877 - Bramhall High School - Adswood

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Manchester


Monday to Friday, Stockport Academy days

Adswood - Bramhall High School

Stockport College (Stop TT) 07:08
Stockport College (Stop UU) 07:08
Stockport, opp Castle Street 07:09
Edgeley, opp Worral Street 07:10
Edgeley, o/s Alexandra Park 07:11
Edgeley, opp Northgate Road 07:11
Edgeley, opp St Lesmo Road 07:12
Edgeley, nr Cheadle Old Road 07:13
Edgeley, opp Bordon Road 07:14
Edgeley Road (nr) 07:14
Adswood, opp Fielding Works 07:16
Adswood Orion Business Park 07:17
Adswood, opp Beechurst Road 07:18
Adswood, nr Ladybridge Road 07:21
Adswood, o/s Micker Brook 07:21
Cheadle, nr Hereford Road 07:23
Cheadle, opp Tarvin Road 07:24
Cheadle, opp Post Office 07:25
Cheadle, nr Demmings Road 07:26
Cheadle, nr Cranleigh Drive 07:28
Cheadle, nr Councillor Lane 07:28
Cheadle, opp Red Lion 07:29
Cheadle George & Dragon (Stop E) 07:31
Cheadle Warwick Mall (Stop C) 07:31
Cheadle Post Office (opp) 07:33
Cheadle, nr Depleach Road 07:34
Cheadle, by Broadway 07:35
Cheadle, opp Schools Hill 07:36
Cheadle, at Golf Course 07:39
Cheadle & Marple College (opp) 07:41
Cheadle Hulme, opp The Kenilworth 07:43
Cheadle Hulme Buckingham Road (SW-bound) 07:44
Cheadle Hulme Station (Stop D) 07:48
Cheadle Hulme Platform 5 (Stop F) 07:48
Cheadle Hulme Monmouth Road (Stop H) 07:49
Cheadle Hulme, nr Lindsay Avenue 07:50
Cheadle Hulme, nr Manor Road 07:50
Cheadle Hulme, opp Swann Lane 07:51
Cheadle Hulme, nr Church Inn 07:52
Smithy Green, nr Church Road 07:54
Smithy Green, opp Newlands Avenue 07:55
Gillbent, nr Pingate Lane 07:56
Gillbent, opp Pointing Dog 07:58
Gillbent, opp Rugby Club 07:58
Woodford, opp British Legion Club 08:05
Woodford, opp Community Centre 08:05
Woodford, opp The Old School House 08:06
Woodford, opp Davenport Arms 08:07
Woodford, nr Church Lane 08:08
Woodford, o/s The Old School House 08:08
Woodford, o/s Community Centre 08:09
Woodford Garden Village (opp) 08:09
Woodford Road (nr) 08:10
Woodford, nr Chester Road 08:10
Woodford, nr Jenny Lane 08:11
Bramhall, opp Queensgate 08:12
Bramhall, opp Meadway 08:13
Bramhall Village 08:14
Bramhall Station (Stop B) 08:14
Pownall Green, nr Robins Lane 08:16
Pownall Green Bramhall High School (Stop 2) 08:20

Bramhall High School - Adswood

Pownall Green Bramhall High School (Stop 2) 15:15
Pownall Green, opp Ramsdale Road 15:17
Pownall Green, opp Robins Lane 15:17
Bramhall Station (Stop A) 15:18
Bramhall Village (at) 15:20
Bramhall, nr Meadway 15:20
Bramhall, nr Queensgate 15:20
Bramhall, at Recreation Ground 15:21
Woodford, opp Jenny Lane 15:21
Woodford, adj Chester Road 15:22
Woodford Road (opp) 15:22
Woodford Garden Village (o/s) 15:23
Woodford, opp Community Centre 15:23
Woodford, opp The Old School House 15:24
Woodford, opp Davenport Arms 15:24
Woodford, nr Church Lane 15:25
Woodford, o/s The Old School House 15:25
Woodford, o/s Community Centre 15:25
Woodford, nr British Legion Club 15:25
Gillbent, o/s Rugby Club 15:27
Gillbent, nr Pointing Dog 15:28
Gillbent, opp Pingate Lane 15:29
Smithy Green, nr Newlands Avenue 15:30
Smithy Green, opp Woods Lane 15:33
Cheadle Hulme, o/s Church Inn 15:34
Cheadle Hulme, nr Swann Lane 15:35
Cheadle Hulme, nr Beech Road 15:38
Cheadle Hulme Monmouth Road (Stop G) 15:40
Cheadle Hulme Station (Stop E) 15:40
Cheadle Hulme Queen's Road (SE-bound) 15:41
Cheadle & Marple College (at) 15:43
Cheadle, nr Valley Road 15:45
Cheadle, nr Schools Hill 15:46
Cheadle, nr Broadway 15:47
Cheadle Post Office (nr) 15:48
Cheadle Boots (Stop B) 15:48
Cheadle Stockport Road (Stop D) 15:49
Cheadle, o/s Red Lion 15:49
Cheadle, nr Stockport Road 15:50
Cheadle, adj Cranleigh Drive 15:51
Cheadle, opp Demmings Road 15:51
Cheadle, o/s Post Office 15:52
Cheadle, nr Calverley Road 15:53
Cheadle, opp Calderbrook Drive 15:54
Adswood Park (at) 15:54
Adswood Turning Circle (at) 15:55
Adswood, nr Carnforth Road 15:55
Adswood, nr Chatsworth Road 15:55
Adswood, at Orion Business Park 15:56
Adswood, o/s Fielding Works 15:57
Edgeley, nr Bordon Road 15:59
Edgeley, opp Cheadle Old Road 15:59
Edgeley, nr St Lesmo Road 16:00
Edgeley, nr Northgate Road 16:01
Edgeley, nr Castle Street 16:02
Edgeley, nr Worral Street 16:03
Stockport, nr Castle Street 16:03
Stockport College (Stop AF) 16:05

Timetable data from Stagecoach Manchester, 17 January 2022

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