88 - Wimborne - St Peter's School

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Wimborne - St Peter's School

Wimborne Minster The Square (Stop A) 07:09
Wimborne Minster Police Station (E-bound) 07:10
Wimborne Minster The Quarter Jack Surgery (SE-bound) 07:11
Wimborne Minster St John's Hill (N-bound) 07:12
Wimborne Minster Top of St. John's Hill (N-bound) 07:12
Wimborne Minster Onslow Gardens (N-bound) 07:13
Colehill Cobbs Road (NE-bound) 07:14
Colehill Lane (NE-bound) 07:14
Colehill Post Office (NE-bound) 07:15
Colehill Pharmacy (opp) 07:15
Colehill First School (SE-bound) 07:16
Colehill Hayes Lane (E-bound) 07:17
Canford Bottom Fryers Copse (SE-bound) 07:18
Stapehill, opp Fox Lane 07:19
Stapehill Garden Centre (E-bound) 07:20
Stapehill Uddens Cross (E-bound) 07:21
Stapehill Ferndown Industrial Estate (E-bound) 07:22
Stapehill Hill Top Garage (E-bound) 07:23
Ferndown Pure Drop Inn (E-bound) 07:24
Ferndown Church Road (E-bound) 07:25
Ferndown Wimborne Road Junction (S-bound) 07:26
Ferndown Albert Road (S-bound) 07:27
Ferndown Town Centre (S-bound) 07:28
Ferndown Dudsbury Avenue (SW-bound) 07:29
Dudsbury The Grove (SW-bound) 07:30
Dudsbury Locksley Drive (E-bound) 07:31
Dudsbury Glenmoor Road Shops (SE-bound) 07:31
West Parley Chapelgate Garage (SE-bound) 07:32
West Parley Winnards Close (SE-bound) 07:33
West Parley Brierley Avenue (S-bound) 07:34
West Parley Parley Cross Roads (S-bound) 07:35
West Parley Dudsbury Gardens (S-bound) 07:36
Northbourne Kinson Park Road (SE-bound) 07:38
Northbourne Brierley Road (S-bound) 07:39
Redhill, opp Saxonhurst Road 07:40
Redhill, opp Headswell Avenue 07:41
Redhill Roundabout (SE-bound) 07:42
Ensbury Park Cherries Drive (S-bound) 07:47
Ensbury Park Highfield Road (E-bound) 07:48
Moordown Ensbury Park Road (N-bound) 07:49
Moordown Cowper Road (N-bound) 07:50
Moordown Maclaren Road (NE-bound) 07:50
Moordown Malvern Road (NE-bound) 07:51
Moordown Linden Road (NE-bound) 07:52
Moordown Westover Retail Park (N-bound) 07:53
Moordown Lawford Road (SE-bound) 07:54
Moordown West Way (SE-bound) 07:56
Moordown Littlecroft Avenue (SE-bound) 07:57
Moordown Claremont Avenue (E-bound) 07:58
Charminster Broadway Co-op (E-bound) 07:59
Charminster Broadway Tavern (SE-bound) 08:00
Charminster Mill Road (E-bound) 08:01
Strouden East Way (E-bound) 08:03
Strouden Castlepoint (Stop B) 08:05
Strouden Craigmoor Way (E-bound) 08:06
Strouden Mount Pleasant Drive (SE-bound) 08:07
Strouden Cooper Dean (E-bound) 08:09
Littledown Castle Lane Tesco (SE-bound) 08:12
Iford St Peters Primary School (S-bound) 08:15
Iford Hambledon Road (SW-bound) 08:16
Pokesdown Harewood Avenue (SW-bound) 08:17
Pokesdown Spurgeon Road (SW-bound) 08:17
Pokesdown Station (SE-bound) 08:18
Pokesdown Darracott Road (SE-bound) 08:19
West Southbourne Fishermans Walk (SE-bound) 08:20
West Southbourne Grand Avenue (E-bound) 08:21
West Southbourne Carbery Avenue (SE-bound) 08:22
Southbourne Tuckton Corner (S-bound) 08:23
Southbourne Avoncliffe Road (SE-bound) 08:24
Southbourne Cross Roads (E-bound) 08:25
Southbourne Belle Vue Mansions (E-bound) 08:26
Southbourne St Peters School (SE-bound) 08:35

St Peter's School - Wimborne

Southbourne St Peters School (SE-bound) 15:25
Southbourne Church Road (SW-bound) 15:26
Southbourne Cross Roads (NW-bound) 15:27
Southbourne Avoncliffe Road (W-bound) 15:27
Southbourne Clifton Road (N-bound) 15:28
Southbourne Tuckton Corner (W-bound) 15:29
West Southbourne Carbery Avenue (NW-bound) 15:29
West Southbourne Grand Avenue (W-bound) 15:30
West Southbourne Fishermans Walk (NW-bound) 15:31
Pokesdown Darracott Road (NW-bound) 15:32
Pokesdown Spurgeon Road (NE-bound) 15:33
Pokesdown St James School (NE-bound) 15:34
Pokesdown Harewood Avenue (NE-bound) 15:35
Iford St Peters Primary School (N-bound) 15:36
Littledown Castle Lane Tesco (NW-bound) 15:38
Strouden Cooper Dean (W-bound) 15:43
Strouden Mount Pleasant Drive (W-bound) 15:45
Strouden Craigmoor Way (W-bound) 15:46
Strouden Castlepoint (Stop A) 15:48
Strouden Mallard Road (W-bound) 15:49
Charminster Mill Road (W-bound) 15:50
Charminster, opp Broadway Co-op 15:52
Moordown Littlecroft Avenue (N-bound) 15:54
Moordown West Way (NW-bound) 15:55
Moordown Redbreast Road North (NW-bound) 15:56
Moordown Lawford Road (NW-bound) 15:57
Moordown Westover Retail Park (S-bound) 15:58
Moordown Linden Road (S-bound) 15:59
Moordown Malvern Road (SW-bound) 16:00
Moordown Cowper Road (S-bound) 16:01
Moordown Ensbury Park Road (W-bound) 16:02
Ensbury Park Highfield Road (W-bound) 16:04
Ensbury Park Cherries Drive (S-bound) 16:06
Redhill Headswell Avenue (NW-bound) 16:09
Redhill Saxonhurst Road (W-bound) 16:10
Northbourne Brierley Road (N-bound) 16:11
Northbourne Kinson Park Road (NW-bound) 16:12
West Parley Dudsbury Gardens (N-bound) 16:14
West Parley Parley Cross Roads (N-bound) 16:17
West Parley Brierley Avenue (N-bound) 16:18
West Parley Winnards Close (NW-bound) 16:19
West Parley Chapelgate Garage (NW-bound) 16:20
Dudsbury Glenmoor Road Shops (NW-bound) 16:21
Dudsbury Locksley Drive (W-bound) 16:21
Dudsbury The Grove (NE-bound) 16:22
Ferndown Dudsbury Avenue (NE-bound) 16:23
Ferndown Town Centre (N-bound) 16:24
Ferndown Albert Road (N-bound) 16:25
Ferndown Wimborne Road Junction (N-bound) 16:26
Ferndown Church Road (W-bound) 16:27
Ferndown Pure Drop Inn (W-bound) 16:28
Stapehill Hill Top Garage (W-bound) 16:29
Stapehill Ferndown Industrial Estate (W-bound) 16:30
Stapehill Uddens Cross (W-bound) 16:33
Stapehill Garden Centre (W-bound) 16:34
Stapehill Fox Lane (W-bound) 16:36
Canford Bottom Fryers Copse (NW-bound) 16:38
Colehill Hayes Lane (NW-bound) 16:39
Colehill First School (NW-bound) 16:40
Colehill Pharmacy (W-bound) 16:41
Colehill Post Office (SW-bound) 16:41
Colehill Lane (SW-bound) 16:42
Colehill Cobbs Road (SW-bound) 16:42
Wimborne Minster Onslow Gardens (SW-bound) 16:43
Wimborne Minster Top of St. John's Hill (S-bound) 16:44
Wimborne Minster St John's Hill (S-bound) 16:45
Wimborne Minster St John's Hill (W-bound) 16:45
Wimborne Minster The Quarter Jack Surgery (N-bound) 16:46
Wimborne Minster Police Station (W-bound) 16:47
Wimborne Minster The Square (Stop A) 16:48

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