9 - Drummer St Bus Station Bay 9 - Littleport Church Ln

A bus service operated by Stagecoach East

Drummer St Bus Station Bay 9 - Littleport Church Ln

Cambridge Drummer St Bus Station (Bay 9) 09:2013:1017:35
Cambridge, o/s Jesus College 09:2213:1217:37
Chesterton Westbrook Centre (near) 09:2613:1617:41
Chesterton Ascham Road (near) 09:2813:1817:43
Chesterton, opp Union Lane 09:2913:1917:44
Chesterton Downham's Lane (near) 09:3113:2117:46
Chesterton, opp Fraser Road 09:3213:2217:47
Chesterton, opp Kendal Way 09:3313:2317:48
Cambridge Science Park (near) 09:3513:2517:50
Waterbeach Caravan Park (near) 09:4113:3118:00
Landbeach, adj Research Park Entrance 09:4513:3518:05
Chittering, opp School Lane 09:4913:3918:09
Stretham Red Hill Farm Turn (near) 09:5513:4518:15
Stretham Cambridge Road (o/s 20) 09:5613:4618:16
Stretham, opp Short Road 09:5613:4618:16
Stretham, opp Chapel Street 09:5713:4718:17
Stretham, opp Walnut Tree Close 09:5813:4818:18
Little Thetford The Wyches (near) 10:0113:5118:23
Little Thetford, opp Ely Road 10:0213:5218:24
Ely, o/s Tesco 10:0713:5718:32
Ely Back Hill (near) 10:1014:0018:35
Ely, opp Cardinals Way 10:1214:0218:37
Ely Bell Holt (near) 10:1514:0518:40
Ely, opp Beech Lane 10:1714:0718:42
Ely Springhead Lane (near) 10:1814:0818:44
Ely Market Street (Stop A) 10:2114:1118:47
Ely, opp Newnham Street 10:2214:1218:48
Ely, opp Springhead Lane 10:2414:1418:50
Ely, opp Cemetery 10:2714:1718:53
Ely, opp Larkfield Training Ctr 10:2714:1718:54
Ely, opp Spring Meadow Infants Sch 10:2914:1918:55
Ely, opp Bishop Laney Drive 10:3114:2118:59
Ely, opp King's Avenue 10:3214:2219:00
Ely, o/s Lily House 10:3314:2319:02
Ely Morton Close (near) 10:3414:2419:04
Ely, o/s Hospital 10:3514:2519:05
Chettisham The Hamlet (near) 10:3714:2719:08
Littleport Saffron Close (near) 10:4414:3419:15
Littleport Grange Lane (near) 10:4514:3519:15
Littleport, opp Eastfields 10:4514:3519:16
Littleport Upton Lane (near) 10:4614:3619:16
Littleport Globe Lane (near) 10:4714:3719:17
Littleport White Hart Lane (near) 10:4914:3919:19
Littleport Thoroughfare Way (opp 5) 10:5314:4319:22
Littleport Granby Street (near) 19:23
Littleport Church Lane (near) 19:24
Littleport, opp Brookside Grove 19:26
Littleport, opp Elm Side 19:27
Littleport Queens Road (near) 19:29
Littleport Atkins Close (near) 19:31
Littleport Friar's Way (near) 19:31
Littleport, o/s Health Centre 19:32
Littleport Crown Lane (near) 19:33

Littleport Co-Op - Drummer St Bus Station Bay 9

Littleport Globe Lane (near) 06:35
Littleport White Hart Lane (near) 06:36
Littleport Thoroughfare Way (opp 5) 06:3611:0014:47
Littleport Church Lane (near) 06:3811:0214:49
Littleport, opp Elm Side 06:4111:0614:53
Littleport Queens Road (near) 06:4311:0814:55
Littleport Atkins Close (near) 06:4611:1114:58
Littleport Friar's Way (near) 06:4711:1214:59
Littleport, o/s Health Centre 06:4811:1315:00
Littleport Crown Lane (near) 06:5011:1515:02
Littleport, opp Upton Lane 06:5111:1615:03
Littleport Eastfields (near) 06:5111:1615:03
Littleport, opp Grange Lane 06:5211:1715:04
Littleport, opp Saffron Close 06:5211:1715:04
Littleport The Coppice (near) 06:5311:1815:05
Chettisham, opp The Hamlet 06:5911:2415:11
Ely Morton Close (near) 07:0211:2715:14
Ely, o/s Hospital 07:0211:2715:14
Ely, opp Lily House 07:0411:2915:16
Ely Bishop Laney Drive (near) 07:0711:3215:19
Ely, o/s Spring Meadow Infants Sch 07:1011:3515:22
Ely Larkfield Training Ctr (near) 07:1211:3715:24
Ely Cemetery (near) 07:1311:3815:25
Ely Springhead Lane (near) 07:1811:4315:30
Ely Market Street (Stop B) 07:2211:4715:34
Ely King's School (near) 07:2511:5015:37
Ely, o/s Tesco 07:2911:5415:41
Little Thetford, o/s Ely Road 07:3811:5915:46
Little Thetford The Wyches (near) 07:3912:0015:47
Stretham Walnut Tree Close (near) 07:4612:0315:50
Stretham Chapel Street (near) 07:4712:0415:51
Stretham Short Road (near) 07:4812:0515:52
Stretham Cambridge Road (o/s 33) 07:4812:0515:52
Stretham, opp Red Hill Farm Turn 07:4912:0615:53
Chittering School Lane (near) 07:5612:1115:58
Landbeach, adj Research Park Entrance 08:0012:1416:01
Waterbeach, opp Caravan Park 08:0512:1716:04
Cambridge, opp Science Park 08:1512:2416:11
Chesterton Milton Road (SW-bound) 08:1912:2616:13
Chesterton Kendal Way (near) 08:2112:2716:14
Chesterton Fraser Road (near) 08:2412:2916:16
Chesterton, opp Downham's Lane 08:2612:3016:17
Chesterton Union Lane (near) 08:2812:3116:18
Chesterton, opp Ascham Road 08:3112:3316:20
Chesterton, opp Westbrook Centre 08:3412:3416:21
Cambridge, opp Jesus College 08:4012:3816:25
Cambridge Drummer St Bus Station (Bay 9) 08:4512:4016:27

Timetable data from Stagecoach East, 23 May 2024

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