899 - Seaton - Sidford - Sidmouth

A bus service operated by Axe Valley Mini Travel (AVMT)

Seaton - Sidford - Sidmouth

Seaton Marine Place (Stop B) 09:3011:4513:4514:4016:15
Seaton Old Beer Road (W-bound) 09:3111:4613:4614:4116:16
Seaton Beer Road (W-bound) 09:3111:4613:4614:4116:16
Beer New Road (NW-bound) 09:3511:5013:5014:4516:20
Beer Cross (SE-bound) 09:3711:5213:5214:4716:22
Branscombe Hangman's Stone (W-bound) 14:51
Beer Post Box (SW-bound) 09:3811:5313:5316:23
Street, opp Three Horseshoes Inn 14:53
Beer Underleys (W-bound) 09:4011:5513:5516:25
Trow King's Down Tail (SW-bound) 14:54
Beer West Underleys (E-bound) 09:4011:5513:5516:25
Trow Donkey Sanctuary (SW-bound) 14:56
Beer Pecorama (NE-bound) 09:4111:5613:5616:26
Beer, opp Quarry Cottages 09:4411:5913:5916:29
Beer Quarry Caves (W-bound) 09:4512:0014:0016:30
Branscombe Castle Cottage (E-bound) 09:5112:0614:0616:36
Branscombe Village Hall (W-bound) 09:5312:0814:0816:38
Street Fountain Head (NW-bound) 09:5512:1014:1016:40
Street Coxe's Corner (W-bound) 09:5612:1114:1116:41
Trow Weston Cross (SW-bound) 09:5912:1414:1416:44
Trow Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary (W-bound) 10:0112:1614:1616:46
Trow Farm (W-bound) 10:0112:1614:1614:5616:46
Sidmouth Fortescue Phone Box (SW-bound) 10:05
Sidford Packhorse Close (W-bound) 12:1914:1914:5816:49
Sidmouth Salcombe Road (W-bound) 10:10
Sidford Spar (Stop A) 12:2014:2014:5916:50
Sidford Drake's Avenue (SW-bound) 12:2014:2014:5916:50
Sidmouth Newlands Road (SW-bound) 12:2114:2115:0016:51
Sidmouth Yardelands Close (S-bound) 12:2214:2215:0116:52
Sidmouth Primley Road (S-bound) 12:2214:2216:52
Sidmouth, opp Exeter Cross 12:2314:2315:0216:53
Sidmouth Winslade Road (S-bound) 12:2414:2415:0316:54
Sidmouth Peasland Road (S-bound) 12:2514:2515:0416:55
Sidmouth All Saints School (S-bound) 12:2514:2515:0416:55
Sidmouth Vicarage Road (S-bound) 12:2514:2515:0416:55
Sidmouth, opp All Saints Church 10:1012:2614:2615:0516:56
Sidmouth Cypress Terrace (S-bound) 10:1212:2714:2715:0616:57
Sidmouth Triangle (Stop C) 10:1312:2814:2815:0716:58

Sidmouth - Sidford - Seaton

Sidmouth Triangle (Stop C) 09:1010:2512:4014:4017:05
Sidmouth Cypress Terrace (N-bound) 09:1110:2612:4114:4117:06
Sidmouth All Saints Church (E-bound) 09:1110:2612:4214:4117:06
Sidmouth Salcombe Road (E-bound) 12:42
Sidmouth Post Office (NE-bound) 09:1210:2714:4217:07
Sidmouth, opp Fortescue Phone Box 12:48
Sidmouth All Saints School (N-bound) 09:1210:2714:4217:07
Sidmouth Peasland Road (N-bound) 09:1310:2814:4317:08
Sidmouth Winslade Road (N-bound) 09:1310:2814:4317:08
Sidmouth Exeter Cross (N-bound) 09:1410:2914:4417:09
Sidmouth, opp Primley Road 09:1510:3014:4517:10
Sidmouth Manstone Mead (N-bound) 09:1610:3114:4617:11
Sidmouth Newlands Road (NE-bound) 09:1610:3114:4617:11
Sidford, opp Drake's Avenue 09:1710:3214:4717:12
Sidford Opp Spar (Stop B) 09:1810:3314:4817:13
Sidford Englands Close (E-bound) 09:1810:3314:4817:13
Trow Farm (opp) 09:2010:3612:5114:5117:16
Trow, opp Donkey Sanctuary 09:2010:3612:5114:5117:16
Trow, opp King's Down Tail 09:22
Trow, opp Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary 10:3712:5214:5217:17
Street Three Horseshoes Inn (E-bound) 09:25
Trow Weston Cross (NE-bound) 10:3812:5314:5317:18
Branscombe Hangman's Stone (E-bound) 09:26
Street Coxe's Corner (E-bound) 10:4112:5614:5617:21
Street, opp Fountain Head 10:4212:5714:5717:22
Branscombe Village Hall (E-bound) 10:4513:0015:0017:25
Branscombe, opp Castle Cottage 10:4613:0115:0117:26
Beer, opp Quarry Caves 10:5313:0815:0817:33
Beer Quarry Cottages (E-bound) 10:5413:0915:0917:34
Beer Cross (SE-bound) 09:3110:5813:1315:1317:38
Beer Post Box (SW-bound) 10:5913:1415:1417:39
Beer Underleys (W-bound) 11:0113:1615:1617:41
Beer West Underleys (E-bound) 11:0113:1615:1617:41
Beer Pecorama (NE-bound) 11:0113:1615:1617:41
Beer New Road (E-bound) 09:3111:0213:1715:1717:42
Seaton Beer Road (NE-bound) 09:3511:0513:2015:2017:45
Seaton Old Beer Road (E-bound) 09:3611:0613:2115:2117:46
Seaton Marine Place (Stop B) 09:3811:0813:2315:2317:48

Timetable data from Axe Valley Mini Travel/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 8 February 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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