88 - Luton - Hitchin

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Luton to Hitchin

Luton Station Interchange (Stand 5) 07:1507:3010:0012:3014:3017:05
Luton Church Street (Stop C9) 07:1707:3210:0212:3214:3217:07
Luton Park Square (Stop P3) 07:1807:3310:0312:3314:3317:08
St Annes, nr Crescent Road 07:2107:3610:0612:3614:3617:11
St Annes, nr Abbots Wood Road 07:2307:3810:0712:3714:3717:12
St Annes, opp Devon Road turn 07:2407:3910:0812:3814:3817:13
St Annes, nr Somerset House 07:2407:3910:0812:3814:3817:13
Vauxhall Park, nr Dovehouse Hill 07:2507:4010:0912:3914:3917:14
Vauxhall Park, o/s Queen Elizabeth School 07:2607:4110:1012:4014:4017:15
Wigmore, o/s ASDA 07:2907:4210:1212:4214:4217:17
Wigmore, opp ASDA 07:3007:4310:1312:4314:4317:18
Wigmore Park, opp Berrow Closel 07:3107:4410:1412:4414:4417:19
Wigmore Park, opp Wigmore Church 07:3207:4410:1512:4514:4517:20
Cockernhoe, adj Elm Tree Avenue 07:3407:4510:1612:4614:4617:21
Cockernhoe, adj The Green 07:3407:4610:1612:4614:4617:21
Tea Green, opp Brickkiln Wood 07:3807:4710:1812:4814:4817:23
Tea Green, adj The Green 07:4007:4910:1912:4914:4917:24
Wandon End, opp Industrial Works 07:4307:5110:2112:5114:5117:26
Darleyhall, opp The Fox PH 07:4607:5210:2312:5314:5317:28
The Heath, adj Millway 07:4807:5310:2412:5414:5417:29
The Heath, opp Brownings Lane 07:4907:5410:2512:5514:5517:30
Breachwood Green, nr Oxford Road 07:5207:5610:2612:5614:5617:31
Breachwood Green Chapel Road (W-bound) 07:5407:5810:2812:5814:5817:33
The Heath, nr Brownings Lane 07:5608:0010:3013:0015:0017:35
King’s Walden, nr Roundabouts Plantation 07:5708:0110:3113:0115:0117:36
King’s Walden, opp Church 07:5908:0310:3313:0315:0317:38
King’s Walden, opp Plough Lane 08:0108:0410:3413:0415:0417:39
Ley Green, opp New Cottages 08:0208:0510:3513:0515:0517:40
Ley Green, opp Old School 08:0308:0610:3513:0515:0517:40
Ley Green, o/s Wantsend Farm 08:0408:0710:3613:0615:0617:41
Cox Green, adj Leggatts Farm 08:0408:0810:3613:0615:0617:41
Preston, opp Red Lion PH 08:0908:0910:3913:0915:0917:44
Gosmore, nr Tatmore Place 08:1308:1210:4213:1215:1217:47
Gosmore, nr Tatmore Place 08:1408:1310:4313:1315:1317:48
Gosmore, opp Bird in Hand PH 08:1608:1410:4413:1415:1417:49
Hitchin, nr Priory Way 08:1808:1610:4613:1615:1617:51
Hitchin, opp Coach Drive 08:1908:1710:4713:1715:1717:52
Hitchin, nr ASDA 08:2108:1810:4913:1915:1917:54
Hitchin St Mary's Square (Stop L) 08:2208:2010:5013:2015:2017:55
Hitchin, nr Verulam Road 08:24
Hitchin Railway Station (Stop B) 08:26
Hitchin Station (Stop C) 08:26
Hitchin, opp Grove Road 08:27
Hitchin, opp Football Club 08:29
Hitchin, opp Fishponds Road 08:30
Westmill Estate, adj Angel's Reply PH 08:32
Westmill Estate, nr Wellingham Avenue 08:33
Westmill Estate, o/s The Priory School 08:35

Hitchin to Luton

Westmill Estate, o/s The Priory School 15:45
Westmill Estate, opp Wellingham Avenue 15:46
Westmill Estate, opp Angel's Reply PH 15:47
Hitchin, nr Fishponds Road 15:48
Hitchin, o/s Football Club 15:48
Hitchin, nr Grove Road 15:50
Hitchin Station (Stop D) 15:52
Hitchin Railway Station (Stop A) 15:52
Hitchin Hollow Lane (NW-bound) 15:57
Hitchin St Mary's Square (Stop L) 09:0011:0013:3016:0016:0018:00
Hitchin Bancroft (Stop G) 09:0211:0213:3216:0216:0218:02
Hitchin, adj Coach Drive 09:0611:0613:3616:0616:0618:06
Hitchin, opp Priory Way 09:0611:0613:3616:0616:0618:06
Gosmore, o/s Bird in Hand PH 09:0811:0813:3816:0816:0818:08
Gosmore, adj Thistley Lane 09:0911:0913:3916:0916:0918:09
Gosmore, opp Tatmore Place 09:1011:1013:4016:1016:1018:10
Preston, o/s Red Lion PH 09:1311:1313:4316:1316:1318:13
Cox Green, opp Leggatts Farm 09:1611:1613:4616:1616:1618:16
Ley Green, opp Wantsend Farm 09:1611:1613:4616:1616:1618:16
Ley Green, nr Old School 09:1711:1713:4716:1716:1718:17
Ley Green, adj New Cottages 09:1711:1713:4716:1716:1718:17
King’s Walden, nr Plough Lane 09:1811:1813:4816:1816:1818:18
King’s Walden, nr Church 09:1911:1913:4916:1916:1918:19
King’s Walden, opp Roundabouts Plantation 09:2211:2213:5216:2216:2218:22
The Heath, opp Brownings Lane 09:2511:2513:5516:2516:2518:25
Breachwood Green, nr Oxford Road 09:2711:2713:5716:2716:2718:27
Breachwood Green Chapel Road (W-bound) 09:2911:2913:5916:2916:2918:29
The Heath, nr Brownings Lane 09:3011:3014:0016:3016:3018:30
The Heath, opp Millway 09:3011:3014:0016:3016:3018:30
Darleyhall, adj The Fox PH 09:3111:3114:0116:3116:3118:31
Wandon End, o/s Industrial Works 09:3311:3314:0316:3316:3318:33
Tea Green, opp The Green 09:3411:3414:0416:3416:3418:34
Tea Green, adj Brickkiln Wood 09:3511:3514:0516:3516:3518:35
Cockernhoe, opp The Green 09:3711:3714:0716:3716:3718:37
Cockernhoe, opp Elm Tree Avenue 09:3711:3714:0716:3716:3718:37
Wigmore Church (o/s) 09:3911:3914:0916:3916:3918:39
Wigmore, opp Rushall Green 09:3911:3914:0916:3916:3918:39
Wigmore, o/s ASDA 09:4111:4114:1116:4116:4118:41
Wigmore, opp ASDA 09:4211:4214:1216:4216:4218:42
Vauxhall Park, nr Lalleford Road 09:4311:4314:1316:4316:4318:43
Vauxhall Park, opp Williton Road 09:4411:4414:1416:4416:4418:44
Vauxhall Park, opp Dovehouse Hill 09:4511:4514:1516:4516:4518:45
St Annes, opp Somerset House 09:4611:4614:1616:4616:4618:46
St Annes, adj Leygreen Close 09:4711:4714:1716:4716:4718:47
St Annes, opp Hart Lane 09:4711:4714:1716:4716:4718:47
St Annes, opp Crescent Road 09:4811:4814:1816:4816:4818:48
Luton Vicarage Street (SW-bound) 09:5011:5014:2016:5016:5018:50
Luton Church Street (Stop C5) 09:5111:5114:2116:5116:5118:51
Luton Station Interchange (Stand 5) 09:5511:5514:2516:5516:5518:55

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/REDE/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 8 September 2023

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