o/s Mitton Road End 16:06
Great Mitton, opp Three Fishes 16:08
Great Mitton, o/s Aspinall Arms 16:08
Great Mitton, by Mitton Hall 16:09
Calderstone, opp Kingsmill Avenue 16:11
Calderstone, by Cemetery 16:12
Calderstones Drive (by) 16:15
Calderstone, opp Cemetery 16:15
Calderstone, by Kingsmill Avenue 16:16
Great Mitton, o/s Three Fishes Inn 16:19
Great Mitton, by Mitton Road End 16:20
Hurst Green, opp Knowles Brow 16:21
Hurst Green, o/s Shireburn Arms 16:25
Hurst Green, o/s St Johns Church 16:25
Hurst Green, o/s Punch Bowl Hotel 16:26
Dutton, by Huntington Hall Lane 16:28
Dutton, by Duddle House Farm 16:28
Dutton, by Moor Nook 16:29
Knowle Green, opp Halls Arms 16:30
Ribchester, by Black Bull 16:40
Ribchester, by Pinfold Cottages 16:42
Ward Green Cross, opp Ward Green Lane 16:43
Hothersall, o/s Asturian Gate 16:44
Hothersall Lane (by) 16:45
Hothersall, o/s Hillside School 16:45
Hothersall, opp Corporation Arms 16:46
Longridge, by Gardeners Cottage 16:46
Longridge, opp Health Centre 16:47
Longridge, opp Post Office 16:48
Longridge, by Berry Lane 16:48
Longridge, opp St Wilfrids Church 16:49
Longridge, adj Stone Bridge 16:50

Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 April 2024