891 - Coleshill School - Chelmsley Wood - Marston Green - Yardley

A bus service operated by National Express West Midlands


Monday to Friday, Birmingham LEA school days

Coleshill School - Yardley via Chelmsley Wood, Marston Green

Deritend, after Adderley St 07:25
Bordesley Rail Station (E-bound) 07:25
Bordesley Circus (after) 07:26
Bordesley St Andrew's Stadium (adjacent) 07:26
Bordesley, adj Little Green Lane 07:27
Small Heath, adj Eversley Rd 07:28
Bordesley Green Prince Albert St (adjacent) 07:28
Bordesley Green, opp Charles Rd 07:29
Bordesley Green, opp Mansel Rd 07:30
Bordesley Green, opp Hobmoor Rd 07:30
Bordesley Green, after Hob Moor Rd 07:30
Bordesley Green, adj Heartlands Hospital 07:31
Alum Rock Heartlands Hospital (Stop HK) 07:32
Alum Rock, before Newbridge Road 07:33
Hay Mills, adj Recreation Ground 07:34
Hay Mills, opp Heybarnes Rd 07:35
Hay Mills, adj Millhouse Rd 07:36
Hay Mills, after Rosedale Grove 07:37
Yardley, after Wash Lane 07:37
Yardley, adj Clements Rd 07:38
Yardley, before Stoney Lane 07:39
Yardley, before Croft Rd 07:40
Yardley, opp Wroxton Rd 07:40
Yardley, opp Barrows Lane 07:41
Yardley, before Vibart Rd 07:42
Cockshut Hill, opp Old Yardley Park 07:42
Cockshut Hill, adj Partridge Rd 07:43
Cockshut Hill School (adj) 07:44
Cockshut Hill, adj Duncroft Rd 07:45
Cockshut Hill, opp Markfield Rd 07:46
Garretts Green, before Sheldon Heath Road 07:47
Garretts Green, opp Sheldon Walk 07:48
Garretts Green, adj Blakenhale Rd 07:49
Lea Hall, before Meadway 07:50
Lea Hall Mirfield Rd (adjacent) 07:50
Kitt’s Green, opposite Century House 07:52
Kitt’s Green Lidl Supermarket (adjacent) 07:52
Tile Cross, adj Shirestone Infant School 07:52
Tile Cross, after Blackmoor Croft 07:53
Tile Cross, adj Haywood Rd 07:53
Tile Cross, adj Braymoor Rd 07:54
Tile Cross Island (after) 07:54
Tile Cross, before Holly Lane 07:55
Marston Green Interchange (adj) 07:57
Marston Green Tavern (adjacent) 07:57
Marston Green, adj Cambridge Drive 07:58
Marston Green, adj Gloucester Way 08:00
Chelmsley Wood, adj Winchester Drive 08:01
Chelmsley Wood, opp Willow Way 08:02
Chelmsley Wood Chelmsley Interchange (Stop CL) 08:05
Chelmsley Wood, opposite Hedgetree Croft 08:07
Chelmsley Wood, before Richmond Way 08:08
Chelmsley Wood, opp Richmond Way 08:09
Chelmsley Wood, adj Hedingham Grove 08:11
Birmingham Business Park, adj Yorkminster Drive 08:15
Coleshill, opp Depot 08:16
Coleshill School (Opp) 08:20

Yardley - Coleshill School via Chelmsley Wood, Marston Green

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